Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The new cash cows: Elderly with assets

If Adult Protective Services was actually focused on protecting vulnerable adults, they have only to look to our streets that are littered with homeless, hungry and many times disoriented adults of all ages who desperately need help and protection. But…. these people have no money, and no estates to loot.  APS steps over these individuals in order to get to those who have assets.

In every state organized crime rings are operating involving the same judges, predatory guardians, attorneys, Adult Protective Services personnel, medical personnel, and participating facilities who will violate the rights of an elderly or disabled victim in exchange for payment or personal profit.

This system of theft will continue until the entire estate has been stolen leaving the victim penniless. At this point, Medicare and Medicaid are used as the cash cow to cover medical expenses and the inflated charges of nursing, the doctors’ visits and vast amounts of medications are charged off to these services costing these services millions each year in padded billing.

If predatory guardians were actually concerned about the health and welfare of their victims, there would be no need to physically kidnap, isolate and forcibly medicate these people and then to proceed on to steal their life’s savings.

Of wills, trusts and other legal instruments

Overseeing the looting of an estate is a probate judge who is well aware that what is happening has nothing to do with the health, wellbeing, or welfare of the victim, but who can be depended upon to facilitate the predators.  It is all about the estate, how much it is worth and who will gain access to it.

Advance planning instruments for retirement dictate the victims plans for their property such as wills, trusts, insurance benefits, savings accounts, investments, land titles and other assets.  These instruments are routinely discarded by the probate judge and declared void even though the judge has no actual lawful authority to do so.

This is done after the victim has been forcibly medicated with drugs such as Zyprexa or Seroquel in doses so high that the victim is unable to function even minimally.  It is in the state, and known to the judge to be drug induced dysfunction, that the victim is declared [incompetent].  [Even if the victim was in actuality at that moment in time, incompetent, the judge has no authority to void or discard previously created legal instruments.  This would assume, without any factual basis, without hearing or relevant testimony and evidence that the victim was always incompetent and unable to judiciously construct their own estate; a determination clearly not possible.]

Several techniques are used to coerce the victim and to blackmail the family members or friends into silence. Emotional blackmail, consisting of isolating the victim and then accusing family and friends of being a danger to, or having abused the victim is most common.

Multiple abuse charges are levied against family members or friends of the victim who might attempt to rescue them from their kidnapers.  In many instances which have been documented, the predators have no knowledge of any abuse, of any kind, by anyone.  Still, the charges are made and the cooperating probate judge for some reason needs no evidence to be supplied by the predators to support these allegations.  In most cases, the predator is a stranger not only to the family and friends, but to the victim them selves.

In these same situations when actual investigations into the charges determines the charges are unfounded, these stay on the probate court record as if they were in fact, true.  They are then repeated as if they were fact at every opportunity causing further defamation and personal injury to the family members.

[In one particular county in Florida, one predatory guardian has made the same ver batum charges against 18 various family’s and friends of 18 guardiansized victims from whom millions in estate assets have been looted.  At no time has the predator produced anything other than their own personal testimony to support the charges levied].

None of this benefits the “ward”

Adult Protective Services (APS) operates on either a quota system or on a commission system, just as Child Protective Services does.  This means X number of bodies must be processed in order to garner federal grant monies, and reimbursements as well as state funding.  Projected annual budgets for operating APS include a projected number of victims, rising with each year of projection.  Job protection and security are necessarily factored into these projections.

APS must adhere to various performance indicators that will meet the minimum return needed to qualify for funding.  Failing to do so will result in the withholding of payments and could eventually find them in non-compliance and out of funding altogether.

An APS goal is to insure that all older Americans have the opportunity to live independently, with dignity, in their homes and communities for as long as they are able and choose to do so.  This is the goal possibly, but the reality is that this will most likely not happen if these same older Americans have amassed any sizeable estate.  Once identified as having assets they are targeted by the predators. Various offices of  APS in several states and communities, have been implicated repeatedly in the flagging of potentially wealthy individuals whose estates could be exploited.

Preying on the elderly who committed the crime of aging/with assets, has become a lucrative and government sanctioned vocation.  Across the country, in every state and community are rings of professional predators who make their living targeting elderly individuals whose estates can be looted under the guise of guardianship or conservatorship.  Akin to a flock of vultures picking  the bones of a dead carcass, professional predatory fiduciary’s, unethical lawyers and a host of government agencies and personnel begin chipping away at the estate, each of them billing the victim’s estate for supposed services rendered.

Any and all assets of the victim [now a so-called ward of the state], are immediately transferred to the victims new owner…..the guardian.  Titles to homes are transferred to the guardian and quickly sold for pennies on the dollar to friends and co-predators or they might be sold at market value.  Either way, the proceeds go directly into the predators private accounts supposedly to benefit the ward, of course.(sarc)  Stocks, bonds, investments, savings, personal items are now all in the possession of the predator to dispose of and profit from.

In the meantime?

The victim is held in a participating facility that is willing to isolate, medicate and violate the rights of the victim in exchange for payment. This forced imprisonment of elderly victims amounts to torture.

Who ya gonna call?

You might as well call “Ghostbusters” on this one.  There is not a federal or state representative or senator who will address this issue.  Most will not even admit to having any knowledge that these criminal rackets are operating right under their noses.

The Department of Justice has been made aware, along with the FBI, states attorney’s general, governors, and all levels of local law enforcement.  Not one of these agencies will act to protect the victims from these criminal rings.

Law enforcement agents, social workers, and judges have all been trained to maintain a watchful eye over exploitative family members. Yet no one seems to be guarding the guardians. Family members have complained to local law enforcement, the state attorneys’ office, and even the F.B.I.”

Judicial oversight boards have been notified, and have been sent court documents clearly exposing the civil rights violations, judicial indiscretion and abuse, and the ongoing harassment and intimidation perpetrated by probate judges on behalf of and to protect the predatory guardian against family’s and friends of the victim.  In several instances, family members are threatened with jail, told they cannot file any charges, cannot call the police, cannot report the abuse by the predators.  Predatory guardians have been given immunity from prosecution for failing to report accurately and timely, for falsifying court documents and reports, for emotionally and physically abusing the victim and for violating state and federal regulations and statutes regarding the rights of the victim.

In every instance of the submission of evidence showing the blatant corruption of the probate court and the collusion of the judge, predatory guardians, attorney’s and others, the boards have upheld the corruption.

In my opinion, what is happening to the elderly in this country is government sanctioned human trafficking.  Our elderly are being treated as commodities and are referred to as “units” or “human property”.  This is nothing less than organized criminal racketeering operating within government agencies and offices and with the full knowledge and cooperation of every level of government.