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How the California Justice System Covers up Crimes Against the Elderly

A Method to the Madness

By Janet C. Phelan

Note: The following report does not constitute what we have come to call “journalism” or “reportage.” Rather, it constitutes witnessing. As defined in our culture, journalism mandates the creation of a fiction, the “objective” reporter. In this paradigm, the reporter would be a camera, devoid of involvement or input in what she reports. As we know from physics, however, the very act of witnessing changes that which is witnessed. To the best of my ability, the following constitutes my witness—that justice in the United States of America is, with calculated and savage indifference, being dismantled by the very parties pledged to protect it.

I first became aware of how the California justice agencies were finessing crime reports against “protected parties,” including the C.A.R.E. conservatorship cabal, a few years back. This group is plundering the life savings of its elderly and disabled clients, as well as delivering a great number of them into a premature grave, through the denial of appropriate medical care. In 2006, Russell East and I had joined our separate reports, alleging criminal misconduct by Melodie Z. Scott (President of C.A.R.E.), her attorney J. David Horspool and others in the cabal, and sent the reports to the California Department of Justice.

The report was received by that agency on March 6, 2006 and put back into the mail to us the very same day. The letter by Senior Assistant Attorney General Mark Geiger (Special Crimes Unit) is attached below. While the Senior Assistant Attorney General of the Great State of California confessed to inadequate “criminal expertise” (didn’t he mean “legal expertise?”) to respond to the reports, he actually violated the procedures of his public office by failing to supply a complaint number.

Complaint numbers are always assigned to incoming reports, for purposes of tracking. If there is no record of the complaint being in the system, the complaint can be considered “disappeared” or put into a shadow file, or into the garbage.

When Geiger was informed of his omission, he stuck to his guns and simply refused to supply one. Presto Chango!! A carefully documented report , which implicated scores of public officials and officers of the court in colluding with the Melodie Scott cabal, was thus rendered non-existent.

I then reported Mark Geiger to his boss, Dane Gillette. Gillette failed to respond to the complaint. One can only assume that the complaint about Geiger went similarly untracked, and was thus removed from the system.

A Public Records Act request was then tendered to the California Attorney General’s office, requesting a copy of the part of the policies and procedures manual which specifies the procedures for recording incoming complaints from the public. This request was responded to by Dane Gillette, who stated that no such manual exists.

Reaction to the Gillette letter by several members of the legal profession revealed that Gillette lied.

Parenthetically, a similar PRA request, for the policies and procedures manual for the Riverside D.A.’s office, produced a similar response—that no such manual existed. The office of the Grand Jury in Riverside, however, has assured me that this manual is on file in that office.

The initial response by Mark Geiger had also stated that other members of the AG’s office had evaluated the situation surrounding my mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, who had been a conservatee of Melodie Scott, and had found no issue. Paula Seiberlich of the San Diego AG’s office had, in fact, conducted that investigation. However, the AG’s office also had refused to supply a tracking or complaint number to that investigation, as well.

Local police agencies have also apparently adopted the “no number, no report” method of disappearing complaints about the Melodie Scott and her gang, while maintaining the illusion of impartial pursuit of justice. In the Spring of 2008 I contacted the Redlands Police Department and the San Bernardino District Attorney’s office, for the purpose of reporting theft of the William Burke estate by conservator Lawrence Dean, who works out of the C.A.R.E. offices, and by his attorney, Sheri Kastilahn.

Briefly, Dean and Kastilahn had reported to the San Bernardino Probate Court that they had been unable to locate the sole heir to the Burke estate, one Lester Lorge. In fact, two years passed before Kastilahn was able to locate him. In the intervening years, Kastilahn petitioned the court to put a big chunk of the Burke estate into her own bank account. The court approved her request. I was unable to find any documentation in the court file that this money ever left Kastilahn’s account. Lorge then signed for his “full distributive share” of his inheritance. There was, peculiarly, no record in the court file of how much that might be.

I found Lorge within forty-eight hours. He disclosed to me that his “full distributive share” was around $26,000. This constituted a mere fraction of what Dean and Kastilahn had reported to the court as the remainders of the Burke estate.

Lorge, who is elderly, could thus be considered a victim of fiduciary elder abuse. When I contacted the Redlands Police department and the D.A. on his behalf, to report the theft, I was promptly informed that no crime had been committed against Lorge. Amazingly, the police officer assigned to this report reached this conclusion within two hours. When I asked Assistant District Attorney Lynne Poncin for the file number of the complaint I had made, she refused to supply it to me. Another member of that office revealed to me that neither Dean’s, Kastilahn’s or Lorge’s names could be found anywhere in the electronic file system. Once again, we see the method at work: no complaint number, no report.

More police misconduct concerning record keeping occurred when I contacted the Temecula Police Department, back in 2002, surrounding first the attempted murder of my mother at the hands of the Melodie Scott gang, and then concerning check forgery/fraud by my sister, Judith Phelan, now living in Northern California.

Strangely, the two criminal complaints, naming different perpetrators and different crimes, were assigned the same report number. The police report concerning the attempted murder, listing this as a “suspicious circumstance,” states that it has been sent over to the Riverside District Attorney’s office.

But no such complaint was ever received by that office, according to the clerks.

The Riverside D.A.’s office, Special Investigations Unit, also received a complaint from me, in November of 2002. That report alleged misconduct by the Temecula Police in failing to pursue the above mentioned crimes. That report, which has disappeared from the office files in that agency, was also never assigned a number.

The United States Constitution promises equal protection under the law. By removing complaints alleging or documenting crimes by “protected parties,” the justice agencies can maintain the illusion of defending justice, while ensuring that only certain people will ever get investigated or prosecuted for violations of law.

Download Attorney's General Ltr here=>>Ltr.pdf

Fugitive Mother and Son Apprehended in Mexico


Monday, 29 December 2008

ICE agents say they have arrested a woman who fled to Mexico with her son a decade ago

In a news release dated December 24th, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that Tamara Kennedy fled from Maryland with her four-year old son a decade ago, "shortly before sole custody of the child was to be awarded to the child's father."

Kennedy and her son were seized by Mexican authorities after seeking passport assistance at the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara. They were then flown to Houston, where the Associated Press reports the boy, now 14, is in CPS custody and "is refusing to see his father."

Kennedy faces criminal charges of obstructing parental rights.
Before throwing the book at the mother, there are questions that should be asked, did the mother leave the country in order to protect the son from abuse? Is the kid going suffer pshychological damage by seeing the mother prosecuted and being forced to be with father that might have abused the kid is that there more damage than good that could result from this action?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sleepwalking Kid Held in Custody

MIAMI (AP) - Miami police are asking the Department of Children and Family Services to investigate after a 2-year-old boy was found sleepwalking in the streets.

Police say Tavaris Mack was sleeping with several other children at the home of his paternal uncle in the Liberty City neighborhood Friday. Authorities say the boy apparently got up in the middle of the night and walked out of the apartment. He then wandered nearly a block before a pedestrian called police around 4 a.m.

Family members say they awoke to discover the boy missing, and desperately began to search. The Miami Police Department has not filed any criminal charges in the case. DCF is investigating the incident and will determine if the child can return home.

Source: The Miami Herald, http://www.herald.com/
I have sleepwalked myself and I assure you it is not a crime, please allow this child to come home to his parents, they committed no abuse.

In taking this child away from his parents you might be doing more harm than good, please consider giving this family another chance to remain together.

12-30-2008 Update

Wandering Toddler Returned To Family MIAMI (CBS4) ―

A toddler who was found wandering the streets of Miami early Friday morning has been returned to his family after an investigation by the Department of Children and Families.

Another Tale of Elder Financial Abuse"Despicable'

Apple Valley, CA: LawyersandSettlement.Com

Linda F suspected for a while that her father was a victim of financial elder abuse. Unfortunately, she couldn't get her father to see what was going on. Like so many parents who are victims of financial abuse at the hands of a child, Linda's father did not want to believe his daughter, Linda's sister, could treat him so poorly. But she did, and now he is not even allowed in his own home.

"This is just devastating. It [financial elder abuse] is out there, but it's hushed. It's despicable that a child could do this to a parent. She can't get her act together, so she abuses him. He wants to be home. He doesn't want to live like this. He told me once that he is supposed to get a blue pill in the morning. But my sister sometimes gave him 1 in the morning, sometimes 2 in the morning, sometimes 1 in the afternoon, sometimes she didn't give him any pill. She messed with his medication.


Yes it is despicable that a child could do this and much more to their parents , especially if this child harbors resentments from childhood or if there is money invoved , what is even more despicable is that the elders have no one to turn to as the authorities have decided that elder abuse are 'civil matters' an when approched for help do the 'circle jerk'.

Sadly elders and/or their families have no one to turn to for help.

"The Circle Jerk" What happens when an elder and or their families goes for help.

Scam Alert: Seniors face many threats

December 28, 2008 12:24:57 AM The Modesto Bee

HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM: Elder abuse, one of the largest growing crimes, is one of the most underreported, according to the California attorney general's office. "The true scope of elder abuse is not truly known.

One of every 20 seniors is a victim of neglect or physical, psychological or financial abuse.
Elder Abuse will continue to be one of the largest growing crime as long as the authorities do the "Circle Jerk" in order to evade responsibility everytime we attempt to report it.

State Agency Needs Overhaul

In response to the editorial "Michael Brown's Death":

It seems the state responds to ongoing concerns and issues with the Department of Children and Families only after something as tragic as the death of an infant.

It's not a secret: DCF has had problems. It's time the state fully realized that DCF needs more than just some adjustments to the way it provides protection and advocacy for our children.(especially our elders) It's time the state realized DCF needs a complete overhaul.

Do we really need to read again that the death of an infant has influenced the state to look into the problems with DCF? Or that the loss of another innocent child has again raised concerns?

DCF has had plenty of opportunities to fix itself. Someone must now step in and make the changes needed so that the D in DCF no longer stands for Dysfunctional.

Donnie R. Swan

The writer is a counselor for a private provider of mental health services.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

How The Florida DCF Wastes Taxpayers Money

by Ray Fernandez

The DCF Can Not/Should Not Allow itself to be used as a Weapon for Intimidation

Because we have chosen to speak out against incidents of neglect and abuse against our elders , our detractors continually call the Florida Department of Children and Families and use the agency in what has become a continual policy of harassment.

In a letter from Robert A. Butterworth as acting secretary for the Florida DCF dated July 16 2007 he states,"I assure you that any allegation reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. However if an additional report is received regarding the same allegations, the duplicate report is not re-investigated." Robert A Butterworth, Secretary of Florida Division of Children and Families

Every few months the same people call in complaints against us and we have been investigated six (6) times and every time we have been exonorated and the complaints are deemed unfounded, according to Secretary Buttersworth the same complaint is not to be investigated twice . We have been investigated over and over 'ad naseum'.

The need to investigate the same complaint against the same people is a waste of tax payers funds, furthermore it leads people to believe that if the agency has to investigate the same complaint against the same people 6x that they are incompetent, yet the investigators that have investigated us, Scotty Blevins, Melanie Miller and others were quite competent and left no stone un turned.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind the DCF people behind what can only be construed as a campaign of harrasment that there are laws in the books against allowing DCF to be used as a weapon for personal benefit by a reporting person for personal reasons.

Florida Statutes 415.102 states :(9) "False report" means a report of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult to the central abuse hot line which is not true and is maliciously made for the purpose of:(a) Harassing, embarrassing, or harming another person;(b) Personal financial gain for the reporting person;(c) Acquiring custody of a vulnerable adult; or(d) Personal benefit for the reporting person in any other private dispute involving a vulnerable adult.

Florida DCF Acted in Clara's Best Interest


The Florida Department of Children and Families was acting in Clara G. Fernandez's best interest when their attorney recommended to Judge Richard J. Audlin at the hearing on Oct 3rd that the Guardianship Not be terminated.

An Adult Protective Service Investigator

Dear APS and reader;

Thank you for writing . If you are familiar with Latin culture you know that we like to take care of our own, as do a lot of Americans that we have come to know , for a stranger to come along and say that they know better than us, the elders own family what good for them is a stretch and an insult.

According to Conchy Bretos , a Miami-based housing consultant "Latinos traditionally prefer to care for their older loved ones at home", in a story published by Elizabeth Pope an article on AARP Segunda Juventud.

Why did the DCF not investigate the complaints when Clara who was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer's and whose identity was stolen? She was being shuffled around from nursing home to nursing home and from Hotel room to hotel room "like a puppet on a string" Judge Gary L. VonHof.

It most have been very disconcerting of a 87 year old with Alzheimer's with
balancing problems to have been left alone un-protected in hotels rooms! You would not have allowed that for a child, Why did you ignore her then? When we tried to get you to intervene then and save her from injury, then you could have made a difference?

So many questions so much silence.........

In our case the DCF spent a lot of taxpayers money and too much time trying hard to find something wrong with the right people and too little time protecting Clara from the people who were negligent in her care and who saw this as an opportunity to re write her Will and liquidate her Trust thereby denying my children and my grandchildren of their legacy as
Clara had set forth and desired in her pre-planning documents, at what point did we stop being a "Nation of Laws"?

This is a serious oversight that cost our parents their golden years together.
There are plenty of witnesses,Doctors reports, neighbors who know how close Dr. Fernandez and Clara were to their family for the DCF to have condoned their separation and break up which caused Dr. Fernandez untold anguish and ultimately his death deserves a serious investigation.

As far as the DCF acting in Clara's best interest, there is an over abundance of evidence and a lot of questions that for the sake of the ones that come after us SHOULD be asked and NOT swept under the rug, so that we are able to better protect those that need help and those that come later.

Ray Fernandez

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Betrayals of Our Daughters

LISTEN TO father Jeffrey R. Golin and attorney David J. Beauvais, interviewed live on December 20, 2007, on a one-hour broadcast on BBS radio Channel 2, with Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D., “What’s Ailing America?” “State Sponsored Kidnapping and Forced Drugging of an Adult Autistic for Profit”. MP3 audio file, 100Mb,


Any help to offset some of the expenses associated with freeing Nancy would be most appreciated. Nancy desperately needs to live in her own home, and again have qualified, expert medical care, and round the clock rehab. As it is she is even now being subjected to treatment at the hands of the same ill-qualified general practitioner that caused her 25% bone loss, illegally poisoned her on Risperdal and Zyprexa, ruptured her esophagus then had her dumped all alone in a hospital fighting for her life vomiting blood and chunks of her esophagus.

Please note: Because we is solely focused on saving Nancy’s life and freeing her from State custody at this time.


Dear Jeff; What would a Father not do to protect his daughter or a son his mother or father? I hope that others will soften their heart and realize that by helping Nancy they are helping themselves as the good that men do does comes back to them.

I am grateful that my mother Clara G. Fernandez was able to break the shackles of tyranny twice, once in her native Cuba and here and is now safe. We must now turn our attention to those that are still being tortured and their families destroyed Not in Guantanamo, Cuba but here in our own gulags at home in any city USA.

I am posting this check in hope that others will help free Nancy , especially those that think that this could not happen to them, those that I get letters from that usually start with " I never thought this could happen in my family." Wake us and educate yourself, this is happening in everystate and every city, USA No one is inmune or safe.

The Betrayal of Clara G. Fernandez by APS

Clara as seen here on December 24th, 2008 enjoying her Christmas Dinner

RE: CLARA FERNANDEZ FILE NO: 44-2005-CP-6l-K during the hearing of a motion to end Guardianship for a less restrictive form of governance as per Florida Statues Least Restrictive Alternative RequirementF.S.§744.331(6)(b).

During this proceedings beginning at 3:30 p.m, and concluding at 4:00 o'clock p.m., on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2008, reported by court reporter Lisa Roeser, RPR, at the Monroe County Courthouse, Courtroom A, 502 Whitehead Street, Key West,

The Florida Department Children and Families sent attorney Michelle Perez

The DCF has investigated Clara's family six (6) times. A criminal can only be tried once, but the DCF can try you time and time again to try to find something, however after going back 5 years of financial records by crack DCF investigator Melanie Miller wheras she found nothing in- appropriate, neither did an audit by CPA firm hired by the Wards's family.

In all of the six (6) investigations the family's handling of the financing was cleared of any wrongdoing.
In spite of this fact the DCF sent their attorney to vehemently argue against the termination of the Guardianship that kept Clara from receiving much needed Dental care because "It was too expensive."

click to enlarge document

"here in line 4 MS. PEREZ: Judge, just briefly. It`s DCF's concern that now that the guardianship has been dissolved that Mr. Raul Fernandez will now be in control of the entire estate of his mother."

God forbid that the family be in control of the Estate and of the "WARD's " due legacy and NOT the State of Florida and their legions of attorneys even though they had been cleared of any wrongdoing during six (6) separate investigations)

The DCF attorney paid by our tax funds argued vehemently against the ending of the Guardianship despite Florida Statutes of Least Restrictive Alternative Requirement F.S.§744.331(6)(b) that says that a guardianship is to be used as a last resort when the "Ward " has NO family!

One of the major substantive changes to Florida Guardianship Law which was brought about by the October 1989 legislative revisions, was the requirement that there be no least restrictive available alternative to guardianship, before the court could appoint a guardian.

Laws in place to protect victims and their families are loosely enforced and subject to arbitrary interpretation and abuse, that why we think that additional laws are a waste of time if current laws are continued to be ignored with impunity despite the alleged requirement that Guardianship statutes and the rules related thereto must be strictly construed. See In re Keene, 343 So. 2d 916 (Fla. 4" DCA 1977).

The Betrayal of Our Children

Diary Entry by Steven G. Erickson


Connecticut DCF Attorney Maureen Duggan file photo

Lawyers on Ethics Commissions, such as Maureen Duggan, can be caught lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, using false identities, obstructing justice, getting involved in complex plots and schemes, acting unethically, and while being paid tax dollars to safeguard families and children, harm families and children, defrauding tax payers, and not be fired! Is this proper use of your federal tax dollars we ALL PAY?

Maureen Duggan, an official of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, DCF, is paid $105,000. Her punishment for possibly committing a number of felonies is to take 9 hours of ethics classes over 3 years. [story]
Lawyers oversee lawyers. Lawyers can be 2/3 of a Judiciary Committee in the legislative branch making laws for further attorney abuse of the public. A high percentage of law students, paralegals, and even lawyers are legislative aids. There is undo influence, backroom deals, and public corruption with the current system.

Former Governor John G. Rowland was bragging that child abuse went down 45% on his official webpage, and the response was to take 445% more children. His alleged mistress, the former head of DCF, Kristine Regaglia, also received freebies and bribes from organized crime figures for mobsters to build, supply, and run “Kiddie Max” prisons for kids. [more information in this post]

Abuse [like this] occurs across America.

We need a “People’s Grand Jury System”, We the People should be able to bring evidence of wrongdoing, public corruption, police, judicial, attorney, official, and prosecutorial misconduct to any courthouse where an independent grand jury, with term limits, votes to privately investigate, prosecute, indict, etc.

[Information on Grand Juries and why we need them]

From John Q. Public all the way up to the US President, everyone should be accountable to the same laws and receive just punishments, with consistency, fairness, and incentives to best serve the public while not wasting hard earned tax dollars.

Those receiving tax dollars should act in the best interest of the public, not their interests.

“Silence signifies acceptance.”

-Steven G. Erickson

My thoughts on the “legal” system revolving as many citizens into prison as is possible [click here]

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's Grand Jury" system, exposing and fixing public corruption, corporate abuse of the public, and punishing police, official, prosecutorial, judicial, and attorney misconduct.

Betrayal of Our Young Psychiatric Patients


We believe that the use of pepper spray on young psychiatric patients is wrong and should be condemned by the civilized world.

DCF runs Riverview in Middletown, the state's only mental hospital for children up to the age of 17. In each instance, staff at Riverview called in police from Connecticut Valley Hospital, a state facility next door run by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The police carry pepper spray instead of guns.Connecticut's child advocate, Jeanne Milstein, reports that in one case, police may have sprayed a young patient after he was on the floor and under control. Another incident involving an 11-year-old boy began when he got behind a TV console and started pushing it over. In the third case, a girl was sprayed after barricading herself inside her room.

The Living Dead Among Us..

by Louise Uccio Disgusted With the System

The Living Dead.. yeah.. that about covers it.. We know who we are.. We are parents without our children by no fault of our own.. (Or We are children without parents,)

Most days we get by... or at least it appears that way you the rest of the world... Some of us function on what appears to be a normal level.. some of us are just to traumatized to function on a normal level.. Having your (family) child torn out of your life is like having your soul die..

Today is Christmas... and many Mothers and or Fathers .. wish only for the chance to be with their children again..(Many of us yearn for our families that were destroyed when corruption and money meant more)

While the rest of the world is busy shopping.. enjoying family.. or planning for the holidays.. those of us.. The Living Dead... who will not see our children for the holidays.. perhaps for what will be "yet another" year... have been busy planning... how to stay alive.. how to not go off the deep end.. and end up in an institution.. in jail.. or in a coffin... sorry but gift giving isn't our top priority.. at this time of year... Most of us suffer severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) .. and going into the malls.. or shopping.. is in itself traumatizing... Believe it or not just being in the presence of other families .. and or children is to painful to bare...

Sometimes some of us attempt to go to families houses and smile... Trust me that is one of the hardest things I've been called upon to do in the last seven years.. To be expected to smile when all you want to do is cry! But most don't understand the horrific pain in our hearts... most wouldn't understand why we declined invite after invite to join the rest of the family to celebrate... Celebrate what?

Our souls have been ripped to shreds.. or worlds torn apart... our minds can only focus on how to undo what was usually corruption that tore our children/families away from us in the first place.. and now you want me/us to sit there and smile while the rest of the family usually all intact..

children and all.. celebrates being "together" Forgive me.. but that's just not doable.. you may have been able to get us to "show up" if the PTSD is under control .. and we feel we wont have flash backs.. or go into a deep depression if we come.... but even if we are there.. it's only in body.. not in mind or soul.. that has been forever stolen from us.. we can't focus on anything but being whole again.. with our families.. or lives.. our children back where they belong... knowing they have been living a lie.. while we fought desperately to get them back...

For the Alienated families .. after a divorce.. I've heard stories of siblings.. coming back one at a time .. usually after a bitter divorce where one parent alienates the children.. with the courts blessings (usually due to political connections.. or money).... whatever the reason.. one parent is tossed like a bag of garbage by the more disturbed parent that felt "entitled" as most Narcissists/Psychopaths do... to keep the children away... Later in life.. as the children grow.. they sometimes learn ... or figure out that the parent they thought left them.. never left.. but was forced out ... and that adult child seeks the tossed out parent... It has to be hard for those parents.. once the adult children returned.. while the younger children were still held captive... and had not figured it all out yet.. to separate their emotions.. for they would be called upon.. to be elated that the older child/children reconnected and they now have a chance to be together... At the same time.. the parent is longing for the entire family to be together.. and they are torn between enjoying the older child/children while dying inside that they can not have the younger children there as well... It also has to be hard for the older child/children to know the pain of the parent and not be able to help.. but just to be there for that parent.. until the family is all back together again...

I have one son (29 years old now) that was never alienated - so I used him as a reference here.. when I share the pain in spite of having one or more of your children return...For the families torn apart by CPS where no children are left in the home... Has to be equivalent to what being an alienated parent feels.. but I don't know.. although my estranged husband used child protective services... and lies to get full custody and keep me away.. I wouldn't know what it truly feels like to have your children in foster care .. so if anyone would like to comment and let the readers know.. go right ahead..

In closing.. I want to say ... Happiest possible holidays to those of us among the Living Dead... My wish for us all .. is that our children figure it out and give us the best holiday gift possible ... by returning to us by next year! For those that happen across this blog and are not separated from your children... I ask that you try to understand how difficult it is living among.. THE LIVING DEAD! Sadly .. many Alienators will read this .. and not "get it" because they are to dysfunctional.. to get anything.. let alone ... the destruction they have caused not only the target parent .. but those children they kidnapped as well...

Happy Holidays to all.. and to all a good nite!

A Candlelight Vigil for our Families Destroyed by a greedy and disfunctional system

DCF,Florida Hides Behind Confidentiality Laws

By Paul Pinkham Jacsksonville.Com


The Florida Department of Children and Families repeatedly violated state laws and its own procedures by not releasing records to lawyers for children in a Nassau County foster home abuse case, an internal report by the department's general counsel obtained Tuesday by the Times-Union says.

The department also improperly destroyed and misplaced some records, failed to retrieve others from foster parents and illegally released confidential child-abuse reports without a court order to a lawyer representing department employees, the report says. Those were the same records that department lawyers in Jacksonville told the children's lawyers they couldn't find, a situation the report called "inexplicable."

"The facts and circumstances of this case reveal that record management procedures in the Northeast region are inadequate," the report says.
It decries the fact that the violations continued even after Gov. Charlie Crist implemented an open-government office in Tallahassee and an open-government commission on which the Children and Families secretary serves.

"The governor's actions should have triggered a review of pending public records requests within the agency," the report says. "Had such review occurred, the agency would have been spared the waste of considerable time and energy and the loss of precious credibility."

paul.pinkham@jacksonville.com, (904) 359-4107


Who Is Destroying Our Families?

Who Do We Turn to For Help?

Enough, is Enough No More!

Some Estate Leaders Advocate for Break Up of DCF

HARTFORD, Conn. -Eyewitness 3 News - Parents attended a Department of Children and Families hearing Thursday to voice concerns about the organization.

They said the state is quick to take children away and won't give them back, even if there is a family who wants and loves the child. Trina Porter said she has spent two years trying to get her niece, Isabella, out of state custody. She said Isabella was 2 years old when she was taken away from her mother.

Linda Holden said her adopted daughter, Chelsea, who has behavioral problems, has been in state custody for two months. She said Chelsea was only supposed to be evaluated for four days.

She said that when she was allowed to visit this week, her daughter was heavily medicated and suicidal.

Thursday was the fourth and final day of hearings. Some state leaders recommended breaking up DCF to make it a better agency. The committee that conducted the hearing will make recommendations to the General Assembly at a later date.


E-mail news tips to Eyewitness News, or dial: 866-289-0333.


When my mother was kidnapped the DCF helped the kidnappers plan their escape route and assisted them in remaining undercover until a West Palm Beach Judge put a stop to the whole charade. I had a hard time understanding why, now after reading all these articles I understand why, legal kidnapping is a big part of the racket, it comes natural.

If DCF is to survive as an agency they must change their mission to keeping families together and not just pretending, there are a lot of good DCF people that really believe in what they do unfortunately the corruption up above- affect us all.

Please Tell Your Story

“TELL YOUR STORY” Help Us Warn Others Before It's too late!


”Over and over, we are hearing tales of horrorand woe associated with involvement with and within these guardianships.“Family members are being removed under the doctrine of ‘best interests’ from family on exaggerated and false charges.

Family can do no right. These guardianships can do no wrong, and are not held accountable for abuses or funds.“The elderly person's situation does not get better, in fact, notably, conditions worsen to a marked degree in a short period. Loved ones can do nothing.“The elderly person's money disappears at an alarming rate. There is no accounting of the funds to family members.

Protective laws are ignored. No attorney can or will help. Family members seek help but issues sit in attorneys office and nothing is ever done. Meanwhile the elder person suffers, family members are treated as criminals when they try to help.

“The abuses of the guardianship are overlooked by the judicial system, whereas family must tow the line to acompletely different standard of behavior.”People are robbed of their life savings and die in poverty and in abusive conditions.

No one can or will help.

Meanwhile, as the elderly persons suffers, family members suffer, third parties are gaining financially from this horrible mess and great abuse.”OVER AND OVER AGAIN, THIS APPEARS TO BE MORE OF A RACKET THAN A SINCERE ATTEMPT TO HELP THE ELDERLY.”

Oftentimes, it is a matter of merely educating family onguardianship or care but this is usually not the option.Once in these guardianships, family members and loved ones are not allowed to see the records. Thus, these guardianships are protected from any checks and balances on their actions.”The legal system seems to be ignoring this very serious situation and those attempting to bring awareness are attacked and vilified.

”Please tell your story.”gracechild_3@hotmail.com

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus Legal Woes Multiply

Author unknown

The American Civil Liberties Union announced today that it was bringing a lawsuit against Santa Claus for violations of the civil rights of children. An ACLU spokesman, Mr. E. Scrooge stated that, "Mr. Claus has been violating children's right to privacy and has been putting that information in a vast database. The information is then used by the law enforcement arm of Mr. Claus' organisation to determine which children are considered naughty or nice. It is obvious Mr. Claus has violated the children's rights, as we have alleged in our suit, because of the memos and other company information we have obtained. In addition, we believe Mr. Claus has been engaging in mind control experiments designed to prevent the free expression of beliefs."
Among the documents presented to the courts today was a memo in which reads, in part:
You better watch out.You better not cry.You better not pout.I'm telling you why.Santa Claus is coming to town.

He sees you when you are sleeping He knows you're awake,He knows when you've been bad or good So be good for goodness' sake.when Mr. Scrooge claimed the document, which was obtained from a worker in the distribution department of Mr. Claus' organisation "... clearly shows a concerted attempt to restrict the rights of children to free expression and free thought. In addition, there are concerns about the security of the information. What would be the result of such a database being made available to other law enforcement agencies around the world?"

Lawyers at the Justice Department also confirmed today that they were investigating the possibility that Mr. Claus was at the core of a vast conspiracy against children. Anonymous sources from inside Justice stated, "We believe a large number of parent, ministers and teachers are involved in this business and we expect several of them will testify for the State in return for a lighter sentence." In addition, the same sources indicated a parallel investigation by the Department and the FBI on possible charges of smuggling on the part of Mr. Claus, "our records do not show Mr. Claus, or any one else paying any import duties or taxes on any items he has delivered. Since Mr. Claus has representatives in all of the States of the Union we believe he should have to pay state and local taxes on all of the goods he delivers."

Lawyers for Mr. Claus stated, "The charges of the ACLU are absurd. Mr. Claus is a well known and highly respected figure. His supporters are from around the world and his message of love and respect can, in no way, be taken as a form of "mind control" or a violation of the civil rights of children."

The lawsuit is complicated by the fact that Mr. Claus is not a resident of the United States or any country which the United States currently has an extradition treaty. It is unknown where Mr. Claus is at the moment, but it is believed he is hiding out at his north pole estate.

In a brief statement, read by his lawyer, Mr. Claus said, "I find the charges of the ACLU absurd and am confident they will be rejected by the courts. As for any criminal charges, I believe the Justice Department will discover they have no basis."

Experts are uncertain what possible effect the suit or possible pending charges might have on Mr. Claus' Christmas travels this year.


Santa Claus Might be Forced To Retire, In Show Of Ageism.-Millions Baby Boomers Upset!

Story borrowed from the "Gringo Times" edited ,abridged and adapted for E.A.

Reliable sources have informed E.A. that talks are ongoing to intern Santa Claus and his wife in separate facilities and replace the ageing couple with a modern day Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Following several APIS interviews we have found out that Santa Claus is no longer able to cut the mustard and might be forced to live in Spenguin Rehabilition center on the north pole separated from his wife who was deemed irrational and incapacitated and has become a "Ward of the State."

Millions of toys have been confiscated and will be sold to pay for legal fees, this has many people upset that poor children everywhere might not be able to get the toys they want this year.

The forced separation of Santa and his wife has the older santa, who is now showing his age very depressed and drinking more than usual.

Coca-Cola announced that the Santa Claus and the original red and white outfits will be outlawed by 2011 if St. Nick refused to wear the new slim fit designs customes being marketed buy Coke. Coke chiefs feel the outdated "fat,old Santa" no longer fits in with the new healthy image Coke is trying to portray and have filed several complaints with the North Pole iDCF.

Coca Cola has begun selling a new "healthy soda" Diet Coke with Vitamins B-12,B6,B52,Magnesium,NH3,Zinc Substrate and marketed as new "Diet Coke PlusX"TM

Sources close to the big man say Santa has been fond of Coke for over 50 years and is very unhappy to hear that they are threatning to pull the plug.

"Without the money from the sponsorhip many children will not get the toys they asked for". Says Rudolf.

The picture on the right despicts a happy Santa during better times.............

Rudolp the Red Nosed Reindeeer has been the subject of many iDCF investigations when he admitted that his red nose is in fact due to inhibiting too much alcohol, and was reported to say "I don't Care, Let them pull the plug! We still got Santa Libre!

"I spend my whole life devoted to the richly un rewarding task of lugging credit-card financed un-enjoyables around with the help of my colleagues and our off the road *NWD drive vehicles,what will happen to the poor retailers?"

The dispute dates back to the 1930's with Coca Cola's winter advertisement campaigns despicting Santa Clause in red and white garments. Since then coke has used Santa in many marketing campaigns associating Cola and Chrismas in the minds of most households.

Michel Rin-Tin-tin, marketing spoke person for Coca-Cola refuted the claims that commercialism and ageism is ruining X-Mas for many baby boomers.

"We are not trying to strong arm the big man,we just feel in present market conditions and with the obesity problems facing our children it would be irresponsible to condone Santa's un health lifestyle and rapidly mounting health problems and he just isn't as sharp as he used to be.

"If Santa could at least make an effort with his weight by perhaps using our new healthier brands we could start negotiations again.We are not stealing X-mas and we think it should stay an annual event."

The beverage conglomerate has opened the tender to its other brands. Sprite Lemonade was quick to jump on the sleigh by offering 50% of the required sponsorship if Santa was to wear their sprite custume which is green and white.

However the E.U (Elves Union) feels this will further confuse the public. " I am sick and tired of people calling us Dwarfs and the last thing we want is to be associated with Sprites. Sprites are little cretins that live in hell. We are elves and proud of the fact that we have been Santa's little helpers for generations.

The move by Sprite to alleviate the problem has spurred other conglomerates to come up with bright ideas for 2009.

Brugal is said to be interested in a possible partnership with Sprite bit it has been suggested that they would required the Brugal logo on the sleigh and any future X-mas promotions.

However MAD and other international driving associations have slammed the suggestions of using alcoholic beverages because they feel it could encourage Drunk Sleigh Riding."It's bad enough with X-mas drinking problems we have now. Imagine giant sleighs out of control with boozed up drivers and eight reindeer running rampage.

Whatever the outcome many onlookers are calling for the Magic to be put back into X-Mas. The Magic was taken from X-mas when the Orlando Magic basketball team bought it from Santa for estimated $15 million USD in 1993.

According to sources close to Santa , he originally signed the deal because he believed the magic ingredients in the beverage helped him do the job is just one night.However when Coca cola stopped using the magic ingredient it seemed that no body was performing to their usual standards.

"Caffeine is not enough man, we have one of the most highest profile media roles in the world and that comes with a lot of pressure". Mrs Claus was quoted as saying.

Mrs. Claus was recently seen leaving a Harley Street Clinic ,before she became a "Ward of the State" and ranted to reporters."Whoever takes Coca Cola's place in 2009 better give us what we need. We gotta' get it. I got to get that Coca-Cola feeling".

Beverage historian Dr. Pepper was keen to provide some background to the story. He told us that the beverage was named Coca-Cola because,originally the stimulant mixed in the beverage was coca leaves from south America, from which the drug cocaine is derived. Apparently the company has since removed this ingredient.

This is not the first time that Coca Cola has threatened to diversify its X-mas campaign.Top executives at the corporation and APIS officals have for years worried about the implications of condoning an old fat bloke creeping into children's bed room at night.

"It's nothing short of a time bomb!" exclaimed, Congress woman Stormy Weathers , chairperson of the iDCF review board in the recording of the meeting we stole of their last board meeting.

It's not the first time that Santa's life style was attacked, in the 1880's Santa was much shorter and smoked a pipe. Obviously this had to change when public opinion dictated that it wasn't cool to be short and gnome like.

On the Christmas Eve of 1862. during the Civil War,Abraham Lincoln specifically asked Santa to visit the Union troops while wearing a fur trimmed suit adorned with Stars and Stripes as he brought joy to the soldiers who fought to protect the unity of America. Many historian said that seeing him side with the North was one of the most demoralizing moments for the Confederate army.

Advertisement gurus are now suggesting that PepsiCo would leverage a massive advantage if they can get the big guy over on their side.

Santa hit back this week saying "Coca cola can not stop me from doing what I've been doing for 400 years. They can pull the finance plug but any claims to my outfit is ridiculous, In fact I was wearing Red when I was St Nicholas, the bishop of Nyra in Lycia, and as for my personal health issues, I think coke should realize that I've been around for a thousand years or more so whether I drink Coke,Regular Sprite or Brugal Rum is my concern and I want my wife back ,the allegations that I am old and senile are just rubbish this is just an excuse to appropriate my estate in the Polar Cap and extort more taxes from the younger folk."

the bereaved Santa was heard as saying.............

*Disclaimer.-This story is fictional and any resemblance to characters,events ,companies ,or agencies is purely coincidental.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Clara Sends Her Love

Clara recenly went overseas for a much needed vacation . Clara is having some dental work done which was needed . Clara is never alone, receiving a lot of attention and is doing well and is very happy where she is.

Elders and Third World Countries

Recently the state mandated the closure of our only elder care facility here in Key West, Florida due to allegations and substandard care. In such a rich county where tourist dollars roll in un abated we wondered how the poorer third world country were doing with such a delicate task and did an in depth investigation into elder care in a third world country facility . We brought video camera, notebook and interviewed staff members as as well as resident members.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Message to and From Zig Ziglar as He Copes With Old Age

The famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar fell last year and hit his head. His son Tom said, "Dad fell down the stairs and experienced a serious concussion. Suddenly, life was very different.
Dad at 80 years no longer moved with the energy of a 65-year-old man. Almost overnight he aged 15-plus years and began the struggle to overcome and live with a brain injury." Falling is a serious hazard as you age.

Falls can lead to head injuries, internal injuries, and bone fractures, especially if your bones are weak. The key to avoid falls is to keep your balance stable and under control. There's no known drug that can help you with that. Supplements can help you keep your muscles and bones strong, which helps with balance. But nothing helps you keep your balance like exercise. And a new study says the best form of exercise for balance is Tai Chi. This was a large study on 702 people living in an active adult community. All of the participants were over the age of 60.

The researchers randomized all of them into two groups. The first group did a 16-week program of community-based tai chi classes of one hour per week. The second group (control) was on a waiting list for the class and didn't exercise. The researchers followed the participants for up to 24 weeks. At 16 weeks, they measured the group for balance using six balance tests. Participants scored significantly better in five of six balance tests compared with controls. Falls were less frequent in the tai chi group compared to controls as well.

Zig Ziglar found out the hard way that a fall can rob you of your life and vitality. Don't you find out the same way. Tai chi is a gentle movement-based marital art that can help save you from falling. Almost all of us, regardless of age, can benefit from such exercises.

These arts can significantly improve mind-body integration, coordination, concentration and focus. I strongly encourage you to enroll in tai chi, especially if you have any questions about your balance or coordination. You can find tai chi classes at many community centers. Or you can use the tai chi video courses sold at many health food stores, bookstores, and on the Internet. This is a risk-free therapy that can save your life! Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Robert Jay Rowen, MD Second Opinion

Zig Ziglar, you touched so many people, thank you for teaching me how to close a sale, you were the king, you knew all the closes and also taught us how to overcome objections , your teachings taught us no obstacle is too big and have stayed with us through life , you just din't give a man a fish, you taught the man how to fish ! an entire generation of professional sales people looked up to you . I still have the tapes from your seminars you are the King! God Bless.........

Zig Zigler says:

Every obnoxious act is a cry for help." ~ Zig Ziglar

Passion - and humor will permit all of us to do some marvelous things.

Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don't hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.

It's your aptitude, not just your attitude that determines your ultimate altitude.

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.

Opportunity lies in the man and not in the job.

Success is dependent upon the glands-- sweat glands.

Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

You can have everything in life you want if you'll just help enough other people to get what they want!

When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more you will have to express gratitude for.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Protecting Our Elders

by Kathleen Quinn The Chicago Tribune

If a child is abused or neglected, your readers are horrified, but not helpless. They know what to do: call DCFS and expect them to intervene to protect the child to the extent possible. If a younger woman is abused in an intimate relationship, they know where to refer her: to a battered women's shelter, where she can find safety for herself and her children, legal advocacy and support.

But what if it's your grandmother, or the developmentally disabled adult who lives down the street, who is being physically abused, mentally tortured, sexually assaulted, financially ripped off, and/or cruelly neglected almost to the point of death? Whom do they call then? Would they know?

They should call Adult Protective Services, which operates under state law in every state to respond to the abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults with disabilities and older persons. In Illinois, for example, suspected abused, neglected or exploited persons aged 60 and over, should be referred to the Illinois Department on Aging's Excellent Elder Abuse and Neglect Program.

People in many other states are not as fortunate in having a well trained and decently funded APS program. Unlike battered women's shelters and child protective services, which receive over hundreds of millions to billions in federal support every year, adult protective services programs receive not one dollar of directly appropriated federal support. This even though older persons, one in 20 of whom will be abused, neglected or exploited, are the country's fastest growing population group, and despite the evidence that older abuse victims die at three times the rate of their non-abused cohorts. Moreover, seniors whose carefully husbanded life savings are stolen out from under them often must then turn to publicly funded programs such as Medicaid, costing taxpayers many millions in expenditures.

Congress has held hearings for 30 years on the tragedy of elder abuse, but it has yet to enact a single comprehensive law addressing it or the abuse of adults with disabilities. APS programs throughout the country, already under funded and in many areas under trained, are facing state budget reductions that will mean thousands of suffering older veterans, developmentally disabled adults, and grandmothers suffering from dementia will be left to suffer at the hands of their "caregivers," family members, and new "best friends" because there will be no one to respond to the reports of their abuse.

The incoming Obama administration has many huge and critical issues to contend with, yet this one, which has languished for decades because of inertia and indifference, could be readily addressed. Representative Rahm Emanuel, to his great credit, was an ardent advocate for passage of the Elder Justice Act, which would provide the first ever modest funding for struggling state APS programs throughout the country. If the White House asks the new Congress to enact the long overdue Elder Justice Act as one of its first orders of business in 2009, it would signal caring "change we can believe in," change that will save thousands of lives of "our greatest generation," and will allow many tens of thousands of others to live safely and with dignity, instead of in degradation, suffering and fear.

Videos Made By Elder Abuse Victims

Videos Made by Elder Abuse Victims Pleading For Help

Mother is a Victim of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse!!! Don't let it happen to someone you love


Elder Abuse-Easy Money - Joseph T. Quattrochi Sr

Elder Abuse - Easy Money

This could happen to someone you love!

How can this happen?


Nursing Home Prisoner

Never Use The Indianapolis probate Court!

My Fox New York

My Fox New York Pt 2


My Fox 9 The Power of One

My Fox 9 A Call for Change


CBS Call Kurtis

The Morning Show pt 1


The Morning Show pt 2

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Savagely Beats and Blind Older Woman

Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A man has been arrested for allegedly beating and blinding a 78-year-old widow inside her Daly City home after she surprised him during a robbery attempt, police said today.

Jose Perez-Gonzalez, 29, was arrested Nov. 26 by Mexican authorities in his hometown of Guadalajara. He has been charged by San Mateo County prosecutors with attempted murder, attempted armed robbery, burglary, mayhem and elder abuse.

On Jan. 12, Perez-Gonzalez, an illegal immigrant living in South San Francisco, was driven to the victim's home in the Serramonte neighborhood by Juan Cuellar, 37, of Daly City, said police Lt. Jay Morena.
As Cuellar waited in his car, Perez-Gonzalez pried open a rear sliding-glass door, police said. When the woman confronted him, Perez-Gonzalez allegedly beat her in the face with his metal pry bar, an attack that left her blind.

The assailant fled with Cuellar, authorities said. Cuellar was later arrested and is being held on a federal immigration violation for being in the United States illegally from El Salvador.

E-mail Henry K. Lee at hlee@sfchronicle.com.

Judicial Hellholes

Well, the American Tort Reform Foundation provides the answer in its latest “Judicial Hellholes” report just released on December 16.In the press release, ATRF president Tiger Joyce declared: “"Lawsuit abuse continues to have a negative impact on the nation's economy, as well as particular state economies. Every dollar spent defending against a speculative lawsuit is a dollar that won't be spent on research and development, capital investment, worker training or job creation. Unfortunately for those living in Hellholes jurisdictions during this economic downturn, it can be that much harder to find or keep a job and get critical health care services as employers and doctors are driven away by the threat of costly litigation."

What’s the worst judicial hellhole in the nation?According to ATRF, it’s West Virginia:

The Mountain State reclaims the #1 Judicial Hellhole ranking this year for its near perfect storm of anti-business rulings, massive lawsuits and cozy relationships between the personal injury bar, the state attorney general and some in the judiciary. The state's highest court has a history of plaintiff-friendly decisions, paying damages to those who are not injured, allowing mass trials, permitting lawsuits outside the workers' compensation system, rejecting long-established legal principles, and welcoming plaintiffs' lawyers from other states to take advantage of its generous rulings. To make matters worse, West Virginia is one of only two states that do not guarantee a right to appeal a civil verdict.

Check out the full report.
Raymond J. Keating
Chief EconomistSmall Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Boomers to Become “Rich” Targets for Estate Looters

Lou Ann Anderson www.EstateofDenial.com

“Gone to Texas” was a phrase used by Americans immigrating to Texas in the 19th century and is applicable again today as the Baby Boomers (Americans born 1946-1964) begin to retire and relocate, as in times past, to Texas. Georgetown, Texas, was just named a top retirement town by Where to Retire magazine and a recent report by the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement lists Texas as the #2 state for retiree relocation surpassing Arizona and continuing to close the gap with Florida.

Whether in Texas or elsewhere, being a retirement “hot spot” energizes everyone from government officials and Chambers of Commerce to realtors and other business interests. The concentration of a retirement-age population, however, can bring another element into a community – predators seeking to operate within probate venues so as to divert estate assets from intended beneficiaries or heirs. In more simple terms, modern day looters and poachers intent on using the American legal system to steal property from the dead or disabled/incapacitated.

A new Horace Cooper column entitled A New Inheritance Tax for Baby Boomers discusses the upcoming transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to their heirs and warns that “inheritance and estate planning scams are reportedly on the rise and perhaps even more pernicious is the rise in inheritance related litigation as the ever larger stockpiles of cash and real estate act as a magnet for trouble-makers.” Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) acts that base lawsuits on probate instruments such as trusts, wills and guardianships are insightfully characterized as a litigation tax on inheritance.

Law enforcement and the courts provide minimal safeguard or justice. Local authorities often refrain from criminal prosecutions and instead defer IRA adjudications to civil courts. Court battles are the traditional “remedy” for such actions. But win or lose, massive financial expense as well as a stringent emotional toll can yield the only true “winners” in these cases to be the participating lawyers. Many people cannot afford to take action as our courts are a pay-to-play venue.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Reality and Revictimization..why not everyone can just "move on" and "get over it" .

Courtesy SANCTUARY FOR THE ABUSED This website donates its time & resources to help the abused. (Please support this site and give whatever support you can to this excellent help resource for abuse victims)

Victim, survivor, victimology, victim abuse... why are victims being told to deny their reality?

You have been methodically and diabolically abused and suddenly you hear "don't be a victim, choose to be a survivor." The concept that a victim can always consciously choose how to proceed, is wrong.

The phrase, "move on with your life" is common. In a commanding, offhand and arrogant tone, those who have fought and lost a custody battle, their home, car and savings, family, job and may be suffering physically (adrenal exhaustion is common) are stunned to be told, "well, better move on with your life."

The entire infrastructure of a life is often destroyed leaving the victim, stunned, numb, hypervigilant, indigent, betrayed and perplexed as to why they are expected to "choose" to not be a victim. Give them a time machine and this can be done. Give them revictimization abuse and it cannot. They are victims.

It's time to give that word back its status and in doing so, give respect to the abused. Respect comes in the form of providing help. An empowering, compassionate approach to those who have been stripped of dignity through repeated abuse in courts of law, or by their partners, begins with recognizing and defining the situation of the victim.

What is the definition of a "victim"?
According to the dictionary a victim is: One who is harmed by, or made to suffer from an act, circumstance, agency, or condition; a person who is tricked, swindled, or taken advantage of.

The victim of a narcissist or abuser is traumatized. There are biochemical changes in the body and structural changes in the brain. Thought patterns change, memories are lost, immune system strongly affected, brain cells die, there is chest pain, muscle pain, feelings are intense and emotions chaotic. Victimization is never deserved.

Dr. Frank Ochberg, Harvard trained MD and trauma expert, says our culture now disparages, blames, isolates, and condemns someone for being a victim.

As a victim of any kind of abuse you deserve:

  • 1. Compassion
  • 2. Validation
  • 3. Freedom from therapeutic verbal abuse
  • 4. A support team to open doors to resources
  • 5. A friend, therapist or counselor who can teach you the skills to rebuild your life.

Depending on who you are, this may take a long time or not. Variables include amount and length of abuse, health, supportive family or not, finances, genetic explanatory style (optimism or pessimism), coping skills you may already have and many others. As a victim, you have the right to say, "STOP" to those who blame the victim.

An entire self help industry has arisen that believes if you just really really wanted to, you can be happy and healthy and fully functional as soon as you choose to be. A starting point for recovery are post traumatic stress sites. There you will find trained and compassionate support people with articles that explain trauma healing methods.

The Scientific Basis of Healing, Happiness and Recovery It doesn't matter if you call yourself a victim, survivor or Martian. No one should deny you victim status. It is what is. A victim is not a slothlike creature, nor stupid. Nor is a victim responsible for what happened to him/her and we must stop worrying about language and start helping. A victim is a person with a life in chaos.

What matters is that you get the help you need and the compassionate trained person to give you the skills.The good news is that happiness is trainable, resiliency comes back and psychologists are moving from the Freudian model which has dominated psychology for too long and was wrong to boot, to a model that moves from pathology as the dominant scheme. The process of de-traumatization begins with validation. It then moves to retraining explanatory style. Depending on the depth and time of the abuse, it may take a long or short time to process to empowerment and control. IT IS NOT NECESSARY to analyze every event. It IS necessary to be heard and listened to and to tell your story. Validation is critical.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parental Alienation and Vice Versa

Parental Alienation was recently described as a situation where one parent intentionally attempts to alienate his or her child from the other parent, by poisoning his/her mind, and usually succeeds. Parental Alienation("PA") usually arises in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child's unjustified campaign of denigration against a parent. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent's indoctrinations and the child's own contributions to the vilification of the parent.

We believe that inducing parental alienation in a child is a form of child abuse, which should be punishable as abuse under the Family Court Act. Moreover, a parent who alienates a child against the other parent should be denied visitation with all of his or her children until the child is no longer alienated against the target parent.


Dear Elder Abuse

We are 100% behind your cause.



Thank You very much for your show of support, Abuse towards family is something that
that is against everything we believe in.

Checks and Balances for Judges and Attorneys Must be Put in Place

Albany, New York

Our custom of NOT holding Judges and lawyers accountable is bearing bitter fruits according to the daily reports of corruption that are coming to our attention.

A former Supreme Court justice from Albany been indicted on charges of attempted extortion and federal bribery.

Sixty-five-year-old Thomas Spargo, a former justice in the Third Judicial Circuit of the State of New York, was indicted by a federal grand jury for a 2003 incident in which Spargo allegedly bribed an Ulster County lawyer.

According to the indictment, Spargo allegedly solicited $10,000 from the attorney while he was a state Supreme Court Justice. The attorney, who had cases pending before Spargo, reportedly paid the money in fear that Spargo would use his title and influence to harm him if he did not pay.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Estate Looting of the Rich and Famous And How it can Happen to You

By Lou Ann Anderson
US~Observer Investigative Journalist

The legal profession is not generally well regarded. A particularly heinous sub-culture surrounds the probate industry in which lawyers and select clients (wannabe heirs, disgruntled family members, etc.) use probate venues and/or estate planning instruments (wills, trusts, guardianships) to perpetrate Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) actions – or more simply put, to loot assets of the dead or disabled/incapacitated.

Read it all here=>>

Political Office to the Highest Bidder , Just Don't get Caught. Do it on the Sly.. Todays Politics

Washington, DC -- December 9, 2008

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement today in response to the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich:

"There has been an air of lawlessness around Governor Blagojevich for some time and Judicial Watch applauds U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for his actions.

"Blagojevich's corruption is no surprise, but its breadth and depravity is shocking. The alleged efforts to sell the Senate seat of Barack Obama are outrageous, but also seem to implicate many other powerful politicians and political players. Especially disturbing are the questions the scandal raises about Barack Obama and his close associates.

"This is a burgeoning crisis for Obama that should shake his presidency to its core.

"The criminal complaint filed today indicates that Obama and his team knew about Blagojevich's efforts to sell Obama's Senate seat. ("Tony" Rezko, Obama friend, fundraiser and real estate partner, is once again implicated in the corrupt activities exposed today.)

"Did Obama report Blagojevich to investigators about any efforts to sell his Senate seat?"

Judicial Watch has been investigating Rod Blagojevich for over two years and has ongoing open records litigation concerning the sale of government jobs for which he was arrested today. Blagojevich has stonewalled and refused to turn over documents to Judicial Watch that could have alerted the American people to his corruption.

Press Office 202-646-5188Contact:

In view of the blatant corruption in the legal system where everything is for sale should we act surprised? Besides we sell seats to the NYSE why not to the Senate and Chief Judge Seats? The One who brings the most money to the party gets to seat in the chair....
Are you disgusted yet? We can't help but wonder what is it going to take for Americans to wake up from their deep slumber and take back their country from the opportunists,looters, and grave robbers.