Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Tale of Elder Financial Abuse"Despicable'

Apple Valley, CA: LawyersandSettlement.Com

Linda F suspected for a while that her father was a victim of financial elder abuse. Unfortunately, she couldn't get her father to see what was going on. Like so many parents who are victims of financial abuse at the hands of a child, Linda's father did not want to believe his daughter, Linda's sister, could treat him so poorly. But she did, and now he is not even allowed in his own home.

"This is just devastating. It [financial elder abuse] is out there, but it's hushed. It's despicable that a child could do this to a parent. She can't get her act together, so she abuses him. He wants to be home. He doesn't want to live like this. He told me once that he is supposed to get a blue pill in the morning. But my sister sometimes gave him 1 in the morning, sometimes 2 in the morning, sometimes 1 in the afternoon, sometimes she didn't give him any pill. She messed with his medication.


Yes it is despicable that a child could do this and much more to their parents , especially if this child harbors resentments from childhood or if there is money invoved , what is even more despicable is that the elders have no one to turn to as the authorities have decided that elder abuse are 'civil matters' an when approched for help do the 'circle jerk'.

Sadly elders and/or their families have no one to turn to for help.

"The Circle Jerk" What happens when an elder and or their families goes for help.

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