Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

Loud Disturbance, Sheriff called

After a disturbance, of very loud knocking on all the doors and windows officers were called. They came in and questioned Clara. Not really sure about the date of this incident. But it made Dr. Fernandez very upset, when he saw the police he thought they had come for Clara, and had a nervous breakdown and had to be taken to the Doctor and sedated

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Doctors Perpective

Dr. Nancy Kaplitz examined Clara after her return home observed .

a)Held against her will
b) Weakness due to disuse
c) Poor dentition
d) Does NOT appear to have been cared for approprietely when she was in West Palm Beach
Dr Kaplitz August 11, 2005

Monday, August 8, 2005

Dr Gerth appeals for Calm Surroundings, Asks Clara NOT be moved From her Home

After examining Clara Dr. Gerth is concerned about her well being and ask that she NOT be moved from her home , and appeals for calm surroundings

Monday, August 1, 2005

"An Example of Fraud is the Situation where one Influences a Testator that another Relative has stirred up Trouble."

The conclusion by a non-expert that a testator was under the influence and control of another is inadmissible. The statements or declaration of a deceased testator may be admitted to show state of mind.

The content of earlier wills may be admitted to show undue influence in a later will. While laymen and experts both are allowed to offer opinions as to testamentary capacity, they are limited in testifying as to undue influence.
- Irwin Perry M.D. J.D.

Comment 1. -
"the testator, misled by fraud, will often do so with pleasure and satisfaction."

Comment 2. -
"An example of fraud is the situation where one influences a testator that another relative has stirred up trouble."

Comment 3. -
"it requires much less influence to control the will of a person whose functional abilities have been severely impaired by mental illness or physical conditions which affect mental functioning." - Irwin Perry M.D. J.D.

An email sent to a family member from the Andy Thornal Co. accuses family members of stirring up trouble.

The Minimum Required Distribution is a routine transaction done every year and under the principals direction, POA and Contractual agreement. In Clara's absence the MRD was processed routinely as part of keeping Clara's and A.J.'s Estate running smoothly.

This deposit slip shows the Minimum Required Distribution going into the Elders account as a routine transaction and the funds going towards A.J.'s and Clara's health care, as was customary, this transaction, along with 5 years worth of credit card and bank accounts records was audited during a three month period and there was absolutely NO wrongdoing by the elders long term and contractual caregivers.