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Nature and Time Heals all Wounds

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Our Legal System - A Victim's Perspective -

by Indigo Star

Indigo Star is a Host for a group called 'Fierce Women' please visit her site as she sponsors some very worthy causes and is part of another Group 'A Helping Hand for Healing Souls'

Why Doesn't She Leave? (Victim of Abuse)

To know the answer...the truth...compels society to make changes that may involve radical "sacrifices" of the institutionalized acceptance of violence as something inevitable, rather than preventable.

This places responsibility on the Justice System...asking that it live up to its name and represent those who seek help in the courts...and not serve to grant light deterrents or no sentence to perpetrators.

Police are asked to "serve and protect" rather than judge, minimize, deny, fail to intervene and file accurate reports, fail to show up when there is a domestic call, fail to arrest perpetrators who violate protection and restraining orders, fail to take women and children to safe houses, fail to take rape victims to hospital for treatment and forensic tests, fail to promote zero tolerance in any more than hollow words.

In all cases I have been aware of the Police and the Justice system get an "F" for failure on all and every count.

Where I live, there is less than a 2% conviction rate for rape, even if there is irrefutable proof of the fact. Lawyers, police and judges collude with perpetrators and perpetuate the cycle of violence.

We have in theory a zero tolerance law. It has been in effect since 2000. It has not yet been enforced.

When a woman or any victim of violence or stalking, seeks a Protection Order, they have to recite the entire history of their violations before a magistrate, which are recorded and then sent to the perpetrator to hear and challenge.

The perpetrator then gets the added thrill of hearing this grueling and terrifying testimony of how deeply they have harmed someone and rather than instilling remorse, it gives them a sick sense of power and satisfaction. Many choose to challenge it as a further way of tormenting and terrorizing their victims.

I see this as an oblique way of punishing any victim who tries to take back their lives and gain some safety and protection. Even with evidence, few judges actually sustain an order when it is challenged.

The very sick fact is that this is done to prevent the police from being overwhelmed with all the cases from victims...mostly women and children...seeking safety. It is not given high priority and staff are assigned to less serious cases while this situation intensifies.

Restraining orders that involve a lawyer are slightly more effective, but again they are seldom worth more than the paper they are written on.

Even crisis lines have been slow to call police when a victim has asked for help. We have had numerous high profile cases where women were murdered after calls to crisis lines and police were made...but not responded to.

When gangs or terrorists are involved shelters have not really prepared for the high level of security required to protect their charges. One shelter in my city actually has a bomb/bullet proof underground bunker where the most vulnerable victims stay. It is a vault that would be appropriate for a war zone and a high security bank. It is little better than a prison cell. It is still not enough. Families cannot hide there forever.

Victims are rotated from one safe house to another around the country, as perpetrators stalk them and find them.

They are given new identities and still they are not safe.

Until safety is certain, healing cannot begin.

So, how do we overturn a system that does not serve women and children ? How do we put an end to this madness ? How do we liberate victims from not only their perpetrators...but from the system itself...that was supposed to shield and protect them and instead betrayed them at every turn ?

How do we do this ?

It cannot happen soon enough.

Bold and captioning mine for emphasis

"It was once said that the moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped."

-Hubert H. Humphrey (1911 - 1978)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Another Bad break for Clara's Wicked Turn of Events

Isolation from others. Telling the victim she was abandoned by her relatives and cutting off outside communication by telling visitors or callers that the senior does not want to see or talk to them.

Guys it's happening Clara is being starved out of her home, in the period that her Social Security Income has been diverted to the Guardian, yes that guardian that was appointed without prior notice on a recommendation by his own attorney, we have received a total of $200.00 for groceries , they have successfully choked off our ability to care for Clara.

We fought as long as we could to have assets returned to from were they were taken, so that they could be used to the purpose for which they were intended, so that Clara could end her final days in her home with dignity, we have failed. We can no longer take care of Clara and plan on turning her over to the courts on Monday.

It's likely the courts will choose the past of least resistance and give her back to the people that drugged, incapacitated her , isolated and robbed her.
And such is the likely end unless enough of you decide this has gone far enough and call and write your senators, end ask that elder abuse laws be enforced and perpetrators punished instead of rewarded.

The Psycho Without a Conscience

To the sociopath that wrote this along with the close up of my mother's head after she had neurosurgery, you really are a sick individual.

I am already a wealthy man, I'm wealthy in health , my extended overseas family , me sentiments , relationships , in many more ways than one , ways which you can never take away from me. , according to police records you don't even own the car you drive, maybe you should concern yourself more with your situation, and not worry so much about other peoples status , just because your family dis inherited you because the disgrace you are, you don't have to go grabbing old ladies and stealing from them , old ladies like Clara G. Fernandez and others "Widowers" that we know about that you worked your magic on, with the help of that little black bag.

How many victims must you have and how long must we wait for the authorities to see people like you for what you are and deal with you appropriately.

We know about your isolation we even made a You Tube Video of your tactics: Isolation from others. Telling the victim she was abandoned by her relatives and cutting off outside communication by telling visitors or callers that the senior does not want to see or talk to them.

Unfortunately, individuals who prey on vulnerable seniors are often the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. They may appear to be warm, sympathetic and selfless friends, caregivers and even family members, but they are not.

Their numbers include:Psychopaths or sociopaths, who get wind of the money, resolve to go after it and have no conscience about committing financial abuse.Individuals with character defects whose greed is an overriding motivation.People who perceive themselves as entitled to the money.

They feel that they deserve to have the elder's money or assets because their own lives have been fraught with hardship or because the older person wasn't as appreciative of them as they should be.

You remember that Clara did not want you anywhere around her, don't you, if you don't We have plenty of other people that do .

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Clara Sentenced to a Life of Endless Hearings

click to enlarge doc ...

It appears as if Clara has been sentenced to endless hearings for the rest of her life.
I imagine that this will last as long as there is money left in Clara's estate, once it is all gone there will be no more hearings, no more attorneys, no more Clara.
Hopefully this will not be the outlook for other victims of Elder Abuse who choose to turn to the legal system for help.

So far, two of Clara's Social Security checks have been re directed to her attorney, approx. $3,700. Meanwhile, Clara and her caregivers have only received $200.00 of her funds for groceries, and unfortunately that wan't isn't enough to meet the dietary needs of Clara and her health was starting to become in jepardy. $200.00 in two months averages a hundred per month, which is exactly the amount that the guardian makes per hour.

The math was simple, the consequences were not.

Dr.Fernandez ,Clara and Ray in Spain

Dr.Fernandez ,Clara G.Fernandez and Ray
Guys I'm still speechless you can see how long I have been with my parents and the long road to get here, to see everything they ever worked for crumble and lose custody of your only remaining parent and to be cut off from the posibility of remaining together .
It was hard in Auschwitz in the 1940's being separated from your parents
and is still hard today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to the Elder Abuse Circus !

I did a search for Clara and came up with this picture taken by Clara's captors after they left her alone in a motel room, drugged (documented) and she had to be flown out for neurosurgery and became in capacitated (also well documented ) apparently her captors saw a photo op, and published this picture of Clara.

I only have one question for you who posted this picture of my mother on the Internet!

What kind of a sick animal are you ?

Was Clara Really Left Alone for Hours AT a Time or is this just Propaganda: What does the Facts Bear Out?

Click to enlarge

What do the hospital records say ?

Click to enlarge..

Was Clara given a cocktail of drugs that can not be given together or is this just hear say? And what about being left alone to fend for herself?

What do hospital records say?

For how long can the State protect the people that did this to my mother?

Cutting off Clara's Social Security income, evicting Clara from her home and discrediting her legitimate heirs in order to gain control of everything they ever worked for, is a crime in itself!
*Note: They can 't evict her, but they have taken control of her income and tied the hands of her caretakers living with her in her home by refusing to pay Clara's bills.

Before Clara was rescued on August 5, 2005 when she was held in strict isolation,
she was being cared for by a homeless person. And while her husband Dr. Fernandez was dying of angst at home not being able to see his wife for a whole year, this forced separation was the cruelest punishment that we have ever seen doled out to a human being.

Testimony by Al Fernandez Jr., a.k.a. - ("The Social Worker") on May 23, 2005 re: Clara's caregiver while Clara was in his hands -

A - Well, actually he's staying there because he
doesn't have transportation and he asked if he could
stay there, and I said fantastic.

Q - So he stays, he lives with you?
A - Yes. Supposedly when I come home from work I
take over, but he, he usually just stays there and
takes part of taking care of mother because they get
along real well. It's an older Jamaican fellow and
they get along real well. He really focuses on her,..

Q - Okay.

A - and takes care of her needs. Now, normally I
am the one who tucks her to bed and I go through the
whole routine of washing her face, see that she takes her,...

The US National Academy of Sciences Defines Elder Abuse as Follows:

Injuries inconsistent with history Laboratory findings indicating under dosage or over dosage of medications Venereal disease or genital infections Dehydration, malnutrition, decubitus ulcers, poor hygiene Signs of withdrawal, depression, agitation, or infantile behavior

"My Heart is Nearly Broken With Sorrow"

Financial and physical abuse of the elderly is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, rising 19.6 percent from 2000 to 2004.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office Elder Safe Program hosted a one-day elder abuse seminar Thursday on elder financial exploitation cases and its parallels to domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault grooming.

Marcia Langer is the director of the Elder Safe Program. "Last year the Elder Safe Program, using trained volunteer victim advocates, assisted nearly 1,000 elderly victims of crime in Washington County," Langer told the nearly 200 attendees from agencies statewide. "Sadly, it is estimated that less than 20 percent of elder abuse cases are ever reported to authorities."

In elder abuse, undue influence is usually used to financially exploit the elderly. This behavior shares similarities with domestic violence abusers, stalkers and sexual predators who groom their targets.
reprint from 4.12.07
Financial and physical abuse of the elderly is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, rising 19.6 percent from 2000 to 2004.

The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging estimates there may be as many as five million victims every year.

Undue influence is using that position of power to exploit the trust, dependency and fears of someone else, and deceptively gaining control of their decision making.

The abuser may use isolation or other family members as part of the pattern.

read it all here >>

Elders and Bathrooms and a Few Precautions You Can Take

Revised ....
Always try to keep elder in their familiar surroundings and if for some reason you have to put them in strange settings don't ever leave them alone and unsupervised.

Clara liked to read a lot and she knew that 60% of debilitating falls occurred in the home, she knew that most falls occurred while getting in and out of a bathtub and she always avoided them, until she was out in a situation where she was forced to fend for herself under the veil of sedatives and in a hotel room not equipped for elder guests.

An elders bed should always be equipped with bed rails , don't wait until they fall to do this, as a simple fall for you or I could have un needed consequences for an elder person who depends on you to keep them safe just as you depended on them to keep you safe when you were a young child , the floor itself can be covered with a heavy carpet, and rails can be installed on the walls to make it easier for them to climb in and out .

A few precautions can go a long ways to make your house safer for your elders.

In our home the only tub in the house was removed and a shower installed instead in order to make safer for us and for our parents.

In my parents case we took every precaution , we just could not believe that a member of our own family would serve as the catalyst for their downfall and hasten Dr. Fernandez death and Clara's incapacitation.

Trust NO one when it comes to the care of your elders, NOT even your own family as a simple interest can turn into a nightmare of un forseen and un imaginable proportions. Be very weary of family members that come out of the wood work and express an un usual interest in the elder care during their later years, especially when their metal powers start to decline, that kind of help usually comes with string attached and a very heavy price to pay.

Florida Statutes 709.8 that states :

"Guardianships are used as a last resort for persons who did not plan ahead for
incompetence. 14 Fla.Prac., Elder Law § 9:16 (2007 ed.). Fla.Stat. §
744.331(6)(b) requires a court to determine if less restrictive means are

However keep in mind that attorneys, family or other interested parties can mis represent the truth to the courts and this could seriously hamper your ability to remain by your elder till as long as possible

This space is where Clara now bathes, where a bathtub used to be, it's very easy for her to get in and out and makes it easier for her caregivers to bathe her everyday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Most Falls Occur in Bathtubs

Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower can be a perilous journey for older adults, including those as young as 60, even when they have bathrooms already equipped with safety features, according to research by the University of Michigan Health System.

“We think the results from this study demonstrate the need for healthcare professionals to become involved in helping to prevent bathing disability, instead of just treating people in the hospital after they have had a fall in the bathroom,” Murphy says.

"While bathrooms in senior housing facilities are designed to be safe, we have found that older adults often do not know the difference between a grab bar and a towel bar. They also have unsafe strategies of getting into and out of their shower or tub. Occupational therapists often see older adults for bathing problems and would be ideal to intervene with older adults before they start to lose the ability to bathe.”

“For older adults, losing the ability to bathe is associated with having falls, fracturing bones, and even being admitted to a nursing home. It is important that we take steps to help to prevent bathing disability before it occurs,” Murphy says.

One of the major problem areas the researchers found involved sliding glass doors in showers. Three-quarters of participants who used shower stalls with sliding glass doors tried to utilize the door for stability or balance.

“This is extremely unsafe because shower doors were not designed to support a person’s weight,” Murphy says. “This problem could be easily remedied by educating older adults not to use the door as a support or possibly replacing it with a shower curtain, which was used only rarely by older adults in this study.”

Preventing Falls May Be Key to Avoiding Disability in Elderly

Abridged from Senior Journal.Com >>

Falling Injuries and the Elderly

by Jeff Kopito, EMT-D

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), about 60 percent of injuries from falls occur right in the patient's own home and are usually related to the everyday activities we take for granted, such as going to the bathroom.

The most common fall-related injuries are fractures of the spine, forearm, and hip. Hip fractures alone are occurring at a rate of almost 300,000 per year --90 percent of those occurring after a fall. Here in the U.S., we currently spend over $20 billion per year to treat older people after falls.

The consequences to our elder citizens are serious --only about 25 percent of hip fracture patients will make a full recovery; 40 percent will require nursing home admission; 50 percent will be dependent upon a cane or walker; and 20 percent will die within one year. And according to the NCIP, half of all elderly adults hospitalized for hip fracture cannot return home or live independently after the injury.

Abridged for E.A. >>

State Follows Nationwide Movement to Stop Elder Abuse

In August, Illinois introduced a bill to amend the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act by adding a section that establishes elder abuse task forces, called "fatality review teams."

Though no such task forces exist in Missouri, the Illinois bill is part of what sources say is a nationwide movement toward recognizing the problem of elder abuse.

"It is what child abuse was during the '80s. People are finally recognizing, hey, adults can be hurt, too." said Marta Fontaine, a planner for Adult Protective Services in Jefferson City, Mo

In 2006 there were 16,395 reports of neglect and abuse on people living within the community, and 5,880 calls concerning those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Missouri.

Jackson's office receives about 20 to 25 reports each month concerning local cases of neglect or abuse, he said.
335-6611, extension 245

Abridged >>

'Undue Influence' is Dangerous form of Elder Abuse

A woman in her 70s has a sizable estate acquired from a lifetime of hard work and smart investments. Lonely and overly trusting, she falls prey to a much younger man who persuades her to sign over her assets to him.

A frail widower hires an attractive housekeeper to help him with various household tasks. She eventually sweet talks him into giving her large gifts of money to pay for nursing school, clear her debts and pay for her mother's operation.

The elders in these scenarios do not have dementia. Most courts would find them competent. How then are they bamboozled into losing what has taken a lifetime to accumulate? These examples of financial abuse (a form of elder abuse) occurred because of an insidious process called undue influence.

The perpetrators use various techniques and manipulations to gain power and compliance, exploiting the trust, dependency and fear of older adults. Over time, the perpetrators gain control over the decision making of their unwitting victims.

Anyone can be unduly influenced, including the stressed, ill, sleep deprived, lonely or frightened of any age, but the elderly are particularly at risk because of failing health, isolation and a tendency to trust. Margaret Singer, an expert on cults, brainwashing and persuasion, pinpointed several factors that perpetrators commonly use to groom potential victims.

These include:

Isolation from others. Telling the victim she was abandoned by her relatives and cutting off outside communication by telling visitors or callers that the senior does not want to see or talk to them.

Building a siege mentality. Making the victim believe that enemies (including health care providers and family members) are lurking everywhere. They convince their victims that these "enemies" are going to take away their houses, pensions and Social Security, and that they are going to put them in nursing homes.

Fostering dependency. They create the fiction that the influencer is the only trustworthy person and the only one who cares about the older person.

Creating a sense of powerlessness. Slowly but surely, the influencer persuades the senior that only they have the power to do anything to help the elder.

Making the senior fearful by exaggerating their illnesses and disabilities.

The perpetrator treats the elder more and more fragilely, exaggerating their ailments.

Who Are the Perpetrators?

Unfortunately, individuals who prey on vulnerable seniors are often the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. They may appear to be warm, sympathetic and selfless friends, caregivers and even family members, but they are not. Their numbers include:

Psychopaths or sociopaths, who get wind of the money, resolve to go after it and have no conscience about committing financial abuse.

Individuals with character defects whose greed is an overriding motivation.

People who perceive themselves as entitled to the money. They feel that they deserve to have the elder's money or assets because their own lives have been fraught with hardship or because the older person wasn't as appreciative of them as they should be.

What Can You Do?

Family, neighbors, friends and professionals who come in contact with older people can help in the following ways: Check that the elder's health and nutritional needs are being taken care of. A perpetrator may try to weaken an elder's will by getting the senior to discontinue medications, neglect their health and eat poorly.

Keep the elder socially involved. The best insurance is for the older person to stay connected to relatives and people who they have known for a long time. Senior centers and social service programs are also excellent resources.

Provide the elder with information about undue influence and unscrupulous people who prey on senior citizens. Urge them to be careful.

Advise anyone who has contact with seniors to be on the lookout for signs that someone is attempting to control the elderly person for their own gain.

Should you suspect that an elder is a victim of undue influence, as soon as possible put every detail and all dates down in writing. States vary on abuse reporting requirements and procedures. However, each state has a service designated to receive and investigate allegations of elder abuse. The Eldercare Locator is a federal agency that will provide a referral to the proper agency for the area that the elder lives in.

Reporting suspicions of financial abuse via undue influence to the appropriate authority will begin an investigation and may prevent financial ruin or at least bring a halt to the elder's suffering.

For more information, call (800) 677-1116 or visit

Dr. Rachelle Zukerman is professor emeritus of social welfare at UCLA, a gerontologist and author of the book, "Eldercare for Dummies." She can be reached at
repost 5.7.07

Beta Sigma Phi, Beta Xi, Theta Sigma Phi... Did I Leave Anyone Out?

Please Allow Clara To Live Out the Rest of Her Days with Dignity?
Do not Torture Her Any more, Please Take a minute and write your senator.

Who are you to take this away from Clara or any other elder ?

Who are You To Decide that Clara Does not need live out her days in her own Home because She expending too much money.
Who gives someone the moral or legal character to take you away from your partner of 58 years , take away your friends , your dignity to the world of Emergency Rooms, Nursing Homes , Homeless caretakers , drugs and misery.
Just when you were starting to enjoy your third age

How Did We Allow this to happen?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Excerpt From one of Clara's Hearing

16 MR. GARCIA: Judge, every time I do an
17 objection I get a poof or a comment from counsel
18 as if my objections are somehow inappropriate.

19 THE COURT: All right. Well, don't do that.

20 MS.

MS. I promise.
24 MR. we outlawing poofing

BETANCOURT: No, I won't poof.

COURT: No poofing.

BETANCOURT: No poofing, Judge. I promise

FOWLER: If we're outlawing poofing, can we outlaw loud exhales.
page 96
1 THE COURT: No loud exhales.

2 MR. GARCIA: I haven't been -- as he says it,

3 Judge, counsel -

4 THE COURT: I didn't hear it, that's

5 why. I don't hear loud things. I've been

6 concentrating on the testimony and not counsel.

7 I've been trained over the years to concentrate on

8 the testimony. I don't pay attention to anything
9 else that goes on in the room.

10 MS. BETANCOURT: There will be no poofing and
11 no loud breathing. We'll try to get that, to get
12 through that_

Someone wrote in and asked , Why so many hearings and what goes on during those hearings ? So I thought I publish a excerpt taking form an earlier hearing, I lost count of the number of hearings because every hearing leads to another
there will always be another hearing until the elder is totally out of money. Then the attorneys lose interest and everyone wins except for the Elder and their family .

Clara's Diary.- A Cover Up Revealed

I hope everyone had a good weekend

I will publish Clara's Diary and I want you to tell me if anyone has a right to do this to another human being. Please follow with me Clara's activities from month to month right up to the day she was taken from her home and the weeks that followed .

Notice how her life was full of productive activities, Clara liked to play bridge with her friends, she belonged to the City Council, the Beta Masters, the Beta Phi Sisters Sorority, the Catholic Daughters, she volunteered for service as a pink lady at the Hospital, nursing homes and assisted facilities. She gave freely of her money as well as her time.

In addition to this she conducted business, travelled overseas often and insisted in personally drawing the permit to build a new home in Orlando Florida , she actively participated in the drawings of the house plans and supervised site clearing on the property.

Notice how after she was kidnapped her life is choked off little by little, her activities as the choke hold intensifies dies down to a murmur until there is nothing left but destruccion, humiliation,sickness and the death of her husband whose suffering will forever be etched in my memory for every day that I live as a monument of man's in humanity to man.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Letters To Editor Sunday Sept 23

Ray ;

I know what you are saying is true as it happened to one of the ladies in my church here. They took everything of her moms and the 4 kids got nothing even tho they were all willing to be caregivers the state said no that they had to hire someone. We spend a lot of energy on abused kids and this is right ( don't even get me started on how the system fails them after we "save" them), but the elderly get forgotten so it is a good thing that you bring these things to light



Thank you Misty for writing in and for your comments ....

I still can't believe my father is gone because of the stress involved in this . It's so sad that this happening to my family , father , mother.....

And the saddest part about it is that the powers to be or the "control group" wants to reward bad behavior letting the looters , free to ply their sorry trade. under the guise of a "family quarrel" .

Proof abounds that it has nothing to do with family and all to do with the window of opportunity that opens up when an elder becomes incapacitated with dementia.

Clara had offered to put her certificate of Deposits over into Judy's name we always said NO, we always thought the rule of law would prevail and we knew that she had addressed
those issues when she was of sound mind and did NOT want to give the appearance of impropriety not only that but huge Income taxes would be triggered if her assets were to be liquidated improperly before her death.

We lived with my mother since 1999 we had 5 years to abuse that power of attorney to close and convert her assets, before she was abducted ... Yet we did not do it, Because Clara depended on the income from her assets to live in the manner she deserved , and after being subject of much abuse, I can tell you it's sad that the consequence's of NOT doing it, are far worst than the immunity that the hooligans that are stealing elders blind enjoy.

When Words Aren't Enough

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Billl Hart a Stranger Takes Interest in Clara

This man who made the arrangements for the abduction of my mother on August 21, 2004. He took her to Winter Haven,Florida during which time her Trust Assets were sacked.

Because he was able to drug her with doses over and above what you would give someone her age and obtained a Power Of Attorney and Transferred all she ever owned including her real estate and her Homestead property in Key West , which he refers to as "The Big Prize" .

He was able to do this until we rescued her on the early hours of August 5, 2005 almost a year later, Clara was rescued incapacitated and in much worse off condition that when she was taken.

Today on September Sunday 23 Bill Hart sent a Real Estate Agent to sell Clara's house, I was not going to tell Clara , however a neighbour came over and talked to her about it,

Clara who is horrified to be removed from her home , or "stolen" again as she calls it and has been diagnosed with Post Stress Syndrome by psychiatrists, and has been incapacitated by the abuse suffered at the hands of the people that properly removed her from her handicapped residence.

Is there any one out there who can protect the Elders against these home grown terrorists ?

According to Clara's Dr's notes before she was taken, this is the same man who had all her medical records moved to Winter Haven,Florida. This is where all the property Quit claim Deeding, power of attorney, and other transfers took place.

But I still do not believe that our Citizens/Readers ,Senators, Judges, Attorneys, will allow Clara to be totally starved out of her home !

No that can't Happen in America, or Can it?

Good News for Our Dallas Friends

Dallas County commissioners approved a new budget Tuesday that includes a 6.6 percent tax rate increase to help pay for required jail improvements, new positions and employee raises.

Among the new positions funded are an elder-abuse prosecutor, a mortgage-fraud prosecutor, 10 deputy constables, and a public defender for DNA review. Commissioners also deleted 13 positions for a net increase of 56 positions.

Related Articles

Dallas County OKs raising tax rate 6.6% Dallas Morning News News for Dallas, Texas News: Local News

The new county property tax rate increased 1.42 cents per $100 in assessed value to 22.81 cents – the second tax increase in three years. The increase means the owner of a $176,000 home, the Dallas County average, will pay an additional $25 in county property taxes per year.

Abridged Article By KEVIN KRAUSE / The Dallas Morning News

Voice For the Uninsured.Com

More than 47 million Americans are uninsured. 80% come from working families. 20% are children.

The United States spends nearly $100 billion to provide uninsured patients with health services, often for preventable diseases or diseases more efficiently treated with early diagnoses. This burden is shouldered by everyone.

We all need to vote with these issues in mind in November 2008 and help drive change in the American health care system.

The AMA Proposal:
To provide all Americans with the means to purchase health care coverage
To give individuals choices to select the appropriate coverage for them and their families
To promote market reforms that enable this new approach

View the AMA proposal details

Go Back 500 Years With Me.

When the world seems surreal in it's indifference I go back to a magical land where I spent 10 years of my life but lived 20 in experience. It is the oldest city in America.

Waking the streets of cobblestone I can see Diego Columbus emerging from his governing palace in Plaza De Colon, I can visit the jail cell in the fortification where his father Cristopher Columbus did time for , Yes, Indian
Abuse "
It's DejaVu that strange feeling that you have been there before, it easy to dismiss until your friends ask you, "How did you know that was there, I've lived here all my life and I didn't know it" .
Hard to explain I guess.

It was on the northern coast of the large island of Santo Domingo that Columbus met with the only serious mishap of the first voyage. Having established the nucleus of the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Indies, he left about three score men to hold it. The vicinity was comparatively well peopled by natives, Arawaks like those of the Bahamas, but slightly more advanced in culture. A few days previous to the foundation Martin Alonso Pinzon disappeared with the caravel Pinta which he commanded and only rejoined the admiral on 6 January, 1493 — an act, to say the least, of disobedience, if not of treachery. The first settlement was officially established on Christmas Day, 1492, and hence christened "La Navidad". On the same day the admiral's ship ran aground. It was a total loss, and Columbus was reduced for the time being to the NiƱa, as the Pinta had temporarily deserted. Happily the natives were friendly. After ensuring, as well as he might, the safety of the little colony by the establishment of friendly relations with the Indians, Columbus left for Spain, where, after weathering a frightful storm during which he was again separated from the Pinta, he arrived at Palos, 15 March, 1493.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It Stops Here !

In the following letter from attorneys H & H who bill Clara up to $450/hr . Make allegations before the court and in this written letter mailed to friends it is alleged that It was me who put a credit line on the House and maxed it out.

Since E.A. website is a slander free zone, everyone needs to check their facts before they make representations public , we will exercise the right to defend ourselves when thrust in this situation.

The attorneys that are billing Clara were hired for a reason and that is going after the assets that were improperly taken from Clara's Declaration of Trust dated August of 1998 , and seeking restitution for special provisions for elderly victims, restitution for medical and psychological treatment.

This is what you were hired to do on January 29,2007 .

click to enlarge..

STEP TWO: Discredit and Displace The Heirs. smear and totally destroy existing heirs.

My passport Shows that I came Back to the live On November 1999 three(3) months after Dr. Fernandez suffered a stroke, I did so at the request of Clara G. Fernandez who needed help to run the Estate, up keep of the Key West House and take care of Dr. Fernandez. If I did not come immediately my mother said she would have to sell the Key West House, it was valued at $250,000 at that time.

Here are some checks from my mother Clara paying on the credit line dated 1998 I was still living overseas, so it is impossible for me to have set up the credit line.

I will attempt to explain again , my mother was a business woman and she understood that she could write off the interest paid off on her credit line , and is some of the later years that was as much as $19,000.00 . No she did not get that write off in interest unless she kept the interest line maxed out !

Now if with the write off , then she effectively paid 3% or less for the cost of money and invested at 18% then she got to keep the spread or (ROI) .

Here is some examples of investments at 18% interest.-

Please click to enlarge

Here is another example of an investment at 14% interest made on behalf of the Estate

Here is an example of an investments at 18% interest

I think most people that have any business experience will agree that borrowing money at 3% or less and lending it out at 18% makes a lot of fiscal sense, so will the people that keep saying I put the credit line on my estate home so I could steal the money, lighten up your slander , reputations take a long time to build and slander does have consequences.

Halt Elder Abuse and Terrorism.- Top Seven Things You Can Do

MUCH OF THE TASK of fighting (elder abuse) and terrorism is done by governments, security agencies, and the military or police . But there are practical things an ordinary citizen can do to make an significant difference fighting terrorism/abuse. If you doubt it is even possible to defeat terrorism and Elder Abuse , you need to read this. But if you're ready to do something about it, here are's top seven ways to halt terrorism and Elder Abuse for a civilian. Each principle links to an article about it.

1. Share information with your friends. This might actually be the most useful thing you can do.

2. Be observant and report suspicious activities. First you need to learn what kinds of things you should be on the lookout for. Then you can use your eyes and ears as you go about your normal routines. If you see someone in a car looking at blueprints of a building, for example, if you see an elder making un usual financial transactions for example, or and taking photographs of a building , you can simply call 911. An officer can come out and question the person. If they are there for a legitimate, no harm was done. If they are not, it may be the beginning of shutting down a terrorist or kidnapping plot . If you know what to look for then being observant doesn't mean being paranoid. Most activities are not suspicious. But a few specific kinds of activities are. Find out what those are and keep your eyes open.

3. Choke off terrorists' source of money. Demand that Elder Abuse Laws and guidelines be enforced and Although terrorists have cells within democratic countries, they rely on financial support from terrorist-sponsoring countries. And almost all terrorists are trained in such a country. Four have been identified with certainty: Iran, Syria, Sudan, and North Korea. A company called has found a way to cut off a major source of support for those countries, which will force those governments to choose between supporting terrorism or being economically viable.

4. Steer conversations to the topic of terrorism and abuse . And then, of course, share what you know. Improve your ability to start casual conversations and gently open those conversations to the topic of terrorism and abuse. Influencing the opinions of others and sharing what you know is a vital task you can do to fight terrorism and all types of abuses. The ideas in your teammates' heads are collectively determining the fate of the free world. You can change someone's opinion, but you must first be talking about terrorism and abuse, and in such a way that you don't cause the person to shut you out.

Most people don't know any more about terrorism or elder abuse than what they see on the news, and that mostly consists of confusing, helplessness-inducing sound bites. You know things about terrorism/abuse that can help mobilize your sphere of influence to be a force for good in the world. But in order to do that, you'll need to begin conversations, and steer them, and that's a skill that takes know-how and practice.

5. Learn more about influencing people. Once you have someone in a conversation, how can you change their opinions? How can you successfully persuade them? This is also a skill you can improve with know-how and practice. In fact, your skill can win people to a new way of thinking, and your lack of skill can entrench them more solidly in their old way of thinking. Skill is all-important, and it can be greatly improved, no matter how good you are already. Just as marksmanship is a vital skill to an infantryman, and navigation skills are essential to the captain of a ship, skill with people is all-important for a citizen warrior fighting abuse.

6. When you find a good article online, share it. This is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. If you do it well, you can enhance the impact of what you share. Doing it well means being sparing in what you send (rather than sending lots of stuff indiscriminately), and giving your personal impression of the article along with a link to the article itself. And you can probably make the biggest difference by trying to match the article with the person. In other words, if your friend is a sandal-wearing peace activist, sending an article by an outspoken redneck would fail to persuade. Match the article to the person for maximum influence. Help ease her or him into a new way of seeing.

7. Help people see the URL, The domain name goes to the article you're reading now. Get a t-shirt and wear it. Add or Stop Abuse to your email signature. Print the domain address on business cards and post them on bulletin boards. Get a bumper sticker with the address on it. Not everyone is interested in terrorism or abuse , but those who are will be curious, and you've just sent them to a good resource.

It goes without saying, of course, that you'll keep learning about terrorism and abuses of the elderly and other vulnarable citizens , and you'll learn especially well anything you'd like to teach to others. Listening to an audiobook again and again in your car is an excellent way to really learn something well.

Not all books are created equal. When you find a really good one, get it in an audio format and listen to it while you drive. When you share information or perspectives with someone, you have a good opportunity to really illuminate the subject for them. If you have only a vague understanding of something you read only once, you'll find it hard to be lucid or convincing, and you'll fail to persuade. Part of persuasion is knowing what you're talking about.

You want to do something about terrorism and abuse . You want to halt the terrorists and abusers in their tracks. Excellent! Choose one of the seven ideas above — the one that appeals to you the most at the moment — and do it. On behalf of the rest of your teammates, I thank you for your good works.

"Seniors and their families need to be assured that crimes against the vulnerable will be diligently prosecuted to stem the tide of predatory exploitation of the weak."

Related articles:

In his book, Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life, Martin Seligman has a very good list of what to look for in your arguments when you're arguing against a negative thought. Read his list here.

A good list to memorize ahead of time is David Burns' ten cognitive distortions. These are the ten mistakes the brain is naturally prone to make. Find his list online at any of these four locations: UWEC, Wikipedia, JohnEmmons, or AngelFire.

Make the process of changing your thoughts easier by calming your body first. This is similar to the increased effectiveness of cognitive therapy combined with antidepressants. With the body in a better state, thought habits are easier to change.

Your brain has a naturally-occurring negative bias and when combined with an imperfect brain that makes mistakes, it is a combination terrorists and abusers can exploit. Take actions to shore up this weakness, first in yourself and then in those around you.

Edited for E.A. article by Citizen Warrior

Friday, September 21, 2007

Clara Situation Intensifies

The Tug of War heats up, on the home team led by Clara's family have been cut off from Social Security Income, their bills are late and they are being demoralized by the day. Even real estate prices have dropped 50% , the pressure is on to sell Clara's house and the feeding frenzy to continue un abated, as long as Clara has assets anything goes.

On the other side we have a better organized and well financed team, they get $950.00/hour they have taken over all of Clara's resources including her Social Security Income, which the family relied upon for years to buy Clara medications and keep the bills paid.
While Clara does NOT have access to any of HER funds the opposing team, also funded by her because they bill her estate is led by H & H who are doing a good job at disqualifying the legitimate heirs , by using unfounded allegations and even dis qualifying any work done by Clara's previous Estate Attorneys, Mr. Robert Highsmith they have manage to place a choke hold on the family. Will the family survive this latest embargo?

Dr. Fernandez did not survive the first one. Can Clara survive unless someone with a conscience steps foward? or will she be moved out of her newly remodeled home where she feels comfortable against her will, and all her money and social security income will continue to be diverted to pay for her guardian and attorneys?

Stay tune for this very important event that could be coming to you or an elder near you in the near future and when you least expected it and when your older kin is the most vulnerable.

The US National Academy of Sciences Defines Elder Abuse as Follows:


Author Information Introduction Clinical Differentials Workup Treatment Medication Follow-up Miscellaneous Bibliography
Author: Monique I Sellas, MD, Staff Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital
Coauthor(s): Laurel H Krouse, MD, Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Paoli Hospital
Monique I Sellas, MD, is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Emergency Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians, Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, Massachusetts Medical Society, and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine


Author Information Introduction Clinical Differentials Workup Treatment Medication Follow-up Miscellaneous Bibliography
Background: Over the past 35 years, tremendous strides have been made in identifying and increasing awareness about patterns of abusive relationships. Child abuse and domestic violence have received significantly more recognition than elder abuse and continue to receive more attention in both public and medical domains, although abuse clearly occurs in persons of all ages.

With current medical advances and the adoption of healthier lifestyles, people are living longer. Older Americans now comprise the fastest growing segment of the United States population. According to the US Census Bureau, people 65 years of age and older accounted for 13% of the US population in 1994. By the year 2020, this group will increase by 3.8%, and by 2050, older Americans may account for 20% of the population.

As a result of the sheer number of older Americans, the number of elder abuse cases will increase, and the impact of elder abuse as a public health issue will grow. Victims of violence have twice as many physician visits compared with the general US population, allowing opportunities for discovery and intervention.

Elder mistreatment is a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses a broad range of behaviors, events, and circumstances.

The US National Academy of Sciences Defines Elder Abuse as Follows:

Intentional actions that cause harm or create a serious risk of harm (whether or not harm is intended), to a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or other person who stands in a trusted relationship to the elder

Failure by a caregiver to satisfy the elder's basic needs or to protect the elder from harm.

Seven categories of elder abuse have been described by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). Categories include the following:

Financial abuse - Misuse of an elderly person's money or assets for personal gain. Coercion (changing a will, assuming power of attorney) constitute financial abuse.

Substantial evidence exists for the following risk factors of elder abuse:

Social isolation

Although not guided strongly by evidence, a number of clinical findings and observations make elder abuse a strong possibility, including the following:

Injuries inconsistent with history
Laboratory findings indicating underdosage or overdosage of medications
Venereal disease or genital infections
Dehydration, malnutrition, decubitus ulcers, poor hygiene
Signs of withdrawal, depression,
agitation, or infantile behavior

The effect of stress factors (eg, alcohol or drug abuse, potential for injury from falls employment problems, low income on the part of the abuser) may all culminate in caregivers' expressions of anger or antagonism toward the elderly person, resulting in violence

Psychopathology in the abuser: This theory focuses on a psychological deficiency in the development of the abuser, personality disorders and other conditions can increase the likelihood of elder abuse.

When Confronted with Elder Abuse .- Pass The Buck !

While combing through all the Little pieces of paper my mother left behind in order to turn everything over to her new guardian and accountant , so that they can rebuild this battered woman's finances, something that should have been done long ago and by law enforcement agencies that like to pass the 'buck' when it comes to an Elder Financial Abuse.

You take away their resources, you take away their homes, you're killing them."

"They , I believe that man would have died if we hadn't intervened," Knitter said. "These people, their only desire is to live out their last few years in their own homes. You take away their resources, you take away their homes, you're killing them."

What Kind of a Person Was Clara that Today She Has Less Rights and Voice than a Convicted Criminal

Clara Gave Freely to Others

Clara was a Giving Person , this is a list that she made before she was moved.- of all the donations she liked to make.

I find it Ironic that the Two Orgs Clara gave her support most freely to:

Are helpless to help these people