Sunday, September 23, 2007

Go Back 500 Years With Me.

When the world seems surreal in it's indifference I go back to a magical land where I spent 10 years of my life but lived 20 in experience. It is the oldest city in America.

Waking the streets of cobblestone I can see Diego Columbus emerging from his governing palace in Plaza De Colon, I can visit the jail cell in the fortification where his father Cristopher Columbus did time for , Yes, Indian
Abuse "
It's DejaVu that strange feeling that you have been there before, it easy to dismiss until your friends ask you, "How did you know that was there, I've lived here all my life and I didn't know it" .
Hard to explain I guess.

It was on the northern coast of the large island of Santo Domingo that Columbus met with the only serious mishap of the first voyage. Having established the nucleus of the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Indies, he left about three score men to hold it. The vicinity was comparatively well peopled by natives, Arawaks like those of the Bahamas, but slightly more advanced in culture. A few days previous to the foundation Martin Alonso Pinzon disappeared with the caravel Pinta which he commanded and only rejoined the admiral on 6 January, 1493 — an act, to say the least, of disobedience, if not of treachery. The first settlement was officially established on Christmas Day, 1492, and hence christened "La Navidad". On the same day the admiral's ship ran aground. It was a total loss, and Columbus was reduced for the time being to the NiƱa, as the Pinta had temporarily deserted. Happily the natives were friendly. After ensuring, as well as he might, the safety of the little colony by the establishment of friendly relations with the Indians, Columbus left for Spain, where, after weathering a frightful storm during which he was again separated from the Pinta, he arrived at Palos, 15 March, 1493.

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