Monday, September 24, 2007

Excerpt From one of Clara's Hearing

16 MR. GARCIA: Judge, every time I do an
17 objection I get a poof or a comment from counsel
18 as if my objections are somehow inappropriate.

19 THE COURT: All right. Well, don't do that.

20 MS.

MS. I promise.
24 MR. we outlawing poofing

BETANCOURT: No, I won't poof.

COURT: No poofing.

BETANCOURT: No poofing, Judge. I promise

FOWLER: If we're outlawing poofing, can we outlaw loud exhales.
page 96
1 THE COURT: No loud exhales.

2 MR. GARCIA: I haven't been -- as he says it,

3 Judge, counsel -

4 THE COURT: I didn't hear it, that's

5 why. I don't hear loud things. I've been

6 concentrating on the testimony and not counsel.

7 I've been trained over the years to concentrate on

8 the testimony. I don't pay attention to anything
9 else that goes on in the room.

10 MS. BETANCOURT: There will be no poofing and
11 no loud breathing. We'll try to get that, to get
12 through that_

Someone wrote in and asked , Why so many hearings and what goes on during those hearings ? So I thought I publish a excerpt taking form an earlier hearing, I lost count of the number of hearings because every hearing leads to another
there will always be another hearing until the elder is totally out of money. Then the attorneys lose interest and everyone wins except for the Elder and their family .

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