Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clara's Case outlived several Judges

The lollygagging of our legal system when it comes to our elders is un believable

The Hearing for Angela McClain expanded guardian powers so that she could recover Clara's stolen assets that was scheduled for November 20, 2006 was stayed because the defense claims to not have been noticed or served again. I say again because they have successfully used this tactics several times to postpone and delay hearings

Judge Von Hoff, Judge Richard Payne, will not be available to hear any more meetings , the Honorable David J. Audlin Jr. takes the bench. Wonder if Clara has a right to live in peace or is that not a right for her to enjoy or deserve.

As a public service the Circuit Court phone number is 305-292-3433 Fax 305-295-3611


Note Angela finally quit as guardian in frustration after years of trying to get expanded powers so she could recover her friend Clara's assets.

Angela and I hired H & H in January 2007 and eight months later he still was not able to get expanded powers then, when a nominee of H & H got suddenly named guardian , in a hearing that was supposed to be for Angela's expanded powers which inexplicably turned into a new guardianship nomination, this without prior notice, a few days later H&H magically obtained expanded guardian powers , almost overnight, this which he used to go after Clara's caregivers, and younger son, Raul A Fernandez , with a vengeance totally dis crediting the younger son before the court by mirroring false accusations without merit or any proof thereof , and successfully sending Clara's other caregivers scurrying for cover ....

Is this what Elder Justice is all about ?
Defense Lawyers Often Try to Delay Trial of Elder Abuse and Exploitation cases until the Victim is too Disabled(or broke) to Testify, Experts Say

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