Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Killer With Connections

Here we are smack-dab in the Islamic month of Ramadan (began September 13th) and one Muslim is caught with an AK-47 in a Michigan park just days ago before he can do any harm, then not long after, Shawn LaBeet kills (supposedly with an AK-47) 1 police officer and wounds 3 others in Miami and seemed prepared to do it by accounts of his body armor and beard. And now there is this connection between Shawn LaBeet and a blood-related mass killer who hijacked a plane to Cuba and has been on the the FBI wanted list ever since: Ishmael Ali LaBeet. Ishmael Ali.

An infamous killer who was convicted of slaughtering eight people in the US Virgin Islands 35 years ago, before escaping prison by hijacking a plane to Cuba, is the half brother of the man caught and killed in connection to the murder of a Miami-Dade police officer and the shooting of three others.

25 year old Shawn LaBeet is believed the half brother if Ishmael LaBeet, a Vietnam vet who in 1972 joined with others to kill 8 people at a golf course in St. Croix, a crime which became known as the “Fountain Valley Massacre”.
Called to St. Croix in 1984 to testify in a lawsuit, LaBeet was being returned to federal prison on Dec. 31st on a commercial jetliner. LaBeet went into a restroom, came out with a gun, and as the plane flew over South Carolina, overpowered three armed guards escorting him.

In control of the jetliner, LaBeet ordered the plane to go to Havana, where he was arrested by Cuban officials before they allowed the jetliner to return to the US.

LaBeet is one of the more than 70 people on the FBI’s list of fugitives believed to be living in Cuba today, but his exact whereabouts are not officially known.Shawn LaBeet died late Thursday night at the hands of police in a SWAT standoff Thursday night.
Police say he was armed and went to shoot at them, leaving them no choice but to shoot back at a Pembroke Pines Apartment Complex.

Story abridged from Foehammer Anvil >>

This story hit very close to home on two counts 1) We were coming back from Miami and got caught almost dab in the middle. 2) I was 17 years old living in the Virgin Islands, in St Croix and working for Hess Oil Refinery with my cousin an engineer , and staying in Fountain Valley Golf Club, so I heard the shots on both sides. ( Anybody know what the odds on that happening are)

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