Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blatant Medicare Fraud.-

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This is a fraudulent Medicare Bill for over $3,000 if you look at the date of October and November of 2005 , I can personal guarantee you that Clara has been in my care un interrupted from November 1999 to the date she was kidnapped on August 20, 2004 and then again from the date she was rescued on August 5th, 2005 to present and I can guarantee you that Clara has never ever used any Ostomy Bags. Of course it won't do any good to reported it since the people who are responsible seem to be protected by the State of Florida.

People think that Clara has Medicare so she doesn't need any money , little do they know that the facts are that there has been so much over billing, duplicate billing, fictitious billing , in the feeding frenzy that followed her incapacitation that Medicare now turns down even the most basic of claims , as it is evident in this bill which is clearly marked "MEDICARE DENIAL"

You be surprised how much corruption is actually going on and we are trying to expose it so that meaningful changes beneficial to elders can be made but if you the citizens of this country and the courts think all of this is alright, specifically that Clara the once proud and independent elder is now losing her home and does not even have Medicare to fall back on , and has to go back to the people that hurt her then it is alright with me too.
And this is not just an isolated incident.

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