Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Psycho Without a Conscience

To the sociopath that wrote this along with the close up of my mother's head after she had neurosurgery, you really are a sick individual.

I am already a wealthy man, I'm wealthy in health , my extended overseas family , me sentiments , relationships , in many more ways than one , ways which you can never take away from me. , according to police records you don't even own the car you drive, maybe you should concern yourself more with your situation, and not worry so much about other peoples status , just because your family dis inherited you because the disgrace you are, you don't have to go grabbing old ladies and stealing from them , old ladies like Clara G. Fernandez and others "Widowers" that we know about that you worked your magic on, with the help of that little black bag.

How many victims must you have and how long must we wait for the authorities to see people like you for what you are and deal with you appropriately.

We know about your isolation we even made a You Tube Video of your tactics: Isolation from others. Telling the victim she was abandoned by her relatives and cutting off outside communication by telling visitors or callers that the senior does not want to see or talk to them.

Unfortunately, individuals who prey on vulnerable seniors are often the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. They may appear to be warm, sympathetic and selfless friends, caregivers and even family members, but they are not.

Their numbers include:Psychopaths or sociopaths, who get wind of the money, resolve to go after it and have no conscience about committing financial abuse.Individuals with character defects whose greed is an overriding motivation.People who perceive themselves as entitled to the money.

They feel that they deserve to have the elder's money or assets because their own lives have been fraught with hardship or because the older person wasn't as appreciative of them as they should be.

You remember that Clara did not want you anywhere around her, don't you, if you don't We have plenty of other people that do .

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this is a wonderful blog..
Keep up this good work for awareness,,
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