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Los Angeles Police Dept. Moves to Further Restrict Police Oversight

Janet C. Phelan

Oppressive police have been able to disappear people who are politically inconvenient. In Soviet Russia and Pinochet's Chile -- to name a couple of examples in recent history-- have created a reign of fear among the populace.

(LOS ANGELES) -In a startling reversal of an established transparency policy, the Los Angeles Police Department has refused a recent routine records request, citing a 1993 court case, County of Los Angeles v. Superior Court (Kusar).

The Kusar case affirmed the public's right to view contemporaneous records and the LAPD has cited this case in its refusal to release a record which is only nine months old. Coupled with the restrictions contained in Government Code 6254, which inhibits the disclosure of issues under investigation, the PD has effectively locked down information about any and all police records.

The specific issue surrounds a request made by this reporter on March 9, 2011 for the report pertinent to the detention of a Los Angeles resident. Jeannie Tanaka was taken into custody on June 10, 2010 upon an allegation that she had violated a Restraining Order. Tanaka was apparently released prior to being booked, after the West Los Angeles PD discovered that there was no Restraining Order in effect.

Jeannie Tanaka, sixty nine years old, is an attorney with the State of California and was visiting her mother , Jean, who is a conservatee. According to Tanaka, the conservator Linda Cotterman called the police and falsely claimed that Tanaka was under a R.O. According to Tanaka's statement to this reporter, she was surprised by the arrival of the police and was handcuffed and taken away in front of her mother during a pleasant and otherwise uneventful visit.

While the Public Information office of the LAPD has orally confirmed Tanaka was released prior to booking, that office has refused to produce any records concerning the incident. Initially, PIO Karen Raynes stated that no electronic record exists and that this reporter would have to pay for an unspecified number of hours of research, as the clerks physically pawed through storage boxes for the nine month old report.

The Public Information Office later abandoned that response and on March 18 issued a letter which could be seen as stating a policy which effectively locks down all police records. The letter, signed by Martin Bland, states that “in accordance with the California Government Code Section 6254 (F) (2) specific information must ordinarily be disclosed from law enforcement files if it relates to contemporaneous law enforcement activity (See County of Los Angeles v. Superior Court (Kusar).....The information contained in the report does not relate to contemporaneous law enforcement activity; therefore, I am denying your request.”

However, the California Public Records Act specifically prohibits disclosure of records pertinent to issues that are under investigation, which reasonably may be seen as contemporaneous. By now including records that are not contemporaneous in the list of what cannot be disclosed, the PD has potentially sealed off all records from public view. The letter does not specifically define “contemporaneous” and could possibly reference any report that is not active and not under investigation. Logically, this is a perfect “Catch 22.”

The implications of this are unsettling, to say the very least. The citation of the Kusar case could be seen as paving the way for the police to operate under a mantle of complete secrecy. One could easily project into a not-so-distant future where these two legal citations, in conjunction, could be used to create a modern day “Secret Police.”

In other, oppressive regimes police have been able to disappear people who have become politically inconvenient. The effects of such practices, infamous in Soviet Russia and Pinochet's Chile -- to name a couple of examples in recent history-- have created a reign of fear among the populace. America now seems to be creating the legal structure to accomplish precisely the same thing.
Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad.

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"The More Corrupt The State, The More Numerous The Laws."

Police 'Involvement' in Conservatorship Issues?

Janet Phelan

Police arrests in fragile environments, usually involving seniors, violate everything from moral sense to the UN Human Rights Declaration...

(SAN BERNARDINO) - I stood at the Probate clerk's window at Redlands court, craning my neck to read the top sheet of a thick stack of papers which faced away from me. The page was stamped in large, bold letters “CONFIDENTIAL.” That alone was enough to get my attention.

And the clerk was in the back, digging through boxes to find a file I had requested, and had left me alone with the documents, albeit somewhat out of my reach. As I read upside down, I realized that this was a police notification concerning escaped “human property,” a conservatee. A conservatee is someone with no legal rights, and one had just escaped the confines of his genteel prison and was on the loose.

I read on. The conservatee in question was fifty seven years old, a bit young for dementia, I thought, and was described as wearing a baseball cap, T-shirt and shorts. An APB had been put out on the escapee.

For those who are unaware of the gaping legal loophole in “equality and justice for all,” a conservatee (in some states referred to as a ward) is someone who has been stripped of all his rights and all his assets through a legal proceeding.

Conservatorships are generally launched through an action in probate court, when there are allegations that a person may be becoming forgetful or otherwise demonstrating that they are lacking capacity. Often these are ex parte hearings and the person under scrutiny may not even be in the courtroom.

Upon the initiation of a conservatorship of estate, all the person's assets are transferred to the care and protection of the conservator or guardian. A conservatorship of person transfers the personal decisions of the alleged incapacitated person to the conservator.

As many conservators have both powers delegated to them, the potential for financial exploitation becomes of grave concern. In many cases, a capacity hearing never takes place and a conservatorship is established on allegations alone. Conservatorships are very expensive, often requiring the services of multiple lawyers as well as mandating a high rate of recompense for the conservator.

Marie Long

Police intervention in conservatorships is not only restricted to capturing a runaway ward. Increasingly,the police are becoming involved in restraining or incarcerating a family member who is trying to contact or protect a ward. Upping the ante, the police have now involved themselves in jailing someone who was speaking out critically against probate judges.
Robert Gettinger was nearly asleep, he recalls, when a light illuminated his bedroom and he heard a police bullhorn ordering him to come out with his hands up. It was winter in Frazier Park, California and Gettinger, a former police officer himself, came out of his house dressed only in a T-shirt and underwear. It was just before midnight on February 7, 2011.

Gettinger recalls at least ten officers in tactical gear, with guns drawn surrounded his house that night, including Sheriff's officers and Pasadena Police. He put up no resistance and was taken into custody and transported to the Pasadena Jail, where he was booked.

It was not until he was taken from his cell for the initial interrogation, several hours later, that he discovered what he had done to receive this elevated level of attention.

A few months back, when Katie Couric ran a special report on national television revealing problems in the guardianship system, Robert Gettinger had posted a number of criticisms of local judges on the CBS website.

Couric's report focused on the plight of Marie Long, a conservatee in Arizona and revealed that the Government Accountability Office had recently released a report stating that there were reports coming in from across the U.S. alleging criminal misconduct by conservators.

While a Los Angeles Superior court judge, Terry Smerling, had reviewed the posts made by Gettinger on the internet and had signed a search warrant, the District Attorney did not find that the evidence against Gettinger was sufficient to file criminal charges against him and after a couple of days in jail, Gettinger was released from custody.

He states that he had waived his Miranda rights and was cooperating with the police as he did not believe he had committed any crime. His certificate of release, which was obtained by Salem News, states that he was never arrested, only “detained.” The release papers cite California Penal Code 849, stating that the police may release an individual from custody and term his arrest to be a detention when the police are “satisfied that there is no ground for making a criminal complaint against the person arrested.”

A review of the comments made by Gettinger on the CBS website has left this reporter baffled. An obviously passionate Gettinger was highly critical of a number of local judges, including Candace Beason, Aviva K. Bobb and David Yaffe, and made repeated pleas that they be brought to justice and punished for their crimes against U.S. citizens. The expression of such opinions is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and does not violate the law.

In an attempt to ascertain the cause of action against Gettinger, this reporter obtained the initial police report. No crime or penal code number was indicated, and the report only stated that there were “suspicious circumstances.” A section which presumably contained a written complaint about Gettinger was completely blacked out.

According to Gettinger, his mother, Gertrude Gettinger, was placed into a conservatorship without notice to the family and on false statements by his sister, Sylvia Schmidt. Gettinger alleges that Schmidt had been estranged from both of their parents and is solely motivated by greed.

Gertrude had accumulated property and assets in excess of two million dollars which are now under the control of Schmidt, who, according to Robert Gettinger, has hidden numerous bank accounts and stolen property belonging to Gertrude.

He alleges that Sylvia has exaggerated, if not completely confabulated, reports of Gertrude's “mental illness” and provided evidence to this reporter that Schmidt was coaching doctors as to what kind of letters to produce to substantiate Schmidt's statements of Gertrude's diminished capacity. Per records reviewed by this reporter, Gertrude Gettinger has been drugged with powerful mind altering drugs without her agreement.

Bob Gettinger states that his mother's wishes have been ignored, that she has been removed from her home against her best interests and has been conned out of her property by Schmidt, who now will not allow Robert to see his own mother.

Gettinger has not been shy about voicing his concerns. Last year, when the United Nations received a report maintaining that conservatorships constituted a significant human rights problem inside the United States, Bob Gettinger's twelve page report on the conservatorship of his mother was included as an example of serious human rights concerns. His statement to the UN included his specific allegations that a number of bank accounts belonging to his mother had gone unaccounted for, thus indicating what could be a powerful motive for the conservator.

Gettinger also states that after achieving conservatorship over Gertrude, Sylvia Schmidt stopped working, as the income from the conservatorship is ample to cover her own needs.

While Gettinger maintains that these abuses were visited on his mother by his sister, he directly posits responsibility with Judge Candace Beason in allowing the abuses to continue. He cites a number of decisions issued by Beason at junctures in which the course of events could have been altered but were not, due to what he sees as malfunction of the court.

He also implicates Judge Aviva K. Bobb, head of Probate in the Los Angeles Superior court system, for creating a judicial culture in which laws are flaunted and ignored and conservator abuse is allowed to run rampant.

In his posts on the CBS news site, he also referred to the case of conservatee Lee Peters, whose death appears to be directly tied to Judge Bobb's refusal to give weight to the family's repeated pleas that the conservatee was developing phlebitis and needed appropriate medical intervention. Peters died of a clot that migrated to her heart.

While Robert Gettinger was released from jail on February 10, his computers remain impounded by the Pasadena Police. Numerous requests as to when his equipment(which Gettinger needs for his work in the computer field) will be released have met with delay after delay, as the Pasadena Police have spent now well over a month examining his computer files to see if they could find additional evidence against Gettinger.

In a recent conversation with Lt. Tracey Ibarra of the Pasadena PD, she suggested that Gettinger may need to obtain a court order to have his belongings returned to him.

In another ongoing conservatorship battle in Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills police were recently called and requested to arrest Jeannie Tanaka, whose mother is under a conservatorship with local conservator Linda Cotterman. Jeannie Tanaka, who is herself over sixty five years old, was taken into custody during a visit with her mother after Cotterman called the police and told them that there was a Restraining Order in place against her. Tanaka, who is an attorney with the State of California, was taken to the Beverly Hills police station and subsequently released after the police realized there was no such order in existence.

Cotterman did not return phone calls from this reporter.

Joseph Quattrochi, whose father was successfully released from a conservatorship under Southern California conservator Melodie Z. Scott, was arrested by the Redlands Police while waiting for other activists to show up for a demonstration in front of Scott's office.

The police arrested Quattrochi after an employee of Melodie Scott's alleged that he threatened him outside of the office. All charges were subsequently dropped against Quattrochi. The demonstration took place without further incident.

Ricky Ritch, a non-practicing J.D., was cited with contempt of court and ordered into custody by Judge Aviva K. Bobb for failing to file an accounting which was physically in the file before her at the time she ruled that he had failed to do so. Ritch was the son in law of conservatee Marshall Stern, who had nominated Ritch to be his conservator. Instead, Bobb overrode Stern's wishes and appointed a "professional conservator" who, according to Ritch, misappropriated considerable sums of money.

In Ritch's own words: “On January 23, 2006 I paid the $1000 fine and submitted myself for incarceration. On that date Sheriff Astorga hit my head against the car that he was using to transporting me to the jail while I was handcuffed. Sheriff Astorga stated as he was battering me, “That was a message from the Judge.” Or words to that effect. He then kicked me into the car wrenching my broken back in the process. During the next day and a half I was denied my medication for my broken back or the concussion I received from Sheriff Astorga's attack on me. I was told, “That's what you get for messing with a Judge.” That message was repeated several times during my incarceration.”

In a written statement by his lawyer, Albert Sterwerf, he affirms the following: “When Mr. Ritch was released, I personally saw the bump on his head. I drove him directly to a hospital where he was reunited with his wife. I remained with him at the hospital until the initial diagnosis was finished by the doctor. They said that Mr. Ritch had a concussion.” He also confirms that the accounting in question was filed and in the court file when Bobb ordered Ritch into custody.

Robert Gettinger wonders why the police are so eager to step in. He recalls being told by one of the arresting officers Detective Kevin Okamoto, that there is a special squad of officers whose job it is to protect the judges. As he wrote on the CBS website:

"We need to tell anyone and everyone. We need all victims to come forward, even for cases from years ago as this crime has been going on for many years. If the police or government won't help us then we need to take justice into our own hands. IF THE POLICE WON'T INVESTIGATE then we have a right to justice.

"Those who protect these judges and lawyers need to be informed about what kind of monsters these people are. They're just like Adolph Hitler, they're putting our seniors in prison, stripping them of their rights, stealing their belongings, drugging them and sending them to a legal GAS CHAMBER. The Holocaust is back, right under your nose.....Please email your friends, share this story which is just an example, the woman in this story lost everything, at least she has her life as many victims are dead. Post the names of the lawyers, judges and names of the agencies you contacted who did nothing. Put their names in public light."

Since being released from jail, Gettinger has been networking with other court victims on a Facebook site.

Sylvia Schmidt did not respond to phone calls or emails from this reporter.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad.

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Secrecy Hides Cozy Ties In Guardianship Cases

By Cheryl Phillips, Maureen O'Hagan and Justin Mayo

Seattle Times staff reporters

Karen Weed nearly lost her life when a cement truck crushed her car. She survived a coma and cardiac arrest, broken bones and brain damage.

But she was determined not to lose her independence. After Weed got a significant insurance settlement, a family lawyer filed papers to have her declared a ward of the court, saying she couldn't manage her money without professional help.

Weed and her family later objected, but the lawyer persisted. So they fired him.

Yet when Weed's family walked into a Snohomish County courtroom last March for a hearing on whether a guardian would be appointed, there he was again: Michael Olver, the lawyer they had told to get lost.

"What's he doing here?" wondered Weed's daughter, Laura Box.

Olver had switched sides. He now represented EthiCare, the company trying to become Weed's guardian. The same company had been Olver's client for years — and would soon take control of Weed's life, charging her thousands of dollars along the way.

Weed and her daughter had stumbled upon a problem common to many guardianships, a complicated, little-known corner of the law where courts can grant strangers tremendous power over vulnerable family members.

Potential conflicts of interest radiate through guardianship cases, a Seattle Times investigation has found. The roles played by lawyers, guardians, court-appointed investigators and investment managers often overlap or blur. Sometimes, the same person assumes multiple responsibilities that would normally be kept separate.

And who's to know? The Weed file, for instance, has been stamped secret — one of hundreds of such cases to be improperly removed from public scrutiny.

Judges and court commissioners across the state have sealed the entire file in at least 398 guardianship cases since 1990, The Times found during its ongoing series investigating concealed court records. Most of the cases were sealed in King County.

The Times has asked the Snohomish County court to unseal the Weed file. Documents obtained through other means reveal that Weed already faces more than $100,000 in lawyer fees — including Olver's. He said he incurred them looking out for Weed's own good.

"This whole thing is just wrong," said Box, Weed's daughter. "I don't know how they've done this and they're getting away with it."

Ties that bind

A guardianship begins when someone — family member, social worker, lawyer — petitions the court saying somebody else is unable to care for himself.

Courts sometimes appoint a relative to take care of a ward — or "incapacitated person," in legal parlance. But courts often rely on professional guardians, who charge hourly fees as high as $95. Many charge much lower rates for those with few resources.

Under guardianship, wards may lose the right to marry or to enter into contracts, among other things. Guardians can restrict wards' daily activities or access to their own bank accounts.

Some guardians have protected wards from scam artists and thieving relatives, allowing the vulnerable to live in dignity.

Karen Weed and her family hadn't even heard of guardianship, much less understood its intricacies, when they first met Olver last December. At that point, they were just emerging from a long ordeal.

After Weed's car crash in August 2003, she went through multiple surgeries and spent months in the hospital. When Weed was finally discharged, she went to live with her daughter, Laura, and her husband, George Box. They cared for her full-time, doing everything from feeding her to changing her diapers.

The accident caused lasting brain damage. Weed, now 61, struggles for words and to hold a thought. She can't balance a checkbook. She needs her daughter and son-in-law's help with most daily activities.

In November 2005, Weed's lawsuit over the accident was settled. Family members agreed to keep the amount confidential but say it was enough that Weed felt she could live a comfortable life.

Because she was brain-damaged, the court required that someone else manage her money, a common requirement when minors or the disabled receive legal settlements.

Weed's lawyer for the personal-injury case recommended Olver, who has a reputation as a tenacious advocate for his clients

Family members say they went to him for help finding a financial company to manage the settlement money. What they got was a guardianship.

At their first meeting, Olver gave them brochures from three guardianship companies, each with "a long history of competency and integrity," he wrote to the family.

"By way of disclosure," he added, "I represent all of them on various other cases."

That might have raised a red flag. If Olver was regularly paid to represent a guardianship company, how could he be an effective advocate for family members if they became unhappy with that company?

But to Weed and Box, Olver's disclosure sounded like an endorsement. When Olver called the next day and steered them to EthiCare, they trusted him and signed a petition asking the court to name the company as Weed's guardian. They say they still didn't understand what a guardianship actually entailed and that Olver didn't tell them everything they needed to know.

For instance, the family said Olver didn't mention that the state Certified Professional Guardian Board, which oversees guardians, had taken action against EthiCare in 2002 — making it one of just seven guardians subjected to board action since 2001.

EthiCare had inflated the costs of care for an elderly woman, board records show. EthiCare whited out the hourly rate on a caregiver's bill. Then it billed the elderly woman at a higher hourly rate, pocketing the difference, a board investigation found.

EthiCare maintained that the fees were not excessive and that additional charges like this were common practice. But another guardian consulted by the board said that wasn't true, and the board has since written guidelines saying it's not allowed.

In an agreement with the guardian board, EthiCare said it would disclose its fees upfront and refrain from adding "surcharges." It did not admit wrongdoing.

The lawyer who represented EthiCare in that dispute: Olver.

What's a conflict, what's not?

The Weed case illustrates a potential conflict of interest in guardianships: Acting as the family's lawyer, Olver led Weed to a company that had long been paying him to represent it. So where did his loyalties lie?

Guardianship cases are susceptible to conflicts of interest because of the way the system works.

In most areas of law, lawyers specialize in representing one side or the other. Prosecutors, for example, don't represent criminal defendants.

But only a small circle of lawyers practice in the guardianship field. Some say that to make a good living they cannot limit their practice to one side or the other: They must represent guardianship companies as well as the people subject to those companies' control.

As long as the lawyers properly disclose such ties, they are acting appropriately, court officials say.

But even the appearance of a conflict of interest can undermine public trust in the courts, said King County Court Commissioner Kimberley Prochnau. "It not only has to be fair, but it has to appear fair," she said.

The case of Anna Crowe, now 10, illustrates how lawyers can parlay one role into another.

When she was born in Seattle, Anna had difficulty swallowing. So the hospital inserted a feeding tube and, later, an IV. A nurse accidentally mixed up the two tubes, sending breast milk directly into the infant's veins. Anna suffered a series of strokes and went into a coma. She came out with brain damage.

Her parents hired lawyer Paul Luvera to file a medical-malpractice claim. He told them they'd need a guardian to represent Anna's interests. As he often did in cases like this, he recommended Seattle attorney James Degel.

One of Degel's first moves as Anna's guardian was asking to have her file sealed, something he often did.

Then he began taking on additional roles in her case, another common practice for him. He worked not only as Crowe's guardian but as a lawyer for the guardian — himself. He also had himself appointed to review the hospital's proposed $7 million settlement to make sure Anna was compensated fairly and that Luvera's $2.8 million fee was justified. Once he signed off on the settlement, another job was created: trustee of the money.

In this case, the trustee stood to collect more than $50,000 each year, in addition to legal and accounting fees, until Anna was 26. Degel recommended himself for this job, too.

That's when Anna's parents objected.

"We found it somewhat strange that Mr. Degel proposed that Mr. Degel be appointed as the trustee and that the trustee would set his own fee," said Anna's father, Daniel Zene Crowe. "We felt this was a clear conflict of interest, and we couldn't believe everyone else was so matter-of-fact about it. That was the moment when my wife and I realized no one was really going to look out for Anna unless we forced the issue."

The Crowes hired their own lawyer and got Anna's money placed with a professional trust company.

Degel said he didn't do anything wrong and that he immediately backed down once Anna's parents expressed concerns.

Getting paid for being both settlement evaluator and trustee may have seemed like a conflict, he acknowledged. But by telling the Crowes what he intended to do, he said he had dealt with that problem.

Degel also said that whenever he wore two hats, as in the Crowe case, none of his wards lost out. Instead, they benefited from his financial expertise, he said.

Tighter court rules in King County now limit when lawyers can take on more than one role in a case.

Many other counties haven't tightened their rules.

Losing control

Within weeks of following Olver's advice, the Weed family began to realize what a guardianship would mean.

They worried that they couldn't make a doctor's appointment or plan a vacation for their mother because the guardian might not pay for it. Olver didn't mention those drawbacks, the family said. Instead, he wrote them a letter saying there were "numerous protections for your mother's Constitutional rights built into the procedure."

Olver's petition to the court sidestepped a key safeguard.

After a guardianship petition is filed, the court appoints an investigator, called a guardian ad litem, to determine whether the guardianship is needed. The court is supposed to consult a list of approved investigators and pick the next name in line. That method helps select a neutral investigator, rather than one handpicked by someone with a vested interest.

But the Snohomish court appointed the guardian ad litem whom Olver recommended: Thomas Cooper.

Cooper's law firm also did work for EthiCare, Weed and Box later learned.

So: Weed's lawyer had a long relationship with the guardianship company, and the investigator had ties to the company, as well. Cooper said in an interview that those ties had no effect on his recommendation that the court accept the appointment of EthiCare.

Last January, before the court ruled on the petition, Weed's family stormed into Olver's office and asked him to withdraw it. "By this time, we were all crying," Box later wrote.

Olver was fired and the family hired a new lawyer.

Meanwhile, Olver slid into the role of representing EthiCare, and the process plowed ahead.

He said Box's and Weed's new lawyer told him the family had no problem with him switching sides, but Box disputes that.

When court was called to order that March day to see whether EthiCare would be appointed as Weed's guardian, there was Olver.

The family's new attorney didn't put up a fight, the family said. (He was later suspended from the practice of law for failing to take action on behalf of several other clients.)

EthiCare became Weed's guardian.

There was one more thing Olver wanted. He got the entire case sealed, after arguing that the file included the confidential settlement figure.

"He sealed the whole thing so no one can see what happened," Box later said.

Life under guardianship has not been easy. Box said her mother hasn't been able to see some of the doctors she wants because EthiCare didn't agree to pay for them. To fill her mom's prescriptions, which cost as much as $1,000 a month, Box said she's had to pay the pharmacy upfront, then wait for EthiCare's reimbursement.

"You're being watched every step you take," Weed said. "I didn't think that was what I was signing on for." When her family complained, EthiCare's lawyer, Olver, got involved, with his bill to be charged to Weed.

Last spring, the family hired a new lawyer, Margaret Dore, a critic of the guardian system. Dore couldn't believe the chain of events.

"These facts do not meet the smell test," she wrote in court papers.

Dore has filed voluminous — and expensive — pleadings on Weed's behalf. But the family learned that once in a guardianship, it's hard to get out.

Olver maintains he did nothing wrong. He said he recommended EthiCare because that's what Weed and her daughter wanted at the time. He said he is now representing EthiCare because it needs a good lawyer to handle this tricky case.

He also said that he didn't switch sides because, technically, he didn't represent Weed; he had been hired by her daughter. All he and EthiCare were doing, he said, was trying to protect Weed.

Weed's total in legal and guardian fees for the past year: more than $100,000.

On Oct. 13, Court Commissioner Jacalyn Brudvik was scheduled to hear arguments on whether Weed could be rid of EthiCare and whether she had to pay Olver's legal bills.

Brudvik postponed the legal-fees question for another hearing.

But then Brudvik reached a decision: EthiCare was out. And Karen Weed's sister would be guardian.

As the words left the commissioner's mouth, Weed smiled, then burst into tears.

Reporter Ken Armstrong and researcher David Turim contributed to this report.

Cheryl Phillips: 206-464-2411 or
Maureen O'Hagan: 206-464-2562 or

Copyright © 2006 The Seattle Times Company

thanks to Latifa S. Ring for the heads up as posted in NOTEGA - National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse.

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A Review of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

A Review of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

Book-by- Melanie Joy, Ph.D. ---Review below by Angela Woodhull , this review of Melanie's book as it relates to the Elder Abuse and Exploitation Reform Movement.

Yesterday, I attended a power point presentation at the local library by Dr. Melanie Joy, the author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.

Dr. Joy pointed out that “all systems of oppression depend on our ability to dissociate or find elaborate rationalizations to keep from recognizing the suffering of a socially sanctioned inferior.”

Sound familiar, folks? This is exactly what we do to the elderly when we take away their civil rights, stick them in nursing home dungeons against their will, and allow attorneys, through their judge associates, to steal all of their assets and convert them into attorneys’ fees.

Dr. Joy asked the audience, “When is the last time you saw a farm animal?”

Her point? The animals are kept tucked away at the slaughter houses and that if most people ever witnessed what goes on in the slaughter houses, it would traumatize them.

We do exactly the same thing to our elderly when we tuck them away in nursing home dungeons and then allow attorneys to consume their assets.

And that which is not seen or witnessed is so much easier to exploit.*

Dr. Joy believes it is a “cultural mentality” – a mental disconnect-- that allows the slaughtering and eating of some animals, such as cows and pigs, and the loving of other animals, such as dogs, to transpire.

Perhaps if more judges, attorneys, and professional guardians became vegetarians or vegans, they would also develop a transference of sensitivity to the elderly that would not allow financial exploitation and nursing home physical and emotional neglect to occur. Perhaps we are evolving as a society and as more people embrace a healthier and more humane diet, the mistreatment of our elderly will cease.

Could it be that dietary awareness could lead to more humane laws and justice? Dr. Joy believes that justice depends on our ability to speak up, witness to the truth, and make dietary changes.

I believe that by embracing a consistent reality and sensitivity toward all living beings on Planet Earth, our treatment of the elderly, the unborn, and all of God’s creatures may become more humane.

Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D. a licensed private investigator

licensed non-denominational minister, ADL #1290

(352) 327-3665

(352) 682-9033


*See quote from Reverend Anthony Nardella, attorney at law, published March 14, 2011. I earned that money.” (almost the entire estate of Louise A. Falvo has been converted into attorneys’ fees to benefit Reverend Nardella; see more of Reverend Nardella’s guardianship cases on the web, Orange County dockets, excessive fees)

See also:

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Japan radiation detected in at least 15 states and in milk samples in Washington state

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (NaturalNews) Radioactive isotopes unique to the Fukushima disaster are now being detected in at least 15 US states, according to recent reports from CNN ( And the Associated Press (AP) has issued a report claiming that milk samples taken in Washington state have tested positive for low levels of the same radioactive component, Iodine-131, raising concerns about the true widespread effects of the Fukushima nuclear fallout ( The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various state and local authorities continue to repeat the same empty reassurances that all detected levels of radiation -- whether they be in air, water, or food -- are far below levels of concern, and that people do not need to worry or do anything in response. But is this sound advice? Earlier in the week, several nuclear facilities in North and South Carolina, as well as in Florida, reportedly detected low levels of Iodine-131 in the air ( That same radiation has also been detected across the West Coast, as well as in northeastern states like Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, which clearly indicates that Fukushima radiation has made its way throughout the US, at least in very low levels. But now, reports have been issued claiming that milk samples from Washington state have also turned up contaminated with Iodine-131. The levels were allegedly far lower than the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concern limits for the radioactive particles, but they are not necessarily safe even at the levels being detected. According to the FDA "Radiation Safety" website, the Derived Intervention Level (DIL) for Iodine-131 is 170 becquerels per kilogram (Bq/kg) ( A Wall Street Journal report of the milk incident explains that the Washington samples contained only 0.8 picocuries per liter (pCi/l), or 0.03 Bq/kg. That level is clearly far lower than the FDA's DIL for Iodine-131, but is any level of this radiation actually "safe"? And what about the other more serious types of radioactive particles being emitted from Fukushima that authorities appear to not even be looking for? Based on Japanese guidelines for radiation safety, Iodine-131 is the least of our worries. Cesium, uranium, and plutonium all have much lower maximum "concern" thresholds, with plutonium being the most serious. A Bloomberg report explains that just one Bq/kg of plutonium is enough to cause major concern if found in water or milk ( Are authorities testing for plutonium and the other serious radioactive particles that we know have escaped from the Fukushima plant? The mainstream media has mostly abandoned the Fukushima incident in favor of the newly-instigated war in Libya. And yet reports are still continuing to trickle in -- though mostly without much fanfare -- concerning Japan radiation popping up across the US in air, water, and now food. But all the while, the EPA and others repeatedly dismiss the situation as being no big deal, despite the fact that conditions at Fukushima have basically reached a frightening dead end ( As we keep saying here at NaturalNews, preparedness is key. And preparedness, of course, does not involve panic. It does, however, involve using your critical thinking skills to evaluate the seriousness of the situation, consider the anomalies surrounding the official US government position on it, and take appropriate steps to prepare you and your family for whatever may soon come as a result.

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How to build a Bunker on a Budget

Originally published March 30 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011


Comments by :From: Tim Butler with thanks to Janet Phelan for the heads up
Subject: [Remnants_Hope] Seals are being opened

Revelation 6

1And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

2And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

3And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

4And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

5And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

7And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.


2And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

White, in the Bible, has always represented peace. We live in a day where war’s, between nations, are almost a thing of the past. The United Nations today places sanctions against “Rouge” nations that do not go along with the New World Order that they are trying to impose. Iran and North Korea both have had many sanctions placed against them because they will not line up with the NOW way of thinking. In this passage about the white horse and it’s rider we see that he is given a crown and a bow and that he goes forth to conquer. Notice that he was given a bow, but no arrows for the bow. This is the United Nations. The U.N. Has no military force of it’s own. The world has given authority to the U.N. To keep the peace of the world and while America seems to be it’s military arm, they themselves have no arms.


3And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

4And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

I WAS TALKING TO A BROTHER IN THE Lord the other day about all the happenings in the world. The brother said, about the news, “All you hear about anymore is REVOLT and REBELLION.” The Lord quickened to my heart that this is the Red Horse Rider rising. If you have listened to the news all you hear about is the uprising of many countries in the middle east. The people are revolting against leaders who have held sway for many, many years. Why is this happening in so many places all the sudden? There really isn’t anyone that I have heard that can give a good answer to this question.

In the U.S.A. The unions are up in arms and rebelling against several states, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, who have introduced bills in their congresses to do away with the Unions in the States job sector. The States say they must do this to balance their budgets because of the great recession we are in. The Unionists say that the States are just trying to break the Unions.

On the Federal side of things, the new congress is trying to cut the budget by 100 billion dollars and the Democrats are screaming bloody murder. It seems to me that inevitably there will be a government shutdown and many government workers will be out of a job and many services shut down. This, I believe will cause a uprising in our own country as things have been on shaky ground here in the country ever since ObamaCare was passed last year. This might just be the straw that breaks the Camels back.

The Red Horse spirit is alive and well. China recently has had rumors of an uprising and the government there has strongly told the people, You better not!


5And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

The third seal that contains the Black Horse is soon to be opened. The rider of this horse brings Economic destruction to the world. Never in the history of man has the economies of the world been so interlinked. When the economy of the United States started to crumble so did the rest of the world along with us. Right now the economies of the world are hanging on the proverbial thread, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

PLOP, the shoe is about to drop folks. The scripture above says “See thou hurt not the OIL or the WINE.” Have you noticed oil prices lately? When the price of Gas hit $4.00 per gallon a couple of years ago is when the world economies started sliding. I do not believe that we will survive this time. Economic indicators show that the price of a barrel of oil will reach between $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel by years end. People all around this world are struggling just to put food on the table right now, how in the world will we afford to even go to work when gas prices reach $5.00 per gallon and the price of groceries and all goods increase because of transportation costs?

In John’s day, a penny was a days wages. Can you imagine a loaf of bread costing a days wages? You can if there isn’t any work to be had. Real unemployment figures, the ones that not only include those currently on unemployment but also those who’s unemployment has run out, show that over 20% of Americans are unemployed, these figures do not include those on welfare either. If unemployment continues to rise, tax revenues for the government will continue to fall. Isn’t it something that the Tea Party Republicans come on the scene promising to reduce the Federal deficit just at a time like this? I do not believe they were “Elected” by accident. If tax revenues continue to fall and the Congress cuts back on spending, well, someone is going to go without. Can you imagine the uproar if welfare or Social Security is cut back or cut off? Brothers and Sisters, the days are surely evil. Prepare for the tribulation now while the leaves of the tree are green because they are gonna turn color and dry up all too soon.


7And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

I believe that the pale horse rider will usher in the AntiChrist. The Pale Horse is the result of the works of all the other horses combined. I believe a Evil man will rise up and will cause many to be killed by wars and sanctions (with holding food and medicines) but the AntiChrist will come in and save the day, oust the (Bad) guy and give everyone a false peace and security.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 (King James Version)

3For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Brothers and Sisters, I hope you can see what the Lord has laid on my heart. We are living in the very end of days! We are seeing scripture being fulfilled right before our very eyes.

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Letter to the: Senate Special Committee on Aging

Written Testimony of Latifa S. Ring National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse (NOTEGA)

To the: Senate Special Committee on Aging for the hearing on Justice for All: Ending Elder Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation

March 15, 2011

Senate Special Committee on Aging
G31 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Attn: Senator Herb Kohl

Dear Chairman Kohl, Senator Corker and distinguished Committee members:

Thank you for holding the recent hearing “Justice for All: Ending Elder Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation” to address the crisis of elder abuse and financial exploitation of America’s elderly citizens and thank you for allowing Mickey Rooney to share his cry for an end to elder abuse with the committee and with the American Public.

Financial Exploitation and Abuse of the Elderly has become the crime of the 21st Century and has truly placed a black mark on our nation. Hubert Humphrey once said

“the moral test of a government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of their life, the children, those who are in the twilight of their lives, the elderly and those who are in the shadows of life, the disabled the weak and the vulnerable. “
How will we be judged as a nation and as a government if we do not take the steps necessary to end this crime against America’s most vulnerable citizens?

Elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly in our communities and when done by private citizens is being called a crime, yet quietly all across this nation elderly and disabled citizens are being abused and financially exploited under Adult Guardianships under the guise of protection and the color of law. In the courtrooms of our States, abuse and exploitation of vulnerable citizens is treated as if it is perfectly legal. Judges routinely rubber stamp exorbitant fees for services that do not benefit the wards resulting in financial exploitation of their estates. Family members and friends all over this country are crying out about the abuse and neglect of their loved ones in guardianship that they are powerless to protect yet it appears there is no one listening because there is a guardian and the court appointed them.

Under guardianships a person can lose all of their civil rights and their right to ask for protection under the law. Lives and assets can essentially be stolen. The perpetrators of financial exploitation and abuse in guardianships are getting bolder and often times elderly citizens with assets are targeted and adjudicated as incapacitated and placed under a guardianship or conservatorship just to give someone else control over an estate which they can then loot. Other times elderly citizens who are alleged to be incapacitated are placed into guardianships when they have family and friends who are willing and able to help them or when they only have a minor ailment; again only to give the perpetrators access to the estate. Many family members are tricked into believing that seeking guardianship will help to protect a loved one only to find themselves on the end of a never-ending onslaught of unproven allegations of wrong-doing deliberately launched to malign the family member and prevent them from being appointed as guardian. This tactic clears the list of available guardians and makes room for the perpetrators intent on looting the estate. When greed is the motivating factor in guardianships, the welfare of the ward takes a back seat and abuse of the wards is allowed by the guardians and other professionals more intent only on lining their pockets than caring for the vulnerable person. It seems that the “name of the game” in guardianships is to bill for as many services as possible as fast as possible knowing that the judge will routinely rubberstamp the fee applications. This routine approval occurs either because the judges are busy trying to clear an overloaded docket, they do not have time or resources to review the fee applications, they know the American Taxpayers will take care of the ward with Medicaid dollars or they want to make sure the guardians and attorneys (some of whom may have owe political favors to) get paid. It is just easier that way. Family members who complain may find themselves losing the right to visit their own loved ones or being told by the Court that they have no standing to speak on behalf of the ward that now has a guardian.

As I stated in my testimony to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism and Homeland Security, it is almost as if guardianships can be used as a form of identity theft. The guardian can execute any and all documents on behalf of the ward. This powerful position gives them unfettered access to the ward’s life and property. In the wrong hands this power can be and is enormously abused and can even be lethal to the vulnerable person. Without proper controls lives can be are being stolen.

When will our National Leaders finally address the Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly that is occurring in Guardianships?

We have been calling for National Reforms to address Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation in guardianships since 2008 when our group the “National Elder Abuse and Guardianship Victims Taskforce for Change” submitted a platform proposal to End Elder Abuse and Guardianship Abuse for the senior’s plank of the DNC platform. Many other groups and citizens have also been calling for reform and since 2008 and we have continued our call for National reforms with online petitions and letters to our State and National leaders.

I could fill reams of papers with examples of abuse and exploitation in guardianships but will limit this to the summaries I have attached to this testimony as appendix (A) and the comments made as part of the petition attached as appendix (B). I simply ask the following questions:

Why is it legal to abuse and rob the elderly in guardianships?

Why is it legal to force an “alleged” incapacitated person into guardianship with an emergency or some other hearing without due process of the law where the ward is not present and/or not represented by counsel? Why are our constitutional due process rights under the 14th amendment not protected in guardianships?

Why is it legal to isolate a ward, to over medicate, to chemically restrain, to sterilize and even authorize an early death through hospice in guardianships?

Why do the advance directives of these dear elderly citizens appear to mean nothing? The designation of a pre-need guardian, a power of attorney or health care surrogate are routine ignored in the incapacity process.

Why is it legal for one person (a judge) to give one human being to another private citizen (“the guardian”), then walk away, and let that person have their way with the incapacitated person and their estate?

Why are there no jury trials?

Why are these wards of the State in guardianships not being protected by the State… are they not wards of the State?

Why is it that when someone allegedly steals from an elderly or vulnerable person that the alleged victim can be sent into a guardianship instead of the crime being investigated by the criminal justice system and adult protective services? The victim is forced to pay for the crime in a probate court instead of it being handled by the criminal justice system where the victim doesn’t have to foot the bill to get justice? Furthermore, rarely are the allegations of wrong doing that create the need for guardianship ever proven in these guardianship cases. Instead, they are being used as an excuse to take over the life of the person and their property. Why do the American Rules of Civil Discovery not apply to Guardianship Proceeding?

Why do we need to have emergency hearings for guardianships when adult protective services should be able to do their job and protect the vulnerable alleged incapacitated person until they can be afforded due process?

Why is it legal to bill tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to a ward for services that do not benefit them in breach of any fiduciary duty and yet it is not called a crime, it is called protection of the ward ?

Why is it legal for a guardian to deny visitation to a ward, to allow them to be isolated from their community and their loved ones ?

All over this country, people are outraged by what they are seeing done to their loved ones in guardianships. Many families are torn apart and many are secondary victims who suffer from the horrific abuse of not being able to visit their loved ones, not being able to protect them and sometimes not even being notified of a loved one’s death so they can attend their funeral.

There is nothing new about guardianship abuse to report. It is the same broken system with the same crimes that have gone on for over 30 years since the Claude Pepper days when the late Congressman submitted the “1989 Guardianship Rights Act” that clearly stated that the 14th amendment rights of the elderly in guardianship were being violated. Three GAO reports have been issued since 2004 that all spell out the problems in guardianships. Numerous Media outlets have reported horrifying cases of abuse and exploitation. Agencies have reported the problem. This committee has held several hearing including one in 2006 and the record reflects the enormous problem our seniors are facing. In May 2010, I testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism and Homeland Security about this problem. I stand by my stated belief that without real and meaningful reforms, guardianships can and will continue to be used to steal lives and assets under what I can only equate to a legalized form of identity theft. Attached to this written testimony is a petition signed by close to 1200 people calling for National Reforms to End Elder Abuse and Guardianship Abuse. This petition can also be viewed online at . I respectfully request that this petition be put on the record with this written testimony.

Members of the committee, it is time for action on guardianship abuse and it is time to recognize that elder abuse and financial exploitation in and under a guardianship or conservatorship is no less a crime that it is when the perpetrator is a family member or nursing home in the community. In fact, elder abuse and exploitation of the incapacitated person is the worst form of abuse as it is perpetrated against the most vulnerable of our society, the victims who have had their voice stripped of them and who are powerless to report the crime.

The federal government and your Senate Special Committee on Aging should take an interest in ending the abuse and exploitation in guardianship. They should take an interest because of the cost to the taxpayers in State Medicaid and matching federal Medicaid dollars, because of the 14th amendment rights that are violated in guardianships and because elder abuse and financial exploitation is a crime even if done under the guise of protection and under the color of law.

I close by echoing the request made by Mickey Rooney that you PLEASE STOP ELDER ABUSE and STOP IT NOW … not only in the communities, not only in a private homes, not only in our nursing homes but also when it is perpetrated under guardianships and conservatorships through our courts.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to submit this testimony and I hope the committee will consider having a separate hearing on the problems with guardianships and respectfully request we be permitted to have a member of our organization testify and provide more additional information on this problem. I also ask that the committee please take a serious look at the problems raised in the GAO report issued in 2010 and invite victims and family members to come to Washington and share their stories so the committee can understand what is really happening on the ground. They can bring the perspective of the victims have been stripped of their voice to speak, they are the constituents of the members of this committee and they are the eyewitnesses to this terrible silent crime of elder abuse and exploitation that is being perpetrated under the guise of protection.

Respectfully submitted,

Latifa S. Ring
The National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse

Houston, Texas


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Up Date on Potential Nuclear Disaster

Everyone needs to understand something right now and that is that the media is NOT in place to alert people of how bad the situation may or may not be. They are in place to keep people calm and to keep people orderly until the last possible moments. They WILL NOT disclose what is currently happening. So any "experts" or CNN, MSNBC, FOX, you name it program talking about this nuke reactor situation WILL NOT be telling you all the current facts due to national security.

Japan's resources, energy and man power is currently being used up in its largest disaster in history, they DO NOT and CAN NOT have the power to contain the reactors as they begin to fail.

Why is this being understated by the media? Because we literally DO NOT have generators or power systems in any arsenal anywhere on the planet to keep these cooling systems running, which means that YES, these reactors will all at some point fail. As they fail, a nuclear meltdown is realistic. This is where the experts disagree. Some are saying that meltdown is next to impossible, others say that is bullsh*t and that it is damn near expected once the cooling systems fail, but most of the experts agree that we are just walking a tight rope and that as each reactor fails, we need to be very careful about how to proceed with the cooling down of the cores.

Remember, the media WILL NOT tell you whether or not these issues are a reality, they are in place to keep you calm.

This situation will MOST LIKELY be contained, HOWEVER, you should be prepared. There may be only a handful of times in your entire life you need to stop what you are doing, and take something really serious, like you have never before, and think about actually being prepared for the worst. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

If there is or is not a fallout, that radioactive cloud will literally turn one the largest disasters in Japan's history into the largest disaster the planet may have to address because the whole far east region may need to be evacuated. We are talking shipments of food and supplies CEASE here, people. We are talking an economic situation, the whole world will have to be engaged in this. It affects our economy, it affects our environment and YES, the radioactive cloud CAN travel to the United States and although it may dissipate, it will not spread by much due to the extremely unique jetstream we have in the Atlantic during this time of year. The west coast is literally in the jetstream path.

Like it or not, you should be prepared even if this disaster isn't imminent. You should have weeks of food and water in your house, water filters, survival gear, and the like. Most of you don't have any of this, in fact, most of you have food to last 3 days. There is NOT enough supplies in any arsenal by military or anyone else to provide for everyone for any extended period of time.

So with all this said, I want everyone to know that you should plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Plan for the worst though, be ready, don't be sorry. You don't want to regret something like this, knowing you could have done something to be more prepared. Survival gear and supplies are a HUGE commodity and are easy to sell if you want to get rid of that online. There is a HUGE demand for that stuff, so worrying about wasting your money should not really be entertained.

Farris Survival's website is:

If this is the first you are hearing about all this, here are some links to bring you up to speed:

here is the US NAVY'S website on it:

here is the Pacific Fleet's website on it:

Video of the jetstream:

Alex Jones is discussing this stuff on his show:

More video of the jetstreams:

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Urgent: Surviving Radioactive Fallout

All news stories from this newsletter are found on our website. News on the site is updated every 12 - 24 hours.

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others.":

(Marcus Tullius Cicero,106-43 B.C. Roman Statesman, Philosopher.)

"I Earned That Money."--Reverend Anthony Nardella, Attorney at Law

--Reverend Anthony Nardella, attorney

Zimmerman, Kiser, and Sutcliffe
Orlando, Florida

When Reverend Nardella petitions Judge John D. Galluzzo for attorneys' fees, Reverend Nardella always states on his petitions that the attorney's fees should be granted to "benefit the 'ward.'" My mother, Louise A. Falvo, a mentally capacitated person, died 2 1/2 months after this guardianship was commenced.

*Mr. Nardella stated "I earned that money" when he took my deposition (and charged my dead mother's estate for the taking of my deposition).
When the most Reverend Anthony Nardella, Esq., petitions Judge John D. Galluzzo for attorneys' fees, Reverend Nardella always states on his petitions that the attorney's fees should be granted to "benefit the 'ward.'

My mother, Louise A. Falvo, a mentally capacitated person, died 2 1/2 months after this irregular guardianship was commenced. She has been deceased since July 21, 2008 and yet Judge John D. Galluzzo has been granting orders for attorneys fees to "benefit the 'ward'" for the last three years.

To reiterate: Louise A. Falvo has been deceased since July 21, 2008 and yet the guardianship remains open.

Potassium Iodide Pills - Do You Have Yours?

Thank you Lisa for the heads up to our readers.

A while back we said that time for reform is short and that soon world events would happen to eclipse legal efforts to reform elder abuse laws, we believe that time is quickly approaching and we feel our obligation is to our readers to pass this information on:

Should have on hand POTASSIUM IODIDE..........or begin eating a LOT OF SEA KELP!!!!!!

Canada, California, Oregon, Washington state, Utah first to be hit then other areas of USA..........Texas as well. Check the jet stream paths.....

Tracking Page: Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, Aftershocks & Fallout

Infowars Following Japan’s nuclear plant emergency with the latest updates.

TIME: Everything’s Tracked- Get Over It

Aaron Dykes In an astounding cover story,’ TIME tells readers to “get over” ubiquitous tracking.

Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis

BBC News A former nuclear plant designer has said Japan is suppressing vital info on the grave crisis.

Volcano in southern Japan erupts

LA Times A volcano in southern Japan began spewing ash even as the country struggled to recover from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

U.S. West Coast in Path of Fallout

Washington’s Blog California is closely monitoring efforts to contain leaks from a quake-damaged Japanese nuclear plant.


What about your pets?

Dr. David Brownstein, the medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine, received a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan. He obtained an M.D. degree from Wayne State University in 1989. He completed a Family Practice residency at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan, and is board certified in Family Practice. Dr. Brownstein has practiced holistic medicine for 12 years and specializes in the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural hormones. In addition, Dr. Brownstein utilizes applied kinesiology, acupuncture and nutritional therapies in his practice. He is a member of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine. He is active in numerous holistic organizations, and he has lectured internationally about his success with using natural items. He is the author of The Miracle of Natural Hormones, Overcoming Arthritis, Overcoming Thyroid Disorders, and Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It. Visit for more information.

Editor's notes: This is one of those items that is better to have and not to need than to need and not to have!

Where to buy: ,,

Guys you should already have these item in your possession , otherwise after something like this happens you risk getting this message:

Potassium Iodide update: Iosat™ Potassium Iodide (tablet):Currently Out of Stock

or this : The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Will Not Forget: What We Witnessed Elizabeth Faye Arnold and William Harold Arnold (Part 3-A)

-by-Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.© AV Woodhull, 2011

In August 2008, I interviewed, at first, by phone, and then later in person, Elizabeth Faye Arnold, 81 years old, who had been confined to a nursing home against her will after her son, William Harold Arnold, had been injured to the point of death in a mysterious motorcycle accident.

Since I am able to type almost as rapidly as humans speak, here is what I captured of the conversation. In her own words in a phone conversation with me, Elizabeth Faye Arnold related the following facts:


(407) 294-4647

(She has relatives in N.C.)

I’ve been here over a year in January. They took it upon themselves to sell my house after Billy’s death for $190,000. After paying Billy’s hospital bill, they claimed $1,400 was left. My home was paid off. It was fully paid for. I came from here to the hospital. They should have had me out of here a year ago. I am perfectly healthy. I’m 81 and walking and I’m like a spring chicken. I make up my own face everyday and comb my own hair. I don’t go out of my room until I have my face made up. What I need to do is open a cosmetic department here! (laughs)

Billy died a year ago. A woman hit him on his motorcycle and he died 3 ½ weeks later from the wreck. If I ever get out of here, I’d like to sue her. She went scott free and killed my son. They should have put her in jail. She ran a red light.

$1,400 they gave me. I don’t know where the rest of the money is. Nobody is telling me anything. All I would have to do is pay the taxes on my homesteaded home. I’m well enough to do my own cooking.

People are friendly here but I have an old man who is flirting with me all the time.

I don’t know where my jewelry is. Wedding rings and diamond rings were left on a shelf in the linen closet. I just laid them up there because my fingers had swelled up and I couldn’t wear them. I had a very expensive dark blonde bedroom suite—Fierle sold it for $500. And they’ve taken that. I don’t even have one single tape of Billy playing the piano. It’s made me very angry. They did all of this without my permission.

Address of my former home: 907 Silver Drive

I turned the title of the house over to my son. He was in good health until the woman hit him.

I had poor circulation in my legs so I checked into the hospital. I went to the hospital on my own before Billy died for “poor circulation.”

Losing him, I still haven’t gotten over it. It was the most horrible thing I’ve been through in my life.

The woman ran the red light and was speeding. I’m going to call the city about it.

Then they transferred me from the hospital to this nursing home. They didn’t even ask me where I wanted to go. I’d be there in my home if they hadn’t taken me here. I was the heir since I was his mom. I had put the house in his name. He was 53. He was a wonderful son.

All my furniture is gone. My son had just bought a branch new couch.

He had four televisions. It was a two bedroom hours. Sold for $190,000, my sister in law found out. But they didn’t even converse with me at all. They just went and sold it. It really knocked me out.

I sit around and watch TV and read the Bible a lot since I’ve been stuck here. The activities here are boring. They play Bingo a lot—it’s not for me.

All of my photo albums are gone. I have no idea where everything went to. All of my jewelry is gone, my chest of drawers, my clothes, my shoes—I have no idea where it all went to. My fur coat. It’s all gone.

I guess whoever bought my house moved out all of my stuff? The least they could have done is grabbed my fur coat!

I’ve been here now for about 1 ½ years. Rebecca Fierle? I’ve never met her. I don’t know who she is.

They gave away the piano. They said it was donated to a church. They had no right to give it away. It was practically brand new Billy had just bought it about eight months before he died.

I had real silver silverware. It’s all gone. I guess they sold it? I don’t think they can do that. It makes me very angry.

I think I could sue them if I find out who did this.

I heard at one point that they put everything into storage, but I don’t know where it is. Who is paying the monthly storage bill?

I don’t know what’s going on. They took my rights away when I first came here. They said I didn’t have good sense. They gave me strong pain medicine and I then I couldn’t remember things. They kept me on pain medicine and my mind was quite a different mind. It puts you in a state of mind like I was half drunk. It makes you feel happy. I’m not still on it. No. Now they just give me some Advil or Tylenol. They had me on the strong pain medicine for about six months. I made my legs better by exercising them everyday. I exercise my legs 30 times a day to keep them circulated. Everybody here is given a wheel chair whether you need it or not.

I had a regular doctor examining me every week. He was a doctor and a psychologist. Diagnosed my legs and psychologist Dr. Williams came to see me every two weeks on a regular basis. He’s through with me, I guess. I don’t need him any more. He never discussed Billy’s death with me.

So many test questions they gave me—the date, what month, what year it is. I got it all right. They just ask you simple questions like that. Actually, they just come in, waste your time, and take your money. He came every two weeks for the past two years—the psychologist.

I get two social security checks every month—mine and my husband’s—about $3,000 a month from the two of them. They give me a little budget out of it. I get about $130 a month of my own spending money. I’ve gone to see a couple of doctors. I’ve only been out of this place twice in a year and a half. I’m only allowed out with a family member but I haven’t heard from Faye and Patricia in several weeks. Faye has a nice apartment. Mike died. Patricia and Mike had

two children together. Patricia’s husband is a dentist. She keeps the house and cooks two to three meals a day.

My possessions? Well, I believe they put it in storage first but I don’t know now. Nobody ever told me the name of the storage place. And they gave the piano to a church but nobody seems to know which church.

I called my neighbor, Sophia Hope, shortly after they took me here. She was the one who told me my house had been sold. I didn’t know my house had been sold. I just couldn’t believe it!! And when I called her, it was the day that the furniture was being dragged out of the house. She was really shocked. She couldn’t tell me any details. She just looked out the window and saw what was going on.

The woman who hit Billy—they fined her $400. She ran a red light, speeding.

We owned two cars—1993 Plymouth and a 1997 Dodge with very low mileage on it. Billy also had a second motorcycle. It’s all gone. A couple of months before I went to the hospital, I was still driving.

My driver’s license expired a year ago in March. I didn’t know all of this would happen when I went to the hospital. I could still drive, I believe. I am 81 years old.

A “personal representative?” I don’t have a personal representative of any sort.

No, I never went to court.

No, I was never served any court papers.

I recently found out from one of the nurses that Billy was right here in the nursing home when he died—just a few doors down from my room. He was in a coma when they brought him here. He died here in a room around the hall.

Curious to know more about the motorcycle accident, David and I went

to the Orlando Police Department and obtained the records and the photographs of the accident scene. The investigation, it turns out, was

closed out within four hours and the person who hit William Harold Arnold (Tina Holland) was charged only with running a red light, and given a date to appear in court regarding speeding through a red light and causing an accident.

In the “investigative” report, it states that Tina Holland, when interviewed by the officer, stated that she had been eating a doughnut and was distracted by eating the doughnut and crashed the red light. “I’m sorry. I was eating a doughnut.” The photographs showed the inside of her car with a bag of doughnuts next to the gear between the bucket seats. One doughnut was seen down by the gas pedal.

I have a question for our group: Is this how an accident is conducted

when someone dies in the accident? Is the person who caused the accident only charged with running a red light?

[I then interviewed neighbors and have more to report, but for now,

I’d like to hear your reactions to what I wrote so far. Does anyone know about accident investigations? Can someone literally get away with “running a red light” when the victim they hit in an accident dies????


Angela Woodhull

*Note: Dr. Angela V. Woodhull, a licensed private investigator, spent more than two and a half years investigating court records in Seminole and Orange Counties, Florida and interviewing family members and victims in order to compose this story. All court records that verify the contents of this article were submitted as attachments to the editor of the F.B.I. journal as verification of accuracy. Woodhull can be reached at (352) 327-3665 or

(352) 682-9033.


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