Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tougher Penalties Needed For Elder Abuse

By TERRY DAVIDSON, Toronto Sun A seniors' advocacy group is calling for elder abuse to be recognized as a crime under the Criminal Code.Susan Eng, CARP’s vice-president of advocacy, said many elder-abuse cases that make it to court don’t necessarily lead to a just outcome because of the “complex” relationships of those involved — parent and child, and in some cases, dependant and guardian.

Prosecutors have difficulty getting either the conviction on one hand, or a serious sentence on the other,”

Source=>>Toronto Sun
You know Terry I thought about this a lot and I think you hit a nerve there, treating Elder Abuse as a crime is an idea whose time has come and actually making people serve time for elder abuse crimes even if it entails punishing a few guardians and their attorneys who wealth is predicated on the Exploitation of vulnerable elder adults is a great idea,now if we could only get some in the USA to think like you this is an idea a lot of us could stand behind....

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Anonymous said...

Prosecutors in Jefferson County Colorado have difficulty getting a conviction of court appointed guardians, trustees and conservators because the district attorney is serving the conservators, guardians and trustees, and Human Services, not the public or the consitution.