Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GAO Report Featured inToday's US Senate Hearing is Now Available Online:

Elder Justice: Stronger Federal Leadership Could Enhance National Response to Elder Abuse. GAO-11-208, March 2.

Complete report:


Related Product:

Elder Justice: Survey of Adult Protective Services Program Administrators (E-supplement to GAO-11-208). GAO-11-129SP, March 2.

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Anonymous said...

Not what one person said testifying today think the woman from APS . Stated 1 in 57 come to light. 47% of elderly with dementia live at home are abused , neglected by caregivers, and one third of elder abuse cases their is some form if mistreatment. They didn't say the solution was more nursing homes or professional guardians what was said is that there need to be centers , education of lawyers, doctors , nursing homes and yes probate judges. There has to be training and education. As far as guardianship cases my concern is how so many non profits are now being appointed in guardianship cases and they have no background , knowledge and they will never get good qualified people because of the salaries they pay.