Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Up Date on Potential Nuclear Disaster

Everyone needs to understand something right now and that is that the media is NOT in place to alert people of how bad the situation may or may not be. They are in place to keep people calm and to keep people orderly until the last possible moments. They WILL NOT disclose what is currently happening. So any "experts" or CNN, MSNBC, FOX, you name it program talking about this nuke reactor situation WILL NOT be telling you all the current facts due to national security.

Japan's resources, energy and man power is currently being used up in its largest disaster in history, they DO NOT and CAN NOT have the power to contain the reactors as they begin to fail.

Why is this being understated by the media? Because we literally DO NOT have generators or power systems in any arsenal anywhere on the planet to keep these cooling systems running, which means that YES, these reactors will all at some point fail. As they fail, a nuclear meltdown is realistic. This is where the experts disagree. Some are saying that meltdown is next to impossible, others say that is bullsh*t and that it is damn near expected once the cooling systems fail, but most of the experts agree that we are just walking a tight rope and that as each reactor fails, we need to be very careful about how to proceed with the cooling down of the cores.

Remember, the media WILL NOT tell you whether or not these issues are a reality, they are in place to keep you calm.

This situation will MOST LIKELY be contained, HOWEVER, you should be prepared. There may be only a handful of times in your entire life you need to stop what you are doing, and take something really serious, like you have never before, and think about actually being prepared for the worst. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

If there is or is not a fallout, that radioactive cloud will literally turn one the largest disasters in Japan's history into the largest disaster the planet may have to address because the whole far east region may need to be evacuated. We are talking shipments of food and supplies CEASE here, people. We are talking an economic situation, the whole world will have to be engaged in this. It affects our economy, it affects our environment and YES, the radioactive cloud CAN travel to the United States and although it may dissipate, it will not spread by much due to the extremely unique jetstream we have in the Atlantic during this time of year. The west coast is literally in the jetstream path.

Like it or not, you should be prepared even if this disaster isn't imminent. You should have weeks of food and water in your house, water filters, survival gear, and the like. Most of you don't have any of this, in fact, most of you have food to last 3 days. There is NOT enough supplies in any arsenal by military or anyone else to provide for everyone for any extended period of time.

So with all this said, I want everyone to know that you should plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Plan for the worst though, be ready, don't be sorry. You don't want to regret something like this, knowing you could have done something to be more prepared. Survival gear and supplies are a HUGE commodity and are easy to sell if you want to get rid of that online. There is a HUGE demand for that stuff, so worrying about wasting your money should not really be entertained.

Farris Survival's website is:http://www.fsurv.com/

If this is the first you are hearing about all this, here are some links to bring you up to speed:

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