Monday, August 27, 2007

Social Workers Do What ?

Revised by E.A. on 8/24/07 .- To avoid any confusion I am going to explain this to you the same way it was explained to me by the Wachovia Bank Officer who printed out these statements.

First . -Social worker closes elders certificate of deposit #013102041118003 issue date 08/14/2000 with a maturity date of 02/14/2005 on 09/20/2004 at an out of town branch incurring heavy early withdrawals penalties for the incapacitated elder.

Second. - Social worker opens a new account at Wachovia Bank # 1010106897025 and deposits the fund of the now liquidated certificate of deposit belonging to the elder in a newly opened account in both the elder and the social worker's name.

Third.- The social worker now ties in the elders account to his own personal account at the same bank, his personal account # 1000367162654 with overdraft protection from the elders account and into his.

Fourth.- The social worker now overdraws the account on a daily basis incurring heavy bank fees for the elder and sweeping the money from the elders account and into his own account

Fifth.- The elders Trustee caches on to the scam and closes the elders now depleted account

......and deposits what's left of the Certificate of Deposit ($468.42) in an account in Clara's name

Sixth.- The elders trustee,friends and family file a complaint with the local Sheriffs Department who calls it "civilly matter."

Seventh.- The elder abuse hotline is called and a complaint is filed with the Florida Dept of Children and Family on 10/28/2004 with Karla complaint #5291

Eight.- Case worker Clay Kellam - Adult Protective Services Investigator for District 14 calls the elders family on December 24,2004. She does not see anything wrong with the social worker's behavior and closes the case.

Ninth.- A second complaint is filed with the DCF by the elders close friend and confidant ,family and friends regarding elder financial abuse and the social workers action- They never hears back from the DCF.

Ninth.- Concerned friends and family write Congresswoman Ronda R. Storms chairperson of the Florida Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs
Chair: Senator Ronda Storms (R) (850) 487-5072(850) 487-5072

Tenth.- She writes to Inspector General Steckler , Robert Butterworth and newly elected secretary of the DCF Mr. Douglas Beach and ask that this matter be investigated and a response provided to the elders family and to her office. (See letter)

Tenth.- The Inspector General writes back " Based on the information provided , we did not identify any issues that warrant further involvement from this office." (See response)

Eleventh.- The DCF writes back " I assure you that any allegations reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken. However, if an additional report is received regarding the same allegations, the duplicate report is not re-investigated." (See letter from Robert Butterworth)

Certificate of Deposit in Clara G. Fernandez name Matured on 2-14-2005 was closed early on 9-22-2004. The account paid a penalty for early withdrawal and the funds are used to open a joint account with overdraft protection linked to the social worker's personal account.

7-27-2005 to 8-05-2005
Four (4) overdrafts swept into social worker's personal account from the elders account.

7-21-2005 to 7-26-2005
Three (3) overdrafts swept into the social worker personal account from the elders account.

7-14-2005 to 7-19-2005
Two (2) overdrafts sweep into the social worker's personal account from the elders account.

7-08-2005 to 7-13-2005
Three (3) overdrafts sweep into the social worker's personal account from the elders account.

6-28 -2005 to 7-7-2005
Two (2) overdrafts sweep into the social worker's personal account from the elders account.

6-15-2005 to 6-27-2005
Five (5) overdrafts sweep into the social worker's personal account from the elders account.

8-11-2005 Balance of the certificate,including her social security income which was diverted to this account is now $40.39 .

The U.S. Administration on Aging defines financial abuse as “the improper act or process of using an older person’s monetary resources without consent, for another’s benefita person who is in a relationship of trust with a vulnerable adult to obtain or attempt to obtain ... the vulnerable adult’s money or property for his/her own benefit ... through fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or unjust enrichment.”

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