Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elder Beaten While Walking His Dog,

Savannah-Chatham police say they are looking for one of two suspects accused of beating and injuring a 76-year-old man when he was walking his dog.

According to police, suspects Randolph John Bernard and Mitchell Barefield attacked Omar Boone at about 10pm on August 2. Boone was walking his dog in the 200 block of East 33rd Street when the attack occurred.

Police say the suspects shouted insults at Boone as he walked down the street. Witnesses say the insults eventually turned into a violent confrontation. Police say one witness tried to stop the beating.

Boone suffered bumps and bruises from the attack and required medical treatment.

Detectives from the Central Precinct arrested 19-year-old Barefield on charges in connection with an August 18 beating. He released on August 20 on a $3,900 bond.

Police are still looking for the second suspect, 20-year-old Bernard. They say he is a SCAD student, 5-feet-11, 150 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. Police say he lives in St. Clairville, Ohio, but could still be in Savannah.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call police at 912.651.6934.

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Anonymous said...

I have known Mitchell Barefield for three years now, he could not be anymore like a son to myself and my husband! From the first moment I met him, i knew i was going to like him(i am a monther of two girls, one is graduating college in 2 weeks and working on masters degree as well, my other daughter works full time and is working toward a degree. We are a military family, my husband served 2 tours in iraq, Bosnia, 2 tours in Korea and is retired, but still continues to work in afghanistan to support the army' needs! My husband earned a "Bronze Star" during his first four, as his helicopter took enemy fire and almost went down. I am trying to paint a picture of what kind of family we are! My husband was always strict about who his daughters dated and hung out with! My husband and I love mitchell, he will someday be our son-in-law. I can't possibly what a wonderful young man he is! During the past 3 yrs. that my husband & i have known him, he has brought nothing but kindness, appreciation and love into our family, especiallt for my daughter. Mitchell Barefield is a GENTAL SOUL. During the time i have known & been around him, he has never shown violence, i've never heard him curse, and as my husband was deployed, mitchell stepped right in and took care of the manly things that i could not do, all this with no hesitation! Mitch would give u the shirt off his back, or his last dime, that's just who he is. He is not a criminal, he respects the elderly, he reads the bible and he knows god! He is a good person, it breaks my heart and many others because of where he is at and what he is going thru! I pray and ask others as well to pray for this innocent young man! Mitchell has been a blessing to our family. We love him very much. If i had ever gave birth to a son, i would want him to turn out just like mitchell Barefield! We have no right to judge others for that is god's place! We will wait with heavy hearts and pray until he is returned to us!!!!!!