Monday, August 20, 2007

More Heart Wrenching Letters Come in To E.A. over the Weekend -Elders Pleading for Help

Because Justice is not only blind to the desperation of the elderly who are being preyed upon by predators, but it is deaf to the cries of victims nationwide
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I have tried, to no avail to get help from the Florida abuse hotline.
The situation is this:

I live in government subsidized housing for the elderly in Eustis, Florida.
There is a disgusting vulture named Bob Gardner, who also lives here.
To illustrate the type of character he is, just look under FDLE Sex offenders, and read his flyer.
This is his new pastime:

1. One of our residents, (Lucy Honican), got terminally ill, and eventually died. Bob "pretended" to be her friend, and wound up with all of Lucy's apartment contents, and her nice car.

2. Another resident, (Bob Nadon), had to go and get both legs amputated. Bob has Mr. Nadon's checkbook, and was given his TV.

3. Another resident, *Harold Griswald", also got terminally ill. Bob convinced Harold's family that he would take care of Harold. (Bob was heard to say "I don't even like Harold." Same results.. Harold died, and Bob got his van, apt. contents, etc.

(I have no idea of what is being done with their bank accounts.)

4. The latest victim, (Mr. Al Galdi), is about 90 years old. Bob got him to sign over "power of attorney!"

One look at Mr. Galdi would tell you that he is probably incapable of making such a decision! Mr. Galdi owns a beautiful car. I remember Mr. Galdi felling me that he has a daughter in Closter, NJ. Unfortunately, Hippa regulations prohibit the management here from giving me more info.
Can you please help to stop this maggot?

Florida statutes prohibit this type of exploitation, and he should be in jail.

Link to F.D.L.A. here >>

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Dear Mr. xxxx;

I scribbled out your name because the person that is victimizing the elders in your building has a record and is clearly dangerous and if he finds out that your reaching out to us for help he could further victimize you and your neighboors who are problably too afraid and with good reason to speak up.

Thank You for having the courage to speak up I realize how hard this must be for you.

We will do everything in our power to call atention to your plight and get help for you and for the other elders that are being victimized, and yes we have a pretty good idea what's is happening to their bank accounts! It's usually the same pattern after an elder gives Power of Attorney in most places this is considered fraud under undue influence.



Anonymous said...

Dear Ray, All:

This is truly a disturbing situation. WHY is it always the same old story -- there is never a resource for these folks to turn to, and you have to wonder about these poor victims' family members - are they completely comatose?

I send a big warm California hug to the author of this email, and want to congratulate him/her for having the courage to speak up -- that is sometimes the hardest thing to do, and hopefully because of doing this, something may be able to be done to help these unknowing victims and MORE HOPEFULLY put Mr. Gardner AWAY where he belongs (if found guilty of course)!!!!

Anonymous said...


What I am reading here is a 2 fold problem.

the man may very well be ripping this elderly people off.
he is a sex offender.

If this lady calls the Florida Abuse Hotline, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is going to come and “investigate”. Once that is done, if it is an elderly person he will probably end up in a nursing home… I doubt that DCF will do anything else. Probably deemed him incompetent if at all, and off he goes. NOW, here is the problem, if this happens it will compound the nursing home ABUSE problems we know exists, .. He may start sexually abuse other nursing home patients, able or disable, and once he is place in that situation, the nursing home Will cover any abuse, specially sexual abuse as it goes against their assessment with AHCA- the Association of Health Care Administration, which license the nursing home and gives them “STAR” as of they were rating hotels… 5 stars, meets the standards (minimum I should add) and it goes down from there on different things…

If this is a public housing then HUD- the Housing and Urban Development department usually each of those buildings has a social worker from HUD assigned to ck. On the physical and other problems, should be I think the one to contact… and see what they do.

Calling DCF in my opinion is not the best idea…

Anonymous said...


Tell them to get a lawyer. HIPAA only apples to medical folks about medical conditions. Even if it is medical the court can order disclosure because a law is being broken.