Thursday, August 9, 2007

Should we Just Have One set of Laws For Everyone ?

Key West, Florida KWTN Team Report

Key West Police Officer Janeth Del Cid, 25, the newly appointed Internal Affairs Inspector, is under investigation herself after she allegedly left the scene of a traffic accident June 14.
According to the police report, Del Cid was driving west in the inside lane on North Roosevelt Boulevard about 5:50 in the afternoon. According to witnesses, Del Cid abruptly changed lanes, cutting off a motor scooter. The driver of the scooter, 23-year-old Matthew Cleveland, lost control and fell to the pavement.

Del Cid did not stop until witnesses chased her down. She reportedly told them that she was aware of the crash and that she had called it in. Del Cid apparently did not return to the accident scene but when contacted by the officer who investigated the crash, she admitted that she was aware of the crash and said that she had reported it.

The scooter driver was not seriously injured and refused transport to the hospital for evaluation. There were no citations issued.

Police officials refused to answer questions about who Del Cid may have contacted at the police station or why she did not stop or return to the scene, claiming that an internal investigation of the incident had been launched.

A source close to the department told Key West the Newspaper that the original police report had not implicated Del Cid at all, reporting only that a “phantom” vehicle had caused the accident and had left the scene. Police officials deny that two different reports were prepared.


This is a Question that I have asked myself many times since the time that the public official wrecked my mother's car and left the scene , also claiming later "she had called it in" and the officer refused to file a report much less giver her a ticket. Clara was never fully reimbursed for the damages and the police refused to file an accident report. See article 'Clara is Victim of a Hit and Run Driver, Police Refuse to Press charges'

The Attorney General must set down the law and enforce it for our safety depends on it.
No more double standards, we depend on it for well being and welfare , public officials must set the example and live by it, not abuse it.

We have a right to be accurately quoted in police reports, our elders have a right to be listened to and not discredited if their hand is shaking when signing a complaint , they should not have to try to make their case in the parking lot because officials do not take them seriously becasue they are old . They paid their dues and deserve better!

The authorities can not afford to allow this double standard, from our public officers at our expense.

The majority of police officers are hard working law abiding professionals who want to do a good job and a few bad apples who are above the law must not be allowed to abuse and taint the reputation that so many worked so hard for!

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