Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Most Abused Elderly People Will Not Report the Abuse Because Often it is a Family Member Involved.

Albany -- Prosecutors say abuse of the elderly is a crime that could grow dramatically in coming years as the population ages.

Last week a Dougherty Grand Jury indicted Robert Hooks for felony murder. Prosecutors say his neglect of his 83-year old mother Jewel Hooks led to her death. Prosecutors say it is illegal of course to beat an elderly person, but it is also just as much a crime to neglect an older person dependant on care. Dougherty Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards said "not providing sustenance, not providing medical attention. Also financial abuse of elderly persons. Those are the two primary causes of crime in that regard."

Ombudsmen say most abused elderly people will not report the abuse because often it is a family member involved.

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The only thing that I have to add to this article is " Most abusers of elderly people will not be prosecuted because often the abuser is a family member.
Being a family member often entitles the family member to immunity from prosecution in some perverse way. The subject abuse is then often referred to by the police as family matters as police and local estate atttorneys do not want to get involved in these types of cases and they are routinely labeled " Civilly Matters."

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