Monday, August 13, 2007

Will this be the New Sport of The Future "Elder Figthing"

Mobile phone footage shot at a privately-run care home shows frail and elderly residents being goaded into shouting foul-mouthed obscenities at each other.

The three-minute video appears to show a woman trying to incite a confrontation between a confused woman and a male resident in the lounge of the home.

She repeatedly persuades the bewildered pensioners to trade offensive vulgarities.
At one point, the fearful victim of the abuse pleads with her laughing tormentor, saying: "He will come after me", while a second resident tells the woman she is "making bother", but she then turns her attention to the male resident, trying to persuade him to retaliate.

"This is an example of elder abuse, and elder abuse destroys lives. But it's still a hidden issue and we just don't know how much goes on.

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