Monday, August 27, 2007

Letters to Editor

Thad said... Regarding: Fla Keys Man Gets Several Tries to Kill Girlfriend Until He Succeeds

Inasmuch as I agree with you that the system did a horrible job here, if you do a little research you'll find that the girlfriend (the deceased) was far from blameless here.

She had a rap sheet too, including an arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and several arrests for drug possession. In addition, when she called police to the home on the previous evening, claiming that Beckner had tried to kill her, she refused to press charges against him. He was reportedly not at the residence at the time, so we must assume that she was of free will to press charges if she had desired.

I know, I know... In most cases of abuse, the woman is afraid of what the man might do, but she had her opportunity to put him right back in jail... and she didn't. Don't place the blame on the police here. She could have saved herself... and did not.


Thank you for writing in and bringing up some excellent points, very poor judgement on the part of the victim I'd say. She obviously wasn't thinking clearly, and this happens to a lot of victims who could be afraid.

I do not know of the victim's history , and it is not clear to me if warding off an assault with a knife constitute 'assault with a deadly weapon ' or 'self defense' but regardless what mistakes she might have made in judgement in the past she didn't deserve to end up in a body bag.

According to the report the killer was exhibiting a weapon on the porch the night he tried to strangle her , this coupled with the two prior domestic assault charges on the woman, makes me wonder if the officers being a little more aggressive in thinking outside the box would have averted this tragedy.

I admire our officers that are out there putting their lives on the line every day, and after every tragedy there lies a lesson that needs to be properly applied towards a positive change that makes the victim's sacrifice not be in vain.

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