Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Convicted Child Molester Was Arrested Today On Suspicion of Elder Abuse.

By David Castellon Staff writer

Leonard L. Smith, 51, was arrested after members of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement team conducted a compliance check of the home where Smith, a registered sex offender, was living.

A Sheriff’s report did not publicly disclose where the home was, but it did say that the deputies found a 74-year-old woman there with physical injuries to her face, and the report states that they suspected she had been threatened by Smith four days earlier.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is a convicted child molester, now he is going to be a convicted abuser of elderly, doesn't appear anyone is safe near this person.

Maybe the courts will see this and lock this guy up and not let him out to do any further harm to our society, that is if there is any justice. I reall want to believe in and depend on our law enforcement so this will be a interesting case to follow to see if justice will be served this time around.

Maybe if we are lucky word will get out to the other inmates and his stay there will be short lived and he can do no more harm to innocent people, just sick that we have to feel this way about another human, just to many innocent victims because of these types of monsters.

Anonymous said...

Concerned, I tend to feel the same way you do. Imagine this woman let's him stay there knowing he needs a place to stay and is trying to help him out. He abuses her, scares her, injures her and over powers her. She's 74 and scared. How do you think the child or children he abused and molested felt? People like that can rot in h_ll!