Friday, August 10, 2007


Thank you Kansas L and Fraud Aid for passing on this valuable information
Charateristic of a con artist : Throwing everything into confusion

The con artist can be likened to a chess player as well. It's not only the con's personality that is complex. His scam usually is too. So complex that law enforcement is often at wit's end to unravel all the threads. Over-worked local authorities may be reluctant to dig very far into a time-consuming scam while violent, bloody crimes are screaming to be solved. The con knows this, and uses it to his advantage by crossing as many jurisdictions as possible, throwing everything into confusion for law enforcement.

ll con artists know that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be a victim. This is especially true if the target is convinced that he or she is too smart to be conned and that only other people get swindled. Truth be known, the thought of being swindled doesn't really even enter most people's heads.

But you see, con artists count on that very thing: your deep down willingness to believe what you hear, your desire to trust. Humans have an intense need to believe in magic and this affects the confidence artist's every move.

Therefore, every fraud is a carefully choreographed play, complete with the magic of smoke and mirrors, illusion, misdirection, drama, intrigue, and sleight of mind.

The only one without a copy of the script is you - The Victim.

Cast of Characters

The Insideman

Appearing as
"The Golden Opportunity"

The Middleman

Appearing as the friend or partner
of "The Golden Opportunity"

The Target

Played by you, The Victim

The Extras

Other con artists who can adapt to any part that is

to give a solid appearance to the play.

Written by The

Produced by The Insideman

Directed by the Insideman

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