Monday, August 20, 2007

90 Year Old Recovers From Beating Aired on National TV

(WJZ) BALTIMORE by Mike Hellgren

Video of a 90-year-old man beaten inside his home by a caregiver has caused outrage nationwide since Eyewitness News broke this story.

As Mike Hellgren reports, a nurse accused of abuse is still on the run.

Surveillance video shows a home healthcare worker pointing her finger at, then striking, 90-year-old John Taylor. She hits him repeatedly over several minutes.

And now that worker, Anastasia Oluoch, is on the run facing a warrant after she failed to show up in court.

Taylor's daughter Jaki says her best move was installing those cameras in her home.

"The camera saw what I didn't. I'm so thankful for the cameras. He wasn't able to tell me what was going on," said Jaki.

Now, her dad is recovering at Levindale in Northwest Baltimore and Jaki wants to see Oluoch locked up. If found guilty, she faces a possible 100 years in jail.

"That's my greatest fear--that she would be employed by anyone else," Jaki said.

Since Eyewitness News first broke the story, media outlets nationwide are airing the video. That spotlights a growing problem. Elderly abuse complaints are up 20% since 2000, but eight in 10 cases are never even reported.
Levindale's doctor Susan Levy has cared for the elderly for decades.

"Frequently, the senior may be very uncomfortable or very fearful that there's going to be retaliation. Any time you see something that you can't explain, then you need to ask questions," said Levy.

Experts recommend doing a criminal background check on anyone you hire, so something like this does not happen to your loved one.

"He has such a strong will to live, so if he's fighting, and he's not giving up, I'm not giving up on him, and I will fight to the very end to get this story out there, and to save as many people as possible from this horrible situation happening to them," Jaki said.

See a Video of the Beating Here >>

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