Monday, August 27, 2007

Your New Badges and Banners Are Ready

Here are some badges for the initiative Bloggers against Abuse. For any and all information about the project Go to : You Can Be Part of Blogging History

Instructions: Copy and Paste the code in the box next to the badge you've chosen, in order to insert it into your website.

Spread the word among all the bloggers you know!

and link them to the page relevant to the abuse that you want to document and have on record .....

--- and be sure to link your posts to You Can Be a Part of Blogging History.

I don't know how to thank Zazzà enough so I am not even goin to try tell you how good that was, the new Banners and Buttoms, that is. Zazza you Rock !

Thank You Zazza your work on the design of the new badges !

And reading your Blog in your native language the daddy of the Romance Languages, Italian.. it doesn't get any better than this Folks !

To be perfectly fair thanks to all the graphic designers who put their time into this , please Email me and I will link you.

1 comment:

Zazzà said...

OH Thank you very much!!!^^
I'm happy that you liked it!