Sunday, December 28, 2008

State Agency Needs Overhaul

In response to the editorial "Michael Brown's Death":

It seems the state responds to ongoing concerns and issues with the Department of Children and Families only after something as tragic as the death of an infant.

It's not a secret: DCF has had problems. It's time the state fully realized that DCF needs more than just some adjustments to the way it provides protection and advocacy for our children.(especially our elders) It's time the state realized DCF needs a complete overhaul.

Do we really need to read again that the death of an infant has influenced the state to look into the problems with DCF? Or that the loss of another innocent child has again raised concerns?

DCF has had plenty of opportunities to fix itself. Someone must now step in and make the changes needed so that the D in DCF no longer stands for Dysfunctional.

Donnie R. Swan

The writer is a counselor for a private provider of mental health services.

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