Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Death of Dr. A.J. Fernandez

Only 3 days after the 'Residency' hearing for his wife Clara, Dr. A. J. Fernandez, passed away knowing that his wife Clara would be declared an absolute resident of her home town of Key West, Florida.

He was under such duress concerning the out come of the Judge's rulings as she had been bounce around in numerous counties by her abusers in order to blur jurisdictional
lines and a 'Residency Hearing' was called by Judge VonHof to confirm where Clara actually did live.

When Judge Richard Payne ruled that her place was at home with her family and friends in Key West, after he questioned Clara, friends and witnesses , he ruled that Clara was indeed a resident of Monroe County, Florida. Dr. A. J. Fernandez felt his wife would finally be safe at home.

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