Sunday, December 17, 2006

The 'Isolation of an Elderly Woman' and the 'Taking Complete Control of Her Finances.' -


Clara at the 'Bay Lake House' site.
Clara and her youngest son with building permits in hand.
A few months before she was abducted, Clara filed and pulled many a permit to build a home and planned to retire in Orlando with her husband Dr. A.J.Fernandez.
She was really excited about building a house there, she liked the idea of spending the rest of her days with her husband, children and grand children going to the flea markets, shopping, restaurants, and amusement parks.
She knew the family as a whole was very excited about this project and looked so forward to it's completion!
Clara is seen here by herself, strong as she always was, walking the grounds prior to the beginning of their new homes construction.
After her abduction, Clara was kept totally isolated, she was without communication with her husband, family and friends. Nothing got in or out, no mail, no phone calls, no process servers,
no one could get through to her, as the many witnesses bear out that fact.
All 'means and methods' were tried and in vain to contact Clara.
-Here is a receipt for restricted 'Certified Mail' that Clara never received.

The permits on their building project had all expired without Clara's knowledge and now all was lost for for Clara and her husband Dr. A.J. Fernandez , neither of them ever got to see their project started much less finished.
They lost their 'grandfathered building privileges', permit fees, architectural fees, septic tank fees, as well as their Health Department permit fees, soil test fees, engineering fees , and survey fees.

The financial cost to Clara, A.J. and their Estate was staggering! And the psychological damage that Dr. Fernandez suffered by being forcibly separated from his wife was CRUEL! The injuries that Clara suffered as a result of neglect, disuse, and drugging by her abductors that led up to her disability, is SHAMEFUL and beyond any dollar amount!

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