Friday, October 1, 2004

Dr. A.J. Fernandez travels 10 hours to see his wife, -{" Told to Leave Town!"}

Dr.A.J.Fernandez went on a hunger strike and refused to eat until he knew of the whereabouts and safety of his wife Clara, as he wanted to see her more than anything in the world. So we packed him up and drove a total of 10 hours to Winter Haven, Florida through the debris of the aftermath of 3 hurricanes, upon arrival, we found there were no hotel rooms available as most of the local hotels were filled with storm victims and some were destroyed or badly damaged so we slept in the parking lot of the Winter Haven Police Department and waited until dawn to drive up to the home in which Clara was staying, keep in mind Clara was receiving treatment for numerous mental disorders, as detailed in by the medical panel, and she would no longer say one thing than another.

This report is incomplete as it makes no mention that Dr.A.J.Fernandez wanted to see his wife, nor does it mention that when the police officer returned from speaking to her , that 'We her family' were told to leave town and that 'WE' were not welcome in Winter Haven, Florida!
Upon hearing the Officers words, Dr.A.J.Fernandez collapsed accross the back seat of the car.

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