Monday, May 2, 2011

Extra Judicial Killings by Electrocution on the Increase

A man who was causing a disturbance outside Universal Studios in Florida died after being shocked with a Taser stun gun by off-duty police, US authorities have said.

The off-duty officers responded to a call from a security guard at Universal Studios early on Friday morning about a man acting irrationally outside the Cinemax theatres in the city of Orlando.


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times- A Clay County woman's family said it's seeking justice after their loved one died shortly after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police. Ref=>>here

The family of 56-year-old Emily Delafield said it would take the Green Cove Springs Police Department to court, according to a WJXT-TV report.

Waterbury, Conn (WTNH) - ** Update ** The deceased has been identified as 26-year old Marcus Brown of Waterbury. Cause of death is pending further studies by the medical examiner.

A man has died after being tasered by police outside Saint Mary's Hospital in Waterbury early Sunday morning.

Around 12:30am, police responded to a report of a man creating a disturbance in the lobby of the Emergency Room at the hospital. The man was taken into custody and placed in the back of a police cruiser.

Police say that while in the back of cruiser, the man continued to be combative, so an officer tasered him. The man then became unresponsive. Attempts were made to resuscitate him at the hospital, but he was pronounced dead a short time later. Ref=here

An Ohio man suffered traumatic brain injury after being shot by a police stun gun, reports say. Ref=here

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