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Jeff Rense: “Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy”

Concerns are swirling around the conspiracy circuit as to who Jeff Rense really is and what his real agenda might be. Allegations of neo Nazi affiliations have followed Rense since he first began to host a radio show, back in the nineties. These are the facts:

When approached to run a story on the guardianship crisis, which has been likened to the T-4 program in Hitler’s Germany, Rense responded with an apologia for the Nazis: “It would have moderated after awhile.” When the retort was that it would have “moderated” when Hitler murdered all the people he wanted to, Rense responded in defense of Adolph Hitler. “He wasn’t such a bad guy,” volunteered Rense.

The guardianship crisis has cut a deep slash into the civil rights of an entire generation. Given the brutal disregard evinced for the wards ,it has become a given in the guardianship reform movement that the guardians are actually killing many of their wards, through medical neglect and worse. Assets have been plundered and a subsequent generation, who might stand to inherit, has been impoverished through the actions of unscrupulous guardians.

But Jeff Rense thinks this is a “Jewish conspiracy.” Forget the fact that a disproportionately large number of the victims are Jewish. Forget the fact that a large number of the perpetrators are not. Rense sees a Jew behind every issue and damn the facts!! Full speed ahead…

Radio talk show host and journalist Marti Oakley was recently invited by Rense to come onto the show. Oakley had picked up on the guardianship story and had been running interviews and articles concerning this issue. Rense, however, “forbade” Oakley from discussing this on his show. When it appeared that Oakley would then not appear, he relented and told her she could discuss this in the second half.

According to Oakley, when the commercial break came he asked her if she could continue on with the other issues she was discussing and come back on at a later date to discuss guardianship. She agreed but Rense never got back to her as he had promised.

Nice trick. Oakley was fuming after the show.

Up close and personal, Rense attracts a large audience, hungry for the truth . But in typical counterintelligence fashion, he slides in the poison and those feasting on his anti-government rhetoric may not even notice that they are being fed hate speech. The fact is that the U.S. government is now engaged in killing off its own citizens in a multitude of ways, guardianship being one of the most “unmentionable.”

This reporter contacted Rense a few years back, attempting to get him to cover guardianship. “Be careful, Janet, “ he warned, inexplicably.

Careful? People are being killed in these guardianships. When did “careful” ever have anything to do with saving lives?

For a short period of time, while Rense was opining to get Oakley on his show, his website,, carried a few stories about guardianship. He subsequently removed all the links to these stories.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Janet addresses the heated subject of adult conservatorship, revealing shocking information about the relationships between courts and shady financial consultants. She also covers issues relating to international nuclear weapon treaties. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad.

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Janet Phelan is a regular columnist for Veracity Voice


Anonymous said...

I think it is unfortunate that anyone would go to such lengths to tie non-related subjects together. What does Rense's political views, whether accurate or not, have to do with whether or not he has posted articles on the abuse? None that I can think of. And he did post what was sent and these rotated off the page just like articles here do on this site.

I think it is far more unfortunate for MS Phelan that she chose to use my name to cover that lack of relevance.

This is a hit piece, nothing more. Obviously, Rense has angered Ms Pehlan and she feels the need to retalliate, even if poorly.

BTW: It wasn't me who fuming after that show....was it? The subsequent emails and phone calls to Rense hounding him and complaining and demanding attention sure didn't help the cause. I wonder who was doing that? Hmmmm.

Marti Oakley

Ray said...

Thanks Marti, I like the Rense site for alternate news, however one can not help but notice the anti-semitic slant.... Although I think that Rense is an equal opportunity basher, I also have tried to attract attention to the Elder Abuse Epidemic and have been shot down by Rense as if it was a non relevant problem! I REally think the Elder Financial abuse edpidemic has reached pandemic proportions and merits the attention of every alternate news org. but then again I personally suffered the consfiscation of assets from people whoe felt they were more entitled to the family's legacy more so than the family and legitimate heirs themselves. But of course You can't expect people who haven't personally esperienced the degradation and humilation of a guarduanship to understand those that have!

Janet Phelan said...

I find it somewhat perplexing that Marti Oakley would choose to make statements in a public venue which can so easily be proven false. I checked Rense's site--again--before this article went out. The only stories on guardianship or conservatorship that came up when his site was searched were ancient stories about Terri Schiavo. There were no stories by Sara Harvey, no guardianship stories by Marti Oakley and none by me. These stories were not archived but were apparently removed.

I am also making public Marti Oakley's email to me which was sent while she was on the air with Jeff Rense. Here it is:

From: Marti Oakley
Subject: RE: Rense?
To: "'Janet Phelan'"
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 9:43 PM

Me and this guy are going to butt heads over this. He is intentionally avoiding the subject of guardianship abuse. Marti

Sounds to me like Marti was irritated. What do you think?

In subsequent conversations she also expressed anger and disappointment in Jeff Rense and made numerous statements to me about his anti-Jewish rhetoric.Ms. Oakley's protestations that Rense's political beliefs have nothing to do with whether or not he has posted articles on the abuse are also perplexing. His political beliefs might very well steer whatever he chooses to post (or remove) from his own website and I find Ms. Oakley's protestations concerning this to be somewhat naive. Her statements that these are nonrelated just don't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Her last statement also concerns me. Is she suggesting that I was " hounding him and complaining and demanding attention"? I can assure Ms. Oakley that I did not do so and a review of my phone records will substantiate this.

I was tickled pink that Marti Oakley had picked up the banner and was airing shows on guardianship abuse. It is my understanding that she has dropped this subject and is no longer airing the Tuesday guardianship shows. It is my understanding that she has also discontinued contact with many of the guardianship victims. We are all deeply saddened by this.

I wish Ms Oakley well in all her future endeavors. She is a good reporter but has failed to stick to the facts in her response to the article about Rense.

Janet Phelan said...

Here is another email from Marti Oakley in which she explicitly mentions Rense and his "hatred of the Jews." Oakley had been posting ad hominem attacks on me on Veracity Voice, which also posted the Rense article and she is edging towards denying she sent me emails concerning this. It is a disturbing state of affairs when a journalist and truthteller can't even cop to her own words. As I stated previously, I wish her all the best but she needs to get her house in order. She knew I was working on this article and gave me her blessing. I sent her this article days before it went into general release and she failed to respond. All the best to you, Marti.

From: Janet Phelan
Subject: Re: Been thinking
Date: Friday, March 11, 2011, 5:14 PM


I am not sure I understand what you mean here. How did I alert you that "everyone has decided to pretty much go out on their own on this issue. ¨" I have no idea what you mean. We have all been so happy that you have taken this on. Could you possibly explain what you think you heard I said?


--- On Fri, 3/11/11, Marti Oakley wrote:

From: Marti Oakley
Subject: Been thinking
To: "'Janet Phelan'"
Date: Friday, March 11, 2011, 3:48 PM

Hey Janet,

I appreciate very much you alerting me to the idea that everyone has decided to pretty much go out on their own on this issue. I have a certain way of doing things that probably doesn’t sit well with many of these people. I try never to jump the gun so to speak until I know exactly what the terms and effects will be. I understand this may not be satisfactory to many in this issue.

I am trying to decide whether to continue on after the March interviews with this. I really don’t see where other than providing air time, I have anything to contribute to this. In Sara’s case I have been sent copious amounts of documents and emails always with the admonishment to not publicize or talk about them. And now to find out that she is going somewhere else to do just that doesn’t sit real well with me.

Rense is far larger than me and can provide all of you a far larger audience which I think is what is needed. I just know that he does view this as a Jewish conspiracy and will try to convert the issue to that and you never really know what side he is on. This is why I didn’t pursue him about a show. His agenda is not to expose this but how to tie this to his hatred of the Jews. If it was just you interviewing with him I wouldn’t worry as I know you can hold your own being so skilled in interviews and media. The others…..not so much.

Anyway. With everyone going off in so many directions plus all the bickering that goes on behind the scenes, I think I’m pretty well burnt out. I had been talking with other show hosts about getting some of you on and will still continue with that. Maybe someone else will pick this up.

I would still like to publish your work. You are an excellent reporter/writer and we need all the good reporting we can get.

Kind of keep the lid on this for now, and towards the end of the month I’ll let you know what I decide to do. Thanks for the heads up.


Marti Oakley

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