Thursday, July 7, 2011

War on the Elderly ! - Rense & Marti Oakley – Guardianship – Theft, Looting And Murder

It happens everyday in every state. Elderly or disabled individuals are kidnapped under the guise of “guardianship” by predatory guardians who then begin bleeding off the estate.

Corrupt probate judges, attorney’s, social agency workers, nursing home operators, doctors and the ever present predatory guardian, all begin hammering away at the vicitms assets until nothing is left. The family is restrained from visitation while hearsay charges are levied against them by the predators. No evidence required.

If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. Congress is well aware of this crime. Your state agencies, police departments, state attorney’s general, the FBI, the DoJ …all are fully informed and yet refuse to do anything to stop this theft and looting while holding an elderly or disabled victim hostage.

There is money to be made by converting a human being to chattel property!

And if a victim escapes the prison of the nursing home? A warrant is issued for “escaped human property”…….It could happen to you.


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this story is as relevant today as when the story ran on 07/07/2011

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Anonymous said...

WWL TV in New Orleans had a story this week about Southeastern Louisiana University suing to reverse an elderly donor's last Will. The University wants to take the family home away from the sister that the lady left it to. It's a disgrace because the university would not give an interview and is even trying to stir up the distant cousins of the deceased lady so no one will look at how they got this elderly widow to give money. The story shows how the top Southeastern fundraiser even wrote I think she "has a lot of wealth." The immediate family is united to defend their late sister/aunt's right to make her Last Will.
Look at the story here:
Call your elderly relatives every day to make sure no one is seeing them when you are not able to be there! This is a fine family who lived out of state -- was moving home to live with the sister and discovered how she had been persuaded to give $30,000 in only 5 years to this college. Get a kleenex, it'll give you tears how money means more to these people than leaving a family home in a family like the Will said!
Thank goodness for ElderAbuse blog to inform us on what we need to do!