Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Clara is Victim of a Hit and Run Driver, Police Refuse to Press Charges

Key West,FLORIDA -click to enlarge documents-

On June 22 2004 barely a month before Clara was abducted and drugged by her older son, Adalberto J. Fernandez who kept Clara isolated for 11 months, while he emptied her Trust of all assets until a raid by West Palm Beach Sheriff Office returned Clara to her long term legally appointed caretakers and husband who died shortly after from the stress of the situation.

Clara was shopping and her car was impacted by a hit and run driver who damaged the rear of the vehicle.

We found a note that a good Samaritan who had witnessed the accident had left on Clara's car.

We went to the Police Department and asked that a report and a citation be written to the owner of the car for leaving the scene of an accident as well as a report of the accident for the insurance company.

The police officer ran the tag tru the computer and found out that the car belonged to an employee of the state attorneys office, and he refused to write the report or the citation.

As a result of the police officer refusal to write a police report, we wrote a complaint to the CRB Citizens Review Board, months later we received this letter informing us that the accident did indeed take place(Thank You ) .

The CRB report is quoted as saying that Clara would have been better served if an accident report was written. (thank you ) again. Just to know that an accident really did take place and that Clara's interest's could have been better served, was worth all the hours for the elder or her rep filling out complaints forms, going to the police Department, Etc.

Clara's family believes that CRB investigation disturbed the officer(s) involved and the State Attorneys office, after all some of us ordinary citizens look up to these people (or did) to set the example for others to follow.

Clara's family believed that as a result of this action Clara was blacklisted in the State Attorney's office and several days later when Clara was abducted, the State Attorneys office refused to even let us in and present the evidence or make the case that Clara , a person suffering from the offset of dementia and Alzheimer's , was missing and believed taken by surprise and involuntarily.

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