Monday, July 2, 2007

The Aborigenes Of Australia -

We found interesting to note that the general tendency of shifting the blame to the victim and confusing the perpetrators from the victims to be such a widespread phenomenon albeit not a new one, as European conquistadores called Indians no better than animals, and treated them even worst.

A recent article on Mercator Net and posted on E.A. , titled Australia's Outback Shame is quoted as saying :

"But not just at the horrifying abuse of women and children and the
near-extinction of an ancient culture."

Hey! what took you so long we exterminated our Americans Indians years ago , the Spanish brought the Bible to the New World and took the Gold , bringing disease, and exterminating the once proud Mayan and Aztec people.

Hatuey and the peaceful Taino Indians did not fare much better , almost no indigenous Caribbean Indians survive today.

When Captain Cook arrived in 1770, there were about 300,000 of them. The Aborigines inhabited Australia for at least 25,000 years (this was proven by Carbon 14 on paintings left on rocks).

By 1965, the population of "Pure Aboriginals" was little more than 40,000 people. They were literally massacred by the colonizers and expelled from their land, especially from productive land. They were pushed to the North of the country, where temperatures reach 50 degree Celsius in very wet or extremely dry areas.

By 1806, racism from colonizers and soldiers reached a very high point. Not only were sacred Aboriginal places violated and desecrated, the Aboriginals themselves became hunted like kangaroos for pleasure and fun, like trophy prizes.

The soldiers used to visit Aboriginal villages offering gifts, while the real purpose of the visit was to contaminate the village water supply with arsenic.

Whole communities including children, elderly, women and men were removed by arsenic poisoning. Rum, initially imported from England, was freely offered to Villagers. The introduction of rum made many villagers drunk for a whole week until death arrived from alcoholic comas. The English soldiers took advantage of this stage of alcoholism to create wars between friendly villages, leaving them to kill each other. It was a massacre.

After Australia gained independence from England, (but still with a very strong racial discrimination against anyone not descendant from the British) something much worse happened to the Aborigines. It is called "The lost Generation"; where Aboriginal children were kidnapped never to be seen again by their families.

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