Thursday, July 5, 2007

'Grandkids will take care of you later if you take care of them now'

Jerusalem Post , by By RUTH EGLASH

Grandparents who take care of their grandchildren when they are young can expect their grandchildren to take care of them as they grow older. This is according to a University of Haifa study published Tuesday.

How much should grandparents be expected to take care of their grandchildren and will their 'investment' be rewarded in the future? Dr. Ahuva Even-Zohar from the Haifa University's School of Social Work, who conducted the research under the direction of Prof. Shlomo Sharlin, told The Jerusalem Post that from her evaluation of 216 sets of grandparents and their grandchildren she concluded that adult grandchildren feel a greater compassion and connection to grandparents who cared for them when they were young.

This responsibility, she noted, included an overwhelming desire to help their elderly grandparents with day-to-day tasks such as transportation, shopping, nursing care and emotional support.

"Obviously, daily physical contact [between grandparents and their grandchildren] makes for a strong connection," said Even-Zohar, adding, however, that with the introduction of the Internet and web-cams, which enable the chance for grandparents to talk to their grandchildren in real time, long distance relationships can also be made strong.

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