Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Speech is Worth Preserving

I light of the recent disclosure in blogs and Radio Shows of how Melody Scott is in trouble, much to the credit of Janet Phelan who published names,details which led up to the de licensing of these yes, I say it and I am not afraid 'Monsters' guilty of crimes against humanity.

People that commit crimes against the elderly do not deserve Restraint while blogging that is unless you think that the offenses are not that bad.

It is refreshing to see Estate Of Denial "Not Afraid" naming names and talking notes.

Many people who get drawn into probate-oriented environments come to feel helpless and victimized by the system.

One trend that I have observed is that the people who brazenly come out and denounce people for what they are doing to us get results while others linger for decades and are reduced to being intimidated complaining in private groups but afraid to go public with their stories.

Please understand one thing, when you bring action against these people only the people who have access to the court files know about your story and what these people are doing. If you are lucky to get your story published in a newspaper it comes out once then the newspaper is discarded and forgotten, however when you put your story up in the Internet on a blog or website it is there forever 24/7 and gets the attention of investigators,regulators and legislators that frequently surf the Internet looking for information and gauging public sentiment.

Is it any surprise that people that are most vocal about their abuse get resolution for their case? Have you heard the saying "Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease"

Well known Probate and Estate attorney Adrian Thomas credited ElderAbuseHelp.Org for Clara Fernandez guardianship being terminated and plans to take over her estate foiled.

Did he NOT know what he was talking about? Or could there be some truth to the fact that these people hate to be exposed when their story is all over the Internet for the future potential clients and the whole world to see that they start looking for a quick resolution and a exit strategy.

I would place my bets for the latter,and agree with Mark Bilk, of CosmicPenguin.Com If you really want resolution and justice , every one should have their own blog, they can call Janet,Mark or me a "fruitcake" but when tens of thousands of stories published on the Internet are available to readers 24/7, causing deep embarrassment to the G'ship system and serves as a warning to others, believe me results follow.

If you are exaggerating and looking for sympathy Do use extreme caution while blogging or better yet "Don't Blog at all"

But if you are telling the truth,have nothing to hide and are fed up having decided you are not going to take it anymore and feel that the culture surrounding the legal industry and associated government entities need todevelop some sense of responsibility toward the “consumers” then my advise is "Let it all hang out" for the whole world to see , above all tell the truth and then let the cards fall where they may.

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Anonymous said...

From Rudy. I would like to know just how terrified we
should be to speak up? The court appointments lie in their
reports, in their motions, misuse facts, use their credentials
to diagnose people with mental illnesses they have never met
and we have to quake in our boots over every word.

Ray, thanks to you I now have the guts to put my mother's
recording on the internet. Please tell me how? Rudy

You bet I will Rudy! You can count on me...........

"Ray, thanks to you I now have the guts to put my mother's
recording on the internet. Please tell me how? Rudy"

I suggest we make a video, first you need the soundbite of your
mother being manhandled as she screams for help as she is being led
down the Guardianship Gulag, kicking and screaming as they kick down
the door, preferably in Mp3 format then we can add photos of your
Mother, it is more meaningful and creates more of an impact and makes
it more personal then we will upload it into a server, YouTube is
good then we can publish the video, or the link anywhere,preferably
on your own blog so you can tell the whole story and add to it as you
have time...

Ray Fedz