Monday, February 9, 2009

Guardianship abuse - it’s only a crime if caught

In case you missed the story, Steven Rondos is charged with stealing more than $4 million from clients he represented via court-appointed guardianships. Many of these clients are either disabled/incapacitated children or elderly. Click here for more background. From our perspective, Rondos is the worst of the bunch, but he’s not the only “bad guy” in this story.

EoD hears from many people with guardianship horror tales. Guardianships allow the complete takeover of a person’s liberty and assets.

It gives a whole new meaning to that slang term “I own you.”

Any American prisoner has more rights than a person under a guardianship. This is an under-reported issue not understood by many people.

Steven Rondos-like guardians are operating in communities across this country. Pray they never get ahold of you or your family!


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