Monday, November 30, 2009

Letters to Editor Re: Massive Fraud in Orange Co. California

When is someone going to clean up the massive elder financial abuse going on in Orange County, CA with the assistance and support of the court. The probate judges support their lawyer and conservator buddies and rule in their favor irrespective of the law and have even stated that they are queen or king here and what they say goes. They regularly talk about cases outside court with lawyers on one side of a case and then don't let the other side even fully put their case forward. They ignore facts that do not support the way they want to rule (often seems pre-arranged with one sides lawyers). In the end, the elder and family member get cleaned out and the lawyers end up with all the money. There are dozens of these cases in Orange County. The judges seem to "edit" the court transcripts before they are released, removing the judges disparaging and demeaning comments to cover up their unethical behavior. Seems the Orange County DA has a blind eye to all the abuse and will not investigate. The majority of the abuse can be found clearly in the court records, even with the editing.

to protect writer from retaliation
Thank you for writing in to E.A. It's not just Orange county California, it's Orange County Florida and all others in between the level of run away corruption has reached epidemic levels and the feelings of mistrust and betrayal by our courts has never been greater...

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