Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Up date on H1N1 Flu Pandemic

Last Saturday October 24th 2009 we reported that Obama Declared a H1N1 National Emergency this was not talked about in the mainstream media and barely mentioned in others.

However the fact that the media routinely avoids some unsavory subjects such as elder abuse and elder financial abuse which has been called the scourge of the 21st century and has reached epidemic proportions does not mean it isn't happening.

In Ukraine in Europe the politicians and media avoided the subject as long as they could and are now under attack and the Ukrainian health minister Vasyl Knyazevych who had asked the media to show restraint in their reporting is now facing a lot of angry citizens who they not only want to be sacked, but jailed.

As all the schools close and people complaint that the authorities should have provided accurate information about the outbreak so that Ukrainians could seek appropriate medical help the government is coming under attack for downplaying the epidemic and not doing enough to warn its citizens of the impending crisis.

Experts say Ukraine was unprepared for the swine flu outbreak, and the hunt for political scapegoats is likely to continue.

Appeals for help

Opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych, whose party is backed by Ukraine's most powerful oligarch, has called on Ukrainians to donate to a special fund which was set up by his party.

He said he wanted to hold a TV marathon to raise funds to fight the epidemic.

The first aircraft to arrive in Ukraine from Switzerland carrying emergency medical supplies,

was met by the country's leadership.

They demonstrated how to put face masks on in front of cameras.

Many Ukrainians however, are asking why their government did not act sooner.

We want to urge all our readers to take the recommend doses of Vitamin D and stock up on all necessary supplies as a precaution and we pray that the crisis is contained in EU and does not erupt here to the point were we will have to play the blame game and ask the hard questions we had to ask about Katrina.

Does anybody know what's happening on Ukraine? I'm from Poland (the neighbour country) and I hear in the radio that there is an "viral pneumonia epidemy" in western Ukraine. I hear that "people are escaping", "there is no more places in hospitals", "hundreds of people need to be hospitalised", "the goverment advices people to stay in home", "there is a strange virus epidemy", "there are some confirmed swine flu cases", "people are dying" and "the exact reason of the epidemy is not yet known". I think that the situation is serious.
It looks more and more serious every hour. There is no more free places in hospitals. They are planning to use military medical forces and make a quarantine for the whole country. Poland-Ukraine border (EU border) is still open, but there is increased medical control there.

I attach source information in polish and ukrainian:,164141,Epidemia ... osoby.html
"The world has given us the financial crisis and now this horrible flu." Yulia Tymoshenko Ukrainian Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Looks like all who have money invested in big pharma are going to reap winfall profits

Anonymous said...

Yeah man , I'd like to be a CEO right now, I give myself a 1 million dollar X-mas bonus!

Ray said...

Leave it up to our society and values who see cancer as a lucrative opportunity for scanner salesman and other expensive cancer fighting equipment....