Sunday, January 31, 2010

Freedom of Speech Alert

Be careful about talking about Christianity in public! That is the message being sent out this week as arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.

We are all aware of the Christian symbols being removed from public spaces, prayer banned from schools, and that the USA as claimed by its top CEO is no longer a Christian Nation, but when we hear of people being actually arrested because of it, then it is worth mentioning it in the long slippery slope headed to where ever it is that we are headed.

"Singling out religious speech for punishment violates our most basic principles of free expression," said PJI President Brad Dacus. "If anyone can be arrested for wearing a Christian T-shirt or mentioning God in a shopping mall, we have lost not only our freedom, but our sanity as a society."

PJI affiliate attorney Timothy Smith, of the Sacramento firm McKinley & Smith, served pro bono as Snatchko's lead counsel in the trial court and continues to serve as part of the appellate team.

Be Forewarned! You ARE losing your rights.....the right to educate and or discipline your children, the rights to grow old with your parents in a home environment, the right to have rights!

Will Americans wake up out of their lethargy in time to save our civilization as each right is successively stripped away until there are none left?

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