Thursday, January 28, 2010

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From: Mindy M
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:11 AM
Subject: elder abuse question.....

I recently reported someone for elder abuse through the anonymous DCF hotline. The 2 are in jail, and it proved to be accurate. However, the DCF has released my name, and they have used my name on the attorney court papers. I stressed that it had to be confidential because I was reporting a family member. They assured me it would be just that....WRONG!

Now I have been disowned as a family member...I basically have lost my entire life over this. Why on earth would they do such a thing? Do they think that people will want to use the hotline if they do this sort of thing?

I have contacted an attorney concerning this matter...
I have no idea what to do...
It said on the website that I would be exempt from testifying in court, and that I would remain anonymous....

Dear Mindy :

I have had a very negative experience with the Division of Children and Families (DCF) when my mother Clara G. Fernandez was being abused by a discontented sibling, Adalberto J. Fernandez and his partner William Hart of Winter Haven ,because they felt they had been short changed when she wrote her will and testament , they rendered her incapacitated and took over her assets, after being given the circle jerk we were referred to the Elder Protective Services for help and we had hoped that they could make a difference, (before she was harmed) they did, unfortunately it was for the worst !

They often turn family members one against the other, this enable the State to take custody of the elder triggering off a very lucrative chain of events of which there is an entire cottage industry built around......

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Anonymous said...

Hi, again, Mindy!

My internet has been out since Friday afternoon. Sometimes, I think it's a God send, so, that I don't get distracted by B.S. Sorry, however, for my delay in getting back to you. I lived in FL for many years, so, in an effort to help another ANGER member and since Gov. Crist's office was asking for the grand jury investigation on corruption, I wrote his office, back in the fall. I had responses, but, not any that indicated any headway. Of course, you are advocating for your own family member and yourself, so, that should make a difference. If you had an audience with DCF and they forwarded it to the Inspector General, it sounds like progress! I'd be inclined to, also, get an email address and send it email, as well.

Good luck with it. Keep me posted. Your name appears new, to the group, so, please, know that there is a long history of politics with the two groups. I have never made statements without it being valid and, also, only, after attacks from the persons addressed, which should have been evident by their postings. As I stated to Robin, I will stand up for myself.

I, certainly, hope you do not end up in a guardianship nightmare for getting the courts involved. Family issues are, often, at the foundation, although, they do not justify, the court's take overs. If I leave ANGER, please, feel free to keep in touch. Also, if you are not with Ray Fernandez and his newletter, that is an important source of information. I have copied him, so, you have his email address! :)

Have a good day!