Saturday, February 24, 2007

One in 12 Seniors Citizens Abused !

By Arthur Williams - Free Press

Of those abused, over half are exploited by a spouse, family member, caretaker or other close personal contact, she said. The average victim of financial abuse loses $20,000.

“It’s just about raising awareness of abuse,” Doerksen said.“These are people who actually see clients and might be able to spot things of concern. We need people to get involved and know who to call.”

Common indicators that someone you know may be financially abused include: the sudden appearance of previously uninvolved relatives, power of attorney granted under unusual circumstances, abrupt changes in wills or accounts, family members or representatives refusing to spend money on the senior’s behalf, and senior’s not knowing where their money or assets have gone.

In some cases, the victim may be unaware of what is happening to them until it is too late.

Brommeland said she is always watching for warning signs when she is working in the community...

“It’s widespread.”

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