Saturday, February 24, 2007

Woman Jailed for Elder Theft

By Michelle Durand

A short stint at the county jail appears to have pushed Gina Costello to do what a conviction for financial elder abuse, a court order and threats of prison couldn’t — cough up more than $100,000 to repay the elderly San Mateo man who showered her with gifts, cash and a trip to Las Vegas.

Costello reportedly persuaded the man she had met only months previously to give her money and take her to Las Vegas. She told the man, a widower in an assisted living facility, she was a friend of his deceased wife and needed the money to pay for cancer treatment. The total taken was about $140,000.

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mikecarroll said...

I am very familiar with how these predators operate.We need to network and expose these ruthless con-artists.Mike Carroll