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A Story Worth Telling - Proud Of Our Ancestry

I renamed your link ' Advice That Could Save Your Parents' so that it would appear on the top of the list because I think that the advice that you are giving comes from experience, and even when you took so many precautions the quote; "They are very clever, very resourceful and they know how to trigger people's emotions."
Times Standard Comes to mind when reading your site. "An Italian American Family."

Thanks for the fascinating story of your forefathers history, I'll keep coming back to it.

God Bless You and Your Sisters,
Raul (Ray)

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The quote from the Times Standard was interesting and very true.

The woman who abused my parents and murdered my dad was a genius in knowing how to control us, how to push all those little buttons that we all have, how to separate one of the sisters and use her and the youngest whom we had sent out of town to agitate the situation. When all around you is turmoil it is hard to see what is really happening.

The police who investigated the case told us that these abusers are very clever and it would be difficult to see what they are doing because they are practiced at hiding it. I looked up the % of sociopaths in the population -- about 4% which is a huge number. That is 4 out of every hundred people you meet! For a good book about the issue see "The Sociopath next Door" by Martha Stout.

I am very proud of what these people were able to do, of how courageous they were. I am grateful for what they gave to us and very glad to be part of them. Thanks for reading that part of the site. I know you are overwhelmed with what you are trying to do.

God bless you too.

February 10th 2007


I think that we have so much in common , our fathers came a long ways looking for the American dream. Our stories are so different yet so similar.

In your valiant and determined effort to tell the story of your brave father, that risked it all for a dream, so that you could live a better life you has inspired and given me courage to tell the story of my father.

-The Story of Dr.A.J.Fernandez-Sosa -A Story Worth Telling >>

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