Friday, April 4, 2008

Is it Time to Demand Accountability? For Out of Control Social Protection Systems?

Leslie Udvardi holds daughter Esther, 8 1/2, as husband Kirk shares the couch with their sons Abram, 13, left, and Samuel, 16, and Matthew, 18. The Redlands family is now struggling to pay $151,000 in legal bills accrued after Leslie Udvardi was wrongly accused of child abuse.

Press-Enterprise - Riverside,CA,USA

Sixteen-year-old Samuel Udvardi painfully recalls being pulled from a class at Loma Linda Academy two years ago by a sheriff's deputy and two social workers and whisked away to the care of a foster family.

"There were a few nights, sitting on my bunk bed, when I thought I would never see my parents again," he recalled of his time in foster care. "It was really awful, terrifying."
"Our judicial system has become grossly iniquitous," she wrote in an open letter that she keeps with volumes of court and medical records, "as medical professionals responsible for unbiased and honest evaluations have the power to devastate and destroy families with no legal accountability."

The Udvardis' legal bills total $151,000, and the only thing the family has to show for it, Leslie Udvardi said, is a short apology in a letter from an attorney for Loma Linda University, whose doctors treated the couple's children and reported their suspicions of Munchausen syndrome by proxy to the San Bernardino County Department of Children's Services.

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