Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Letters To Editor - "Predators’ and the Abuse of the Elderly"

Miami, Florida USA By Alicia Rook April14 ,2007

I thought you would find the following very interesting.

Did you know that anyone can call Elder Services, and this in turn could set into motion a chain of events which could land an elder person 55+ in front of a Probate judge who can have this person declared incompetent?

This judge has the power to take all of the elder persons’ constitutional rights away, and appoint a court corporate guardian, their attorneys, caregiver personnel, and in turn, could cost everything he or she owns, [bank accounts, savings accounts, financial portfolio, social security, IRS's, 401k's], plus all of your real property, [home, furnishings, cars], yes, everything!

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Olivias Mom said...

I know this, my question to everyone who is reading these horrific stories is, what are we going to do about it? We are all contected to this, we all have voices, we need to march to capitol hill together!!! Lets do it!!! Lets make this the largest movement the USA has ever seen!! I am ready but I cant do it alone.