Saturday, April 12, 2008

War On Bloggers Comes Home to America

Bloggers are now under fire in America . Several people here in the United States asked me why is this happening to bloggers, and why now? I will try to explain that here: Bloggers have put name and face to corrupt guardian,
attorneys and Judges who ignore the laws and are stealing millions from the elderly people therefore the battle became personal. We have gone to high ranking officials with proof of unchecked Judicial Corruption and Fraud upon the court , we have and will continue to Expose Racketeering Schemes designed to Defraud the elderly people and take away their Civil Rights.

A Wake Up Call For Blogger Rights And Protections
by Vince Leibowitz

The more I read about the criminal complaint filed by House Parliamentarian Terry Keel against Austin political consultant Kelly Fero, the more I realize this is a wake-up call for bloggers.

Legal Schnauzer is being threatened with a sheriff's auction of his house, and he thinks it's a means to get him to shut down or change the tone of his blog. That sounds pretty bad, though convoluted.

The approach taken with Kathleen
Seidel, , was more direct. Kathleen Seidel was Slapped with Unconstitutional, Illegal and Barred by the Journalist’s Privilege, and a Needless Invasive Subpoena More=>>

Mishka Zena Threatened With Lawsuits -
My response is a loud YES to the possibility of a Deaf blogger being sued. I can vouch for this personally as I’ve been threatened with lawsuits.

Other Bloggers under fire; some of the biggest names in the Canadian blogosphere – from Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals to Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury (or, Five Feet of Furry, as the lawsuit says on page 2), to Free Dominion, the largest conservative chat site in Canada. Warman’s goal is breathtaking in its chutzpah: he wants to muzzle the Canadian conservative Internet. It’s not just his goal – it’s the goal of the CHRC itself, who have stated that their goal is to “tame” the Internet – or at least those voices they disagree with.

Egypt M.E.
Bloggers have put name and face to state security torturers and therefore the battle became personal. We demonstrated in the streets with posters of high rank security officials who supervised sexual harassment of female protesters in May 2005 and those who tortured micro-bus driver Emad el Kabir, and the ones who tortured blogger Sharqawi, and other notorious torture video heros. Their photos and videos were all over the web, their names became public. During the so-called “spring of democracy” Mubarak and Ministry of Interior were rather unsure how to deal with us. Their reactions varied from withdraw, beat, imprison, summon, threat, to sexual assaults. Now, namely after the last brick collapsed - the Constitution, it is pay back time!

Bloggers are independent and free. They act individually, campaign collectively and take responsibility for what they dare. To have uncontrollable bloggers in Egypt who shape public opinion and force topics of torture, sexual harassment, corruption, and election falsification on main stream media is not something a police-state would accept.

Egypt regime is labelling bloggers as the bunch of kids who go to jail. Now when an old man finds out his son or daughter are blogging he feels concerned for their safety and tries to convince them otherwise. Bloggers’ campaigns have shifted from exposing corruption to setting-free their jailed fellows. Alaa, Malek, Simsima, Abo Islam, Sharqawi, Kareem, Monem (and others) were jailed. Hamalawy, Gemyhood,

Twenty-one blogs and websites stand threat of being blocked as an Egyptian judge by the name of Abdel Fattah Murad is suing the government for allowing these websites to exist claiming they publish reports that “defame Egypt, insult the president, and attack other Arab regimes, threat security and stability of the homeland and Arab countries“.

Today bloggers Monem and Kareem rest in prison cells. Bloggers around the world are campaigning for their release.

For those who haven’t heard, I repeat: war on bloggers started in Egypt and is rapidly spreading to mainland America, every day brings a new episode. Freedom of speech in America needs your support now. Stand firm for your values and together we stand, divided we fall. We will continue blogging & working to let the whole entire world know about the free Americans dreaming of justice and equal rights for all, including the elderly.

ElderAbuse Blog under Attack !

I . This motion is an emergency as Raul Fernandez is in contempt of the Court's previous Orders

With regard to Raul Fernandez's post of October 16, 2007, wherein he
responds to his readers .....

The statement is clearly defamatory, as the Court is well aware

Raul Fernandez says on his website that he will continue to print media.

*As entered in Case #2005 CP-61K in the 16th Judicial Court of Monroe County,Florida by guardian attorney Cara Higgins Fla Bar #0734241 a forty-two (42) page copy of the Elder Abuse Blogsite was presented to the court as evidence of wrongdoing.

Journalist Janet C Phelan Under attack!

"Janet Phelan is mentally ill."
That is the first thing people who read her fiction should keep in mind. Everything else falls into place after that. Is it not surprising that no one takes her seriously, except for other in her fringe group who are also mentally ill? by J David Horspool

Television Investigative Reporter Mary Garafalo Under attack!

Mary was let go from FOX the day following the airing of part 2 of the guardian expose.
I have been blogging and sounding the alarm for our fellow bloggers under attack in Lebanon, then Egypt now I never thought I have to bring you the news that journalists and bloggers in America are under attack and joining the ranks of blogger in Cuba, Egypt, Lebanon, and repressive nations everywhere whose main goal is to stifle freedom of expression and shut us up because of inconvenient truths.

We at Elder Abuse will continue to tell you about corruption as long as we are able to and as s long as out limited resources enables us to fight the powerful "Control Group" that continue to line their pockets with millions of dollars of our parents hard earned money and that they are stealing millions under the willingly nod and wink of the Agencies that are wiling to look the other way while corruption spreads it's tentacles deep into our pockets and destroys the moral fiber of America within , without a single shot being fired.
ElderAbuseHelp.Org - is limited on resources in the fight for free speech in order to help abused elders and expose the dirty little secrets that Conservators and Guardians want to keep under wraps.

These Abused Elders need your help immediately to fight for many American Heroes who are asking for help and have no one to turn to.

We are asking for an Attorney who might be able to help anyone whose family's Civil Rights have been improperly abrogated, to include any attorneys in the State of Florida and any other attorneys in the United States of America that might be able to refer our victims to powerful a Legal Foundation /Organization who can step in and help!

Thank you for caring for our Elders who deserve to live out their days with dignity and respect.


Ray said...

The rude reality is that pretty soon, instead of blogging about corruption , we might be blogging to get each other out of jail.
And then the corruption can continue un abated.

Liz Ditz said...

Thanks for mentioning the punitive subpoena of Kathleen Seidel's records--including all of her banking records and communications with bloggers.

It is important to note that Seidel is in no way connected to the litigation that prompted the subpoena.

I am one of the 100+ bloggers mentioned in item 5 of the subpoena.

I am keeping a running list of responses to the Seidel subpoena at I Speak of Dreams. I've added this blog to the list.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this fight isn’t just about a particular blogger or other the defendants. It’s about political censorship, the abuse of government power, and the freedom of the blogosphere. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the abusive, corrupt, bullying, censorious nature of these people who want tio stiffle free speech .

I don’t even think the importance of this fight is limited to Canada. The creeping censorship is of the same breed as the censorship that Geert Wilders faces for his film, Fitna. It’s part of a global attempt to squelch ideas about liberty and other western values.

Anonymous said...

This blog post references yours: