Friday, December 18, 2009

Letters To Editor - No One Cares!

Happy holidays, Ray:

The answer to your question if this: NO ONE CARES

The US has created a hostile environment for us to live in and answers to its GODS-
Business, profit, the rich, corporate greed...finally, however, some people realize it and give up
like me. I battled this for 10 years, went broke doing it, caused myself health ramifications and more


Democracy has never been by and for the least not in the last 50 years...
there are TOO MANY SECRETS, too many corporate alliances (i.e. witness healthcare debate and
the power of the insurance lobby---do you think for a MINUTE this only happens in healthcare

This is what happens to our seniors...they are consumed by probate judges, elder care lawyers, social and protective services. They dehumanize us and our beloved seniors for GREED.

That's the mantra of America...profits before people...and it's always been that way or at least
since the USA knew Pearl Harbor was about to happen and did nothing in hopes of fueling the rich
and powerful corporations.

Viet Nam was the same way....lots of conspiracies say that was true in Kennedy's death (RFK & JFK) and with the WTC...there's plenty of video on the net. Take a look at it.

Ray, you did right by leaving the country. America is not what we were sold...that we were the "bastion" of freedom and yet our numbers suffer because corporate freedom to put profits before people is American domestic policy.

When the will of the people is circumvented by the will of corporate got it exactly right:
NO ONE CARES...everyone is now caught up in trying to survive the joblessness, inflation, the lies,
the media that shoves starlets, weight problems, Tiger's extramartial affairs, etc down our throats rather than the truth.

There is not one person that is safe in this country...this is a police state, a lawyer state, a judge state, a corporate state and you all better accept it or leave this country. Our country is an illusion...things started out idealistic but big business and other countries now own us and there
is no where to hide.

Stay out of the system if you no one, mind your own business, go into business for yourself
and rebuild the American dream in your community. That's the only way not to be a consumable here in the America we thought was for the people, by the people....we do not matter....nothing does
except how much money you represent to anyone of the bottom feeding entities including the US government and those mentioned above...

it's every man and woman for themselves...use caution with EVERYTHING.

God bless you, did the right thing leaving this a place where mental midgets say, "this is America, love it or leave it" leaving it is just plain old good common sense.

-An ex-patriot


Anonymous said...

The word is expatriate, not ex-patriot. Sorry to be a spell pest but the difference is important. I don't think of any of us as ex patriots, on the contrary.

Anonymous said...

anonymous to the spelling guru....we need more people like you. English ought to be what if our society allows the murder of innocent civilians, the murder of the elderly, stealing from people every last dollar they have, the wholesale sellout of the public in favor of huge multibillion dollar corporations, 2 bull crap wars, health insurance laws allowing huge profits, etc., etc., etc.

We don't don't need to fix a-n-y social ill...spelling corrections make all the above right with the world. God bless America...we have one screwed up sense of priorities.

Spell away.........