Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from

Posted: 24 Dec 2009 03:47 PM PST

We’ve published an interesting blog post out of Florida on the attitude and actions of that state’s Bar and Supreme Court with regard to attorney misconduct. It makes some great points that can likely also apply to other states with regard to attorney misconduct and attorneys’ obligations to report bad acts.

Florida seems to stay on our radar of late and speaking of heavy-handed public officials, thanks to Paul for calling attention to this tragic story out of Naples regarding a woman who wants nothing more this Christmas than for her parents’ guardian to allow a family visit. reports that the parents are now residing in an assisted-living facility with the father, Marcel Vozzella, allegedly drugged due to expressing unhappiness with being removed from his home and separated from his daughter. Meanwhile, also reported is that $40,000 per month is being spent to pay the couple’s expenses. Wonder if that includes the guardian’s fee?

Getting this story late Christmas Eve afternoon serves as an important reminder for our audience to recognize and appreciate that for which we have to be thankful this holiday season. But also, get ready for 2010. This next year will be a bumpy one, but as someone far smarter than us once said, anything worth having is also worth fighting for. To those fighting probate corruption/estate abuse as well as others determined to battle the additional threats to American liberty and property, prepare as a big year with the prospect of much progress is ahead.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas!

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